Sprouts Deals 9/26-10/3: Strawberries for $1.25/lb, Bell Peppers for .34 and More!

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Here are your deals for the week of September 26th through October 3rd! Please let me know if you spot anything additional that I missed or if you have any questions.

Remember that Wednesdays are double ad Wednesdays at Sprouts, so you can take advantage of this week’s deals combined with last week’s deals! Sunflower also gives a .10 per bag credit so make sure to bring your bags for a little bit of extra savings. They can also be bags from any store, and plastic bags count too.

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100% Grass-Fed Organic Ground Beef $3.99/lb A-

Rib Festival: Beef Short Ribs, Boneless Beef Short Ribs 50% Off B-

Pork, Italian or Bratwurst Sausage $2.99/lb C

Chicken Breast Tenders $2.99/lb D

Atlantic Salmon Fillets $5.99/lb C


Strawberries 1lb Clamshell $1.25 A-
*This might be our last chance to stock up, so now would be a great time to pick some up to freeze for the winter months!

Green Bell Peppers .49 each B

Yellow Onions .49/lb B-

Cantaloupe or Honeydew .49/lb B-

Kale Bunch .88 each B

Spinach Bunch .88 each B-

Collard or Mustard Green Bunch .88 each B

Red Bell Peppers .34 each A

Romaine Lettuce Bunch .99 C+

Red or Green Leaf Lettuce Bunch .99 C+

Hass Avocados .99 each C

Vine-Ripe Tomatoes .99/lb B+

Acorn, Butternut or Spaghetti Squash .88/lb C+

Bartlett, Bosc, D’Anjou or Red Pears .99/lb C+

Navel Oranges $1.25/lb D-

Minneola Tangelos $1.25/lb D

Red, Black or Green Seedless Grapes $2/lb C-

Blackberries 6oz $2.50 C

Raspberries  6oz $2.50 C

Organic Produce

Gala Apples .99/lb B

Baby Carrots 1lb Bag $1.25 C

Romaine Hearts 3pk $1.99 A

Red Seedless Grapes $2.49/lb C

Avocados .99 each B+

Acorn, Butternut or Spaghetti Squash .99/lb B

Strawberries 1lb $3.49 C+

Blackberries  6oz $3.99 D-

Honeycrisp Apples $2.99/lb D

Yellow Onions 3lb Bag $1.99 B

Russet Potatoes 5lb Bag $3.99 C-

Red or Jewel Yams .99/lb B

Bulk Spring Mix Salad $3.99/lb D

Red or Green Leaf Lettuce Bunch $1.29 B+

Green Onions .69 each A-

Bartlett Pears 3lb Bag $3.99 B+

Baby Broccoli 6oz $2.50 C


Kind Bars  1.4-1.6oz $1 C

Pirate’s Booty 4oz $1.50 C

Lifeway Kefir 32oz $2.50 C

Organic Valley Milk 64oz $3 C

Raw Almonds $3.99/lb B-

Organic Walnuts $6.99/lb D+

Jasmine Rice .99/lb C

Golden Brown Sugar .99/lb C

Voskos Greek Yogurt 5.3oz $1 C

Sprouts Butter 1lb $2.50 C

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice 59oz $3 C

Sprouts Coconut Milk 64oz $3 C+

Rice Expressions Organic Brown Rice 30oz $2.99 C-

Seapoint Farms Shelled Edamame 12-16oz $2 B-

Sprouts Frozen Fruit Bars 16oz $2.50 C

Boca Burgers  10oz $3.50 C-

Zevia Soda 6pk, 12 oz Cans $3.99
-$3 MQ (7/22 SS) (expires  9/30) or $1 Zevia All Natural Soda Fruity Flavors Coupon or $1.50/2 Zevia All Natural Soda Coupon
=.99 at best! A

Boulder Canyon Potato Chips 5oz $2 
-$1 Boulder Canyon Facebook Coupon (“like” them) or $1/2 Boulder Canyon Snacks Coupon
=$1 at best B

Sweet Leaf Tea 16oz $1 C

Hint Flavored Water 16oz $1 C

Wild Planet Albacore Tuna 5oz $2.99 D

Newman’s Own Organic Fig Newmans 10oz $2.99 D

The Spice Hunter Soup Bowls 1.4-2.5oz $1.50 C

Food for Life Ezekial Cereal 16oz $3.99
-$1/2 Food For Life Coupon (sign-up required)
=$3.49 D

Terra Chips 5-6oz $2.50 D

Schar Cookies 3.7-7oz $2.99 
-$2 Schar Product Coupon (sign-up required) or $1 Schar Coupon
=.99 at best A

Sprouts Organic Chili 15oz $2.49 D+

Sprouts Canola Oil 32oz $3.99 D

Food For Life Exekiel Bread 24oz $4.49
-$1/2 Food For Life Coupon (sign-up required)
=$3.99 D+

Colby Jack Cheese $3.99/lb C+

Parmesan Cheese $6.99/lb D


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