Sprouts Weekly Ad Deals 12/19-12/26: Blackberries and Pineapples for .99!

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Here are your Sprouts Weekly ad deals for the week of December 19th through December 26th! Yay, you can’t go wrong with .99 Blackberries and Pineapples!!

Please let me know if you spot anything additional that I missed or if you have any questions.

Remember that Wednesdays are double ad Wednesdays at Sprouts, so you can take advantage of this week’s deals combined with last week’s deals! Herad on over here to view last week’s Sprouts Weekly Ad Deals!

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Wild Raw Shrimp 16-20ct $6.99/lb C-

Wild Alaskan Cod Fillets  $6.99/lb D

Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets $6.99/lb C-

Wild Crimson Snapper Fillets $6.99/lb C-

Wild Swordfish Steaks $6.99/lb C-

Wild Lobster Tails 5oz $5.99 D

Presidential-Cut Standing Rib Roast $7.99/lb D-

Spiral Sliced Ham $1.99/lb B-


Blackberries 5.6oz .99 A

Raspberries 6oz $2.50 C

Blueberries 6oz $2.50 C

Pineapple .99 each A

Navel Oranges .34/lb A-

Texas Grapefruit .77 each F

Fuji, Granny Smith or Jonagold Apples .99/lb C

Green Onion Bunch .49 each B-

Radish Bunch .49 each C

Cilantro Bunch .49 each C

Cucumbers .49 each C

Yellow Onions .49/lb C

Acorn, Butternut or Spaghetti Squash .49/lb B+

Italian, Yellow or Mexican Squash .88/lb C

Green Bell Peppers .34 each A-

Red, Gold or Orange Bell Peppers  .88 each B

Hass Avocados .88 each B-

Roma Tomatoes .88/lb B-

Broccoli Crowns .88/lb B-

Cauliflower .88/lb B+

Celery .88 each B

Baby Peeled Carrots 1lb Bag .88 B+

Garnet or Jewel Yams .88/lb B-

Potatoes 8lb Bag $2 C+

Organic Produce

Valencia Oranges 4lb Bag $2.50 B+

Grapefruit 4lb Bag $3.99 D

Braeburn, Cameo or Fuji Apples $1.25/lb B-

Blueberries 6oz $3.99 D

Bananas .67/lb B

Bosc Pears 3lb Bag $2.99 A

D’Anjou Pears 3lb Bag $3.99 B+

Earthbound Farm Salads 5oz $2.50 C-

Romaine Hearts 3pk $1.99 A

Bulk Spring or Spinach Salads $3.99/lb D

Baby Carrots 1lb Bag $1.25 B

Hass Avocados .99 each C

Red or Jewel Yams $1.29/lb C-

Russet Potatoes 5lb Bag $2.99 C+

Grape Tomatoes 1 Dry Pint $1.50 B+

Butternut Squash .79/lb A

Yellow Onions 3lb Bag $1.99 B


Imagine Broth 32oz Buy One at $3.99, Get One Free
=$2 each B

Sprouts Potato Chips 10-10.5oz Buy One at $3.49, Get One Free
=$1.75 each C+

Sprouts Frozen Vegetables 16oz Buy One at $1.99, Get One Free
=$1 each B

Cascadian Farm Organic Fruit 8-10oz $2.50 D+

Wholly Wholesome Pies 25.5-26oz $5.99 D

Alden’s Ice Cream 1.5qt $3.99 D+

Cascade Fresh Sour Cream 16oz Buy One at $2.49, Get One Free
=$1.25 each C

Brown Cow Yogurt 32oz $2
-.50 Brown Cow Yogurt Coupon (sign-up required)
=$1.50 B-

Horizon Organic Heavy Whipping Cream 16oz $2.50 D

Sprouts Half and Half 32oz $2.50 C

TruWhip Whipped Topping 10oz $2.50 C-

Sprouts Butter Quarters 1lb $2.50 C

Wholly Wholesome Pie Shells 14oz $2.99 C-

Cascadian Farm Cereal or Granola 9-17oz $2.50
-.75 Cascadian Farm Facebook Coupon (“like” them)
=$2.75 D

Stash Tea 18-20ct $2 C

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 750ml $1.25 C

Sprouts Italian Soda 1 Liter $2.99 D

Coconut Dream Coconut Drink 32oz $1.50 B-

Delallo Semolina Pasta 16oz $2
-$1 DeLallo Whole Wheat Pasta (if included in this sale)
=$1 B

Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes  14.5oz $1.50 C-

Sprouts Vegetables or Beans 14.5-16oz .99 C-

Sprouts Fruit or Pineapple 15-20oz $1.49 C-

Bauducco Panettone 26.2oz $4.99 D

Sprouts Savoiardi Lady Fingers 17.6oz $3.49 D+

Breton Crackers 7-8.8oz $2 D

Sprouts Salad Dressing 12oz $2.50 D

Walnut Halves and Pieces $6.99/lb C+

Whole Cashews $6.99/lb D

Roasted Almonds $4.99/lb D-

Dried Cranberries $3.99/lb C-

Pinto Beans .99/lb C


    • Amy says

      It’s our pleasure Renee! Thank YOU for coming by to check it out :) I am glad to see some nice deals this week… my produce was getting pretty low lol

      • says

        I will never stop couponing!! I have way to much fun! My goal is to cut my gercory budget down by 75%. I saved 25% (94.00) off our monthly bill this month. I am even starting to teach my 3 year old son how to coupon.

        • Amy says

          Lol amen to that Leticia! Couponing is great and teaching it your 3 year old is awesome :) The next generation should definitely know this stuff!! Good luck on reaching 75%!

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