See Me Shop Thursday: Couponing at King Soopers!

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I’ve received a few requests lately to bring back See Me Shop Sunday on Bargain Blessings and although I will not be bringing it back every week, I will try to post more often on what I’m getting at the store!

Today I did some King Soopers shopping and purchased all of the above items for a total of $49.87. I’ll also be receiving $3 back from Ibotta, so including that I will have spent $46.87. I saved a total of 49%, which is pretty good considering it was a last minute trip and I broke the cardinal rule of shopping on a budget….I shopped while I was hungry starving. :P

Here is a summary of what I purchased today:

(2) TRESemee Hair Products
*I’ll share this deal with you in a bit! :)

(1) Gallon of Milk

(4) Knudsen Sparkling Juice for $1.50 after the coupon

(3) Healthy Choice Frozen Meals
*I didn’t have a coupon for these, but they are regularly priced at $1.97 and I think they are really yummy.

(1) 16oz of fresh Atlantic Salmon for $5.99/lb

(1) Tortillas that I plan to turn into homemade tortilla chips to serve with some salsa I want to use up before it goes bad.

(3) Colgate Tootburshes
*Free after coupon!

(4) Colgate Toothpaste
*Free after coupon!

(2) Pillsbury Pie Crust 2pks which were on sale at a pretty good price.

(2) 18ct Eggs
*I have kind of a thing for egg dishes lately. :)

(1) Pint of Blueberries which for $2.99
*A great price for this time of year!

(1) Glad Containers for .19!
*I’ll be sharing details of this deal soon!

(1) Kroger Ibuprofen .99
*I hurt my shoulder at volleyball recently and my trainer suggested some Ibuprofen. I cannot believe I don’t have any in my stockpile! Sheesh!

(1) Store Brand Chicken Broth
*Another item that my stockpile just ran out of.

(4) Kroger Chopped Spinach
*My favorite!

(1) Green Machine Naked Juice for $2.50
*This was totally a splurge to satisfy my hunger. I’ve never tried Green Machine though and boy is it delicious!

How did you do you your shopping this week?

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    • says

      Unfortunately it was an Ibotta deal and both of the offers came and went before I could post about them. :( I’m watching for them to come back though and I’ll let you know if they do!

  1. Hazel says

    Just curious, when you walk into a grocery store, do people know you? Do they stand and whisper, it’s her it’s HER!

    I know, I’m a goon. In my mind, you’re a total star so I keep thinking you’d have goofballs like me all over the place pointing ‘n stuff, asking you to sign a coupon or something. Wait, a receipt, not a coupon :)

    What you’ve done for all of us is just so amazing and inspirational. Ayup!

    • says

      LOL…oh you always know how to make me smile Hazel. You’re so sweet. :) I’ve run into a few readers over the past couple of years but other than that no. And to be honest I kinda like it that way…the time I’ve had reporters following me around the store was extremely awkward. I wouldn’t make a very good celebrity. It’s not easy to “act natural” with a lens 2 inches from your face when you’re trying to checkout! :)

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