Starbucks Reward Members: Earn Bonus Stars through April 22nd!

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Starbucks sure has been releasing some nice bonus star deals lately, and I just received another one! Make sure to check your emails to see if you may have gotten this offer as well.

Through April 22nd you may be able to earn up to 7 bonus stars by making purchases on consecutive days. If you go to Starbucks 3 days in a row you will earn 3 stars, 5 days equals 5 stars, and if you go all 7 days in a row you will earn a whopping 7 additional stars!


On top of all that bonus star awesomeness I also received an offer for one bonus star with any food purchase after 2pm from April 17th through the 22nd.

These bonus star offers can really come in handy if you are trying to reach or maintain gold status. 😉

Please keep in mind that Starbucks offers can vary from person to person, and in order to take advatange of any of these offers you must pay using your registered Starbucks Rewards Card.

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