Sprouts Weekly Ad Deals 1/9-1/16: Apples and Tomatoes .49/lb + More!

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Here are your Sprouts Weekly ad deals for the week of January 9th through January 16th! They have apples for .49 with is an awesome price for this time of year! I think an apple pie might be in my near future!

Please let me know if you spot anything additional that I missed or if you have any questions.

Remember that Wednesdays are double ad Wednesdays at Sprouts, so you can take advantage of this week’s deals combined with last week’s deals! Head on over here to view last week’s Sprouts Weekly Ad Deals!

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Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.99/lb B-

Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops or Roast $1.99/lb D

Pork Spare Ribs or Ground Pork $2.49/lb C+

93% Lean Ground Beef $3.99/lb D+

Boneless Chuck Roast $3.99/lb D

Ribeye Steak or Roast, Bone-in $7.99/lb D

Raw Shrimp $3.99/lb B

Atlantic Salmon Fillets $6.99/lb D+

Wild Alaskan Cod Fillets $7.99/lb F

Catfish Fillets $5.99/lb C-


Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Pinata, Gala, Red Delicious, Braeburn, Cameo, Fuji or Jonagold Apples .49/lb A

Blackberries 5.6oz $1.50 B-

Blueberries 6oz $1.50 B-

Navel Oranges .49/lb B-

Yellow Nectarines $2.99/lb D-

Yellow Peaches $2.99/lb F

Green Bell Peppers .49 each B

Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers .99 each B-

Cucumbers .49 each B-

Celery .99 each C+

Italian or Yellow Squash .99/lb D

Broccoli Crowns .99/lb C

Cauliflower .99/lb B-

Green Beans .99/lb B

Green Onion Bunch .49 each B-

Radish Bunch .49 each C

Cilantro Bunch .49 each C

Spinach Bunch .99 each C-

Romaine Lettuce Bunch .99 each C+

Red or Green Leaf Lettuce Bunch .99 each C+

Vine-Ripe Tomatoes .49/lb A

Grape Tomatoes 1 Dry Pint $1.50 B

Hass Avocados .88 each B-

Organic Produce

Red Mangos $1.25 each B

Valencia Oranges 4lb Bag $2.50 B+

Braeburn, Cameo or Fuji Apples $1.25/lb B-

Red Delicious Apples .99/lb B

Gala Apples 3lb Bag $3.99 B

D’Anjou Pears $1.29/lb D+

Bosc Pears 3lb Bag $1.99 A-

Italian Squash $1.29/lb B-

Butternut Squash .79/lb A

Avocados .99 each B+

Baby Carrots 1lb Bag $1.25 B-

Cucumbers .99 each B

Garnet Yams .99/lb B

Russet Potatoes 5lb Bag $1.99 A


Brown Cow Yogurt 32oz $2
-.50 Brown Cow Yogurt Coupon (sign-up required)
=$1.50 B

The Greek Gods Yogurt 6oz $1 C

Sprouts Omega-3 Eggs, Dozen $2.99 D

Horizon Organic Milk 64oz $3
-$1/2 Horizon Milk Coupon
=$2.50 each wyb 2 C-

Imagine Dream Non-Dairy Beverages 32oz $1.79 B-

Laughing Cow Wedges 6oz $3.50 C

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches 6ct $3.50 D+

Talenti Gelato 1 Pint $3.99  D

Seapoint Farms Edamame 12-14oz $2 C

Sambazon Acai Juice 10.5oz $1.79 C+

Zico Coconut Water 1 Liter $3 D

Wyman’s Juice 46oz $3.99 D+

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea 20ct $2
-.55 MQ (12/9 SS) *regional value or $1/2 Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea Coupon or $1/2 MQ (11/4 SS) *regional value
=$1.45 at best B-

Sprouts Country White or Wheat Bread 16oz $1.99 B-

Ozery Morning Rounds 12.7-21oz $2.50 D

Delallo Semolina Pasta 16oz $2
-$1 Delallo Organic Whole What Pasta (if included in this sale)
=$1 A-

Mezzetta Nappa Valley Bistro Pasta Sauce 25oz $4.99 D

Muir Glen Organic Soup 14-14.9oz $2 C

Sprouts Organic Beans 15oz $1.25 C-

Wild Planet Sustainable Seas Tuna 5oz $2 C-

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave 44oz $8.99 D

Sprouts Organic Maple Syrup 12oz $8.99 D

Sprouts or Sunflower Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Liter $6.99 C-

The Real Deal Veggie Chips or Snack Mix 6-12oz $2 C-

Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Bars 1.41oz $1 C-

Tandoor Chef Entrees 8-11oz $3 C-

Tasty Bite Indian Cuisine 10oz $2 C-

Kashi Snacks and Meals 30% Off
-$1 Kashi Soft N’ Chewy Bar Coupon or $1 Kashi Berry Fruitful or Blackberry Hills Cereal Coupon or $1 Kashi Steam Meals Coupon (sign-up and 50 points required) or  $2/2 Kashi Cereal Coupon (sign-up and 50 points required) or $1/2 Kashi Crackers or Pita Crisps Coupon
*please let us know if you find any of these coupons to match up with this sale :)

Van’s Waffles 7-9.5oz $2.50 C-

Roasted Pistachios $5.99/lb D+

Roasted Chashew Pieces $5.99/lb C-

Jasmine Rice .99/lb C-


  1. Kim says

    The potatoes are an 8 lb bag for 2.00. The 5 lb bags are regularly priced at 1.79. This confused me- typo I guess?

  2. Robin says

    There is a coupon on coupons.com for the Sambazon juice it is under zip 10001 and is for $2.00 off 1 so free! I do not know if Sprouts will give you the face value off your total or just the sale price off either way its free!

  3. Kristin via the Bargain Blessings Facebook Page says

    We just got ours in Longmont!!!! Great grand opening deals, and so nice to have it so close!!! :-)

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