See Me Shop Sunday + My Farmer’s Market Trip!

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Safeway: $6.82

King Soopers: $23.78*I had to go back to buy some ketchup! 😉

Sunflower Market: $.94

I also had the pleasure of going to a Farmer’s Market with my friend Beth today. She has been telling me about it all summer, but it wasn’t until today that I made the time to actually go. Once again, I’m sorry I waited! I was able to get everything in the picture above for $10!!! Yes, $10! Those little plastic bags in the picture are roasted chilies! In my mind, those alone were worth $10! The only times that I’ve gone to farmer’s markets before they were over priced and I left disappointed. I learned today that you just have to hit them at the right time to get some major bargains.

This week’s dinner menu includes: Mahi Mahi, Whole Chicken, Meatloaf , Chicken Pot Pie and Steak!

Total spent this week: $41.54

Total for October: $41.54

Total for 2010 (on groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies): $894.99


  1. Beth Ondrako says

    Hi everyone,

    I am actually the “friend” who went with Jennie yesterday shopping in Parker. I live in Parker so it is only a mile or two from my house, and I go every Sunday to stock up and get “amazing” deals on produce. I saw another post regarding Miller Farms and that is actually the stand that we went to.

    Miller Farms has many markets all across Colorado so you might want to check out their website to see if they have one by you!

    • says

      Lisa~ The dates of a catalina depend on which one it is….sometimes they last for months, sometimes it is only for weeks. Yes, if a deal is good in Denver you should eb good to go in Castle Rock. :)

  2. Samantha says

    We went to Miller Farms up in Plattesville a couple weeks ago and it was a great experience if you’re looking for farmer’s market type stuff. For $12.50 ($50 for 4 people), you can get 60 pounds of produce each! We walked away with 180 lbs of potatoes, onions, watermelon, leeks, tomatoes, squash, peppers, pumpkins, celery, cabbage, and MUCH more! You do have to pick it yourself but it was such a fun experience!

    • says

      The farmer’s market we went to was at the NW Corner of Parker Road and Main Street, in the Crossroads Shopping Center in Parker. There is one produce booth (I can’t remember the name of it, but I’ll find out) that has $5 bags starting at Noon. We brought the biggest reusable bags we own. :) The market runs May through October 31st on Sundays so there are still a few weeks left!

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