Spring Cleaning Up, Down, In and Out: Tips to Get Your Home Spick and Span

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Once upon a time, I was fresh out of college and in my first home. I thought to myself, what is this spring cleaning frenzy all about? I’ll just do my routine cleaning– sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. That must be good enough, right? Then came the day to sell that first place, and I was amazed at what the realtor told me was needed before showing the space.

Do you remember that, too? There’s something about selling a home that reminds you there’s a lot more to cleaning than just the obvious tasks. In addition to the need to transition wardrobes and bedding from winter to summer and a general time to purge, I use the advice my realtor gave me as a guide for my spring cleaning. Those nooks and crannies that still need a little attention every once in a while are the source of my attention this time of year.

When you are all finished with your cleaning frenzy, pretend you are touring the house as if it were not your own to see if you approve of the look. I hope these realtor-approved tips and tricks will assist you with spring cleaning this year even if you have no intention of moving.

Two simple yet comprehensive rules for spring cleaning:

1. Look Up, Look Down, Look In, and Look Out. It’s easy to spot what needs some cleaning at eye level (need I even mention splattered mirrors?!?), but don’t forget to clean less obvious spots.

Clean UP high:

• corners where ceilings and walls meet
• ceiling fan blades
• inside tall floor lamps and overhead lights
• top of the refrigerator
• tops of bookshelves
• top rim where bathtub meets wall
• bathroom vents

Clean DOWN low:

• baseboards
• legs of furniture
• underneath shelves, bookcases, couches, furniture pieces (did you happen upon any buried treasures?!)
• floor lamp bases
• base of windows including inside the tracks (with open and closed windows to get all areas)
• wash rugs (including bath mats)

Clean INSIDE things:

• refrigerator (drawers and shelves de-crumbed and not sticky, old food tossed, etc.)
• kitchen cabinets (items organized and matching items paired together)
• shower and bathtub drains
• linen and hall closets
• bathroom cabinets
• window blind panels

Clean OUTSIDE the house: (After all, it’s your home’s first impression!)

• Weed around yard including in rock beds
• Mulch (is it time for some new mulch?)
• Uncover patio furniture
• Add décor (welcome mat, potted plants)
• Repair sprinklers as needed
• Replace old, rusted edging
• Organize garages and sheds

2. Start at the top and work your way down. It’s hard enough to do the cleaning once let alone having to go over your work again. Start at the top of each room and work down to the floor. The dust from those ceiling fan blades can fall to the ground without fear because the vacuum will pick it all up at the end. Yes, it’s a simple rule yet such a time-saver.

Happy cleaning! Remember, some cleaning now will mean not missing out on those warm, beautiful days that are just around the corner.


  1. Dawn says

    I’m wondering if there’s an efficient method to cleaning blinds..mine are faux wood. Hate the idea of cleaning those babies blind by blind….

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