Sunday Coupon Preview 6/22: Two Inserts This Week!

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This week we will be receiving two inserts (a Smart Source and a Red Plum) on Sunday, June 22nd!

Below you can find a list of what to coupons you have to look forward too. You an also stop by the Sunday Coupon Preview to view the full list of coupons that will be coming inside of this week’s inserts.

Red Plum

Aveeno $2/1 sun care product ets (7/31)
Best Foods $1/1 product 16.5oz+ (7/20)
Clear $2.50/1 scalp & hair product ets (7/20)
Cortizone-10 $1/1 intensive healing feminine relief anti-itch creme (9/28)
Fleischmann’s $.55/1 simply homemade cornbread (7/26)
Gillette $1/1 disposable razor ets (7/31)
Gillette $3/2 disposable razors ets (7/31)
Heinz $.25/1 tomato ketchup 13oz+ (8/10)
Lea & Perrins $.50/1 worcestershire sauce 10oz+ (8/10)
L’Oreal $.75/1 kids product (7/19)
L’Oreal $2/1 haircolor product (7/19)
L’Oreal $5/2 haircolor products (7/19)
Mars $1/2 m&m’s, snickers, twix, 3 musketeers, milky way or dove products 8.5oz+ dnd (8/3)
Metamucil $3/1 product RITE AID coupon (7/5)
Nestea $1/1 iced tea .5-liter 12pk bottles or iced tea 12oz 12pk cans (8/3)
Nivea $2/1 Q10 skin firming lotion 6.8-16.9oz, skin firming gel cream 6.7oz, serum 2.5oz or sun-kissed radiance lotion 13.5oz (7/20)
Nivea $2/1 regular or men body lotion 6.8-21oz (7/20)
Red Vines $.50/1 fruit vines 5oz or 10oz, cherry or strawberry (8/17)
Safeway Select $.50/1 hazelnut spread (7/31)
Safeway Select $1/1 pre-packaged coffee (7/31)
Tums $1.50/1 freshers or chewy delights 25ct+ (8/21)
Tums $1/2 24ct+ (8/21)

Smart Source

Belvita $1/2 breakfast biscuits 8.8oz+ (8/9)
Betty Crocker $.50/2 fruit shapes, fruit by the foot, fruit gushers or fruit rolls ups or ocean spray/mott’s/sunkist/fiber one fruit flavored snacks (8/16)
Blink $2/1 tears or geltears (7/28)
Bull’s Eye $1/2 bbq sauce 17.5oz+ (7/20)
Cheerios $.50/1 original (8/2)
Complete $1/1 12oz+ multi-purpose solution (7/28)
Complete/Blink $1/1 complete blink-n-clean lens drops or blink contacts lubricant eye drops (7/28)
Coppertone $1/1 suncare product 2oz+ (8/10)
Coppertone $3/2 suncare products 2oz+ (8/10)
Cottonelle $.50/2 toilet paper 4pks or 1 9pk+ (8/3)
Cottonelle $.75/1 upright dispenser (8/3)
Drops $1/1 flavor enhancers (8/17)
Edwards $.75/1 singles 5.2oz+ dnd (7/31)
Expo $1.25/1 ultra fine product 4ct+ (8/17)
Farmer John $1/1 hot dogs (8/24)
Farmer John $1/1 sliced lunch meats (8/24)
Fat Hair $1/1 stylers and finishers ets (9/30)
Fiber One $.50/1 chewy bars, 90 calorie products, protein chewy bars, streusel bars or meal bar (8/16)
Grey Puopon $1/1 mustard bottle or jar 8oz+ (7/20)
Hershey’s $1/2 milk chocolate 6pk (8/2)
Hershey’s $1/2 syrups 17oz+ or hershey’s, york, reese’s or heath toppings 7.25oz+ (8/17)
Honey Maid $1/2 grahams 14oz+ (8/2)
insync $5/1 natural probiotic (9/30)
Kikkoman $1/2 sauces dnd (9/30)
Kraft $.20/2 jet-puffed marshmallows 8oz+ dnd (8/2)
MagniLife $1/1 sciatica relief or tinnitus relief (7/21)
OGX $1/1 hair product 3.3-25.4oz (8/22)
OGX $3/2 hair products 3.3-25.4oz (8/22)
Sargento $.75/2 tastings cheeses (9/30)
Sunsweet $1/1 64oz smart juice cocktail dnd (8/31)
Tom’s of Maine $1 /1 kids toothpaste or rinse excludes trial and toothpaste under 4oz (8/2)
Tom’s of Maine $1.25/1 deodorant or bar soap ets (8/2)
Tom’s of Maine $1.25/1 toothpaste or mouthwash excludes trial and toothpaste under 4oz (8/2)
Tom’s of Maine $1.50/1 naturally dry antiperspirant ets (8/2)
Twizzlers/Jolly Rancher $1/3 10.5oz+ candy (8/17)
Van Camp’s $.50/2 baked beans (8/2)
Wonderful Pistachios $.50/1 4.5oz+ (8/22)
Zegerid OTC $3/1 14ct (7/27)
Zegerid OTC $6/1 42ct (7/27)

Want to see what inserts are coming up for the rest of 2014? Check out the 2014 Newspaper Insert Coupon Schedule!

(_/_) = Coupon Expiration Date
ETS = Excludes Trial Size
DND = “Do Not Double”

Please be aware that these coupons (and inserts) can and will vary based on the region that you live in. It is always a good idea to subscribe to the largest paper in your area for the best inserts. Also, don’t forget to check your USA Weekend and Parade inserts for coupons too.

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