Sprouts and Sunflower Market Deals 9/12-9/19: More BOGO Deals!

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Here are your deals for the week of September 12th through September 19th! Please let me know if you spot anything additional that I missed or if you have any questions.

Remember that Wednesdays are double ad Wednesdays at Sprouts and Sunflower, so you can take advantage of this week’s deals combined with last week’s deals! Sunflower also gives a .10 per bag credit so make sure to bring your bags for a little bit of extra savings. They can also be bags from any store, and plastic bags count too.

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New York Steak $5.99/lb C-

Extra-Large Peeled and Deveined Raw Shrimp $5.99/lb C

Pork Sirloin Chops or Roast $1.99/lb B+

Pork Shoulder Roast or Country-Style Ribs $1.99/lb D+

Pork Baby Back Ribs $2.67/lb B-

100% Grass-Fed Organic Ground Beef $5.99/lb D


Strawberries 1lb Clamshell $1.50 B

Blueberries  6oz $1.50 B-

Raspberries  6oz $1.50 B-

Russet, Red or Yukon Gold Potatoes  .49/lb D+

Green Cabbage .49/lb B-

Yellow Onions .49/lb B-

Hass Avocados .88 each B-

Roma Tomatoes .88/lb B-

Red Bell Peppers .34 each A

Green Bell Peppers .34 each A-

Broccoli Crowns .88/lb B-

Cauliflower .88/lb B+

Celery Bunch .88 each B

Gala Apples .99/lb C

Bartlett Pears .99/lb C

Whole Seedless Watermelon .34/lb B-

Romaine Lettuce Bunch .99 each C+

Red or Green Leaf Lettuce Bunch .99 each C+

Green Beans .99/lb B

Whole Cantaloupe $1.50 each C-

Red, Black or Green Seedless Grapes $1.50/lb B-

Yellow Peaches $1.50/lb C+

Red or Black Plums $1.50/lb C+

Organic Produce

Buy One, Earthbound Farm Organic Salads 5oz at $3.49, Get One Free 
=$1.75 A-

Gala Apples 3lb Bag $3.99 C+

Avocados .99 each B+

Baby Peeled Carrots 1lb Bag $1.25 B

Red, Green or Black Seedless Grapes $2.49/lb C

Strawberries 1lb Clamshell $2.99 B-

Romaine Hearts 3pk $2.50 B+

Blackberries 6oz $2.99 C-

Raspberries 6oz $2.99 C+

Broccoli $1.49/lb C-

Blueberries 6oz $3.99 D

Red or Green Leaf Lettuce Bunch $1.29 B-

Yellow Onions 3lb Bag $1.99 B

Russet Potatoes 5lb Bag $3.99 C-

Grape Tomatoes 1 Dry Pint $1.99 C+


Buy One, C2O Coconut Water 17.5oz at $1.99, Get One Free
=$1 A-

Buy One, Lundberg Rice Cakes or Chips 6-9.6oz at $3.99, Get One Free
=$2 B-

Buy One, Wyman’s Fruit 12-15oz at $3.99, Get One Free
=$2 B

Buy One, Oikos Greek Yogurt 5.3oz at $2.19, Get One Free 
-(2) .50 MQs (8/12 SS)  *regional value, if your store will allow you to use two
=.60 each A-

Buy One, Clif Builder’s Bars 2.4oz at $1.69, Get One Free
=.85 B+

Buy One, Hansen’s Apple Juice 64oz at $4.29, Get One Free
=$2.15 B-

Black Rice $2.99/lb C

Roasted and Salted Pumpkin Seeds $2.99/lb C

Sprouts Peanut Butter Pretzels 16oz $4.49 D

Buy One, Good Karma Flax Milk 64oz at $3.99, Get One Free
=$2 C+

Buy One, Almond Dream Almond Beverage 32oz at $2.79, Get One Free
=$1.40 B

Buy One, House Foods Shirataki Noodles 8oz at $1.99, Get One Free 
-$1/2 MQ (8/26 SS) (I am not sure if this is the same product)
=.50 A

Buy One, SO Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt 6oz at $1.99, Get One Free
-(2) $1 MQ (7/8 SS) (if your store will allow two)

Buy One, Quorn Chik’n Entrees 7-12oz at $5.69, Get One Free
=$2.85 C+

Buy One, Cascadian Farm Vegetables 10oz at $2.99, Get One Free 
=$1.50 C

Buy One, Red’s All-Natural Quesadillas 9oz at $3.99, Get One Free
=$2 C

Buy One, Saffron Road Entrees  11oz at $5.99, Get One Free 
=$3 C+

Buy One, Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips 8.1-9oz at $2.99, Get One Free
-$1/2 Garden of Eatin’ Coupon
=.99 B

Buy One, Yogi Tea 16 Bag at $4.39, Get One Free
=$2.20 C

Buy One, Sprouts Laundry Detergent 100oz at $12.99, Get One Free
=$6.50 C

Buy One, Cascadian Farm Cereal 9-15oz at $4.99, Get One Free
=$2.50 D+

Buy One, Sprouts or Sunflower Pasta Sauce 24oz at $3.69, Get One Free
=$1.85 B-

Buy One, Corazonas Oatmeal Squares 1.76oz at $1.29, Get One Free  
=.65 A-

Buy One, Annie’s Homegrown Organic Mac and Cheese 6oz at $2.99, Get One Free
=$1.50 C

Buy One, Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Tomatoes 14.5oz at $2.29, Get One Free
=$1.15 C

Buy One, Popcorn Indiana Snacks 5.5-10.5oz at $3.99, Get One Free
-(2) $1 September issue of All You Magazine (if your store will allow two) or $1.50/2 MQ (8/5 SS or 8/19 SS)
=$1 at best A

Buy One, Dogswell Jerky Treats 5oz at $5.29, Get One Free
=$2.65 C

Buy One, Endangered Species Chocolate Bars 3oz at $2.99, Get One Free
=$1.50 B

Buy One, Sprouts Seaweed Snacks .35oz at $1.49, Get One Free 
=.75 A

Buy One, Sprouts Salad Dressing 12oz at $3.49, Get One Free
=$1.75 C+

Buy One, Westbrae Beans 15oz at $2.49, Get One Free 
=$1.25 C

Buy One, Wolfgang Puck Organic Soup 14.5oz at $3.29, Get One Free 
=$1.65 C

Buy One, Eat Well Enjoy Life Hummus 10oz at $4.99, Get One Free
=$2.50 C+


  1. says

    I just have a quick ‘clarification’ question…if there is a post like this,
    Buy One, House Foods Shirataki Noodles 8oz at $1.99, Get One Free
    -$1/2 MQ (8/26 SS) (I am not sure if this is the same product)
    =.50 A
    …does the -$1/2 MQ mean that this specific item coupon is found in the 8/26 packet of coupons in Smart Source (in the newspaper)??

    Just trying to find the MQ’s!
    Any adivce would be appreciated!

    • Hazel says

      You got it right – welcome to the scizzorin’ sisterhood (and brotherhood, too!)

      There’s also a list of little acronyms under the “Getting Started” tab, coupon lingo. Yesh, learning these does mean you qualify as being bilingual, since we speak our own language :)

      (Okay, maybe not really bilingual, but it’s fun having a unique way to speak with each other.)

      Mork calling Orson, Mork calling Orson.

      Another little thing, in case you get your inserts moosed up at some point – along the side fold of each insert it has the date. It’s really teeny tiny but it’s there.

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