Today Show Jill’s Steals and Deals: 12/21!

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The Today Show Jill’s Steals and Deals are back today, December 21st! Here are the steals and deals that they are running today:

LivingQuarters Reversible Microfiber Down-Alternative Comforter $19.20 (down from $120)

Plantronics K100 In-Car Speakerphone $20 (down from $80)

Erica Anenberg Rings $20 (down from $180)

Vain Poncho $20 (down from $150)

Gold Letter Star Necklace $19 (down from $62)

Please keep in mind that these Today Show Jill’s Steals and Deals will go very quickly and the websites that you order them from are likely to be very slow. I know a few of you had complaints about the quality of the products that you received from the last time the Today Show ran these deals, so I suggest only buying from reputable companies and that you do your research before placing your order.


  1. says

    Very disapppointed–I was on the website ready to order and ordered immediately, but was told already out of stock on the doll. Can’t believe they went that quick unless they gave away so few.

  2. Dawn Hendriks says

    I purchased a Yogen charger for life after I saw it on Jill’s Steals and Deals. It does not work with my i-phone and I have not been able to get in touch with the company. I contacted ABC Fulfillment LC in Ambler PA as this is where the package was mailed from. The individual with whom I spoke assured me that someone from the company would be in touch with me to advise me how to return this product and get my money back. Several weeks I placed a second call and was told the same thing. To date I have not yet heard from anyone.

  3. D says

    Here it is June 24th and I requested a refund on March 1st from Vain Apparel from the order in December and still nothing!!! What a joke! Steal is right.

  4. says

    I ordered the LA MER watches well over a month ago fron the Jill’s steals & deals, in April 2011. I finally recieved one of the watches yesterday, & it seems that the battery was already started. The directions in the box give instructions on how to start the battery, which leads me the think it was used. In the bottom of the box was a note stating that the other watch will be sent in June. Sent email told them what I have written here, & asked for a full refund on the second watch. I have learned that it is best not to deal with these not known companys & just deal with the well known ones. I am not interested with disclaimers I didnot pay for used items

  5. Juracy says

    Still nothing… that is why they call it Steals and Deals… Vain Apparel gets the deal STEALING from us!!!!
    I write them and they send me the same prewritten answer!!!

  6. Carrie says

    It sounds like I am one of the many. I DID read the disclaimers when I purchased the Vain poncho on 12/21/10 and was completely fine with waiting on delivery as they originally stated. I also waited patiently after receiving an email from them on 1/19/11 stating orders were shipping on 1/20/11. That was the last email I have received from them and it is now March 20th, 3 months since I paid for the Vain poncho via the Today Show segment. I appreciate those who have posted contact information as I have found it difficult to find this company. I am also a business person and understand demands of inventory, especially at the holidays. However, Customer Service regardless of the size of your business should be paramount. As a consumer, I feel there could have been ways this company could have communciated with us in a professional manner living up to true customer service. I have not found that to be the case and am truly disappointed. I will reach out to them again and see if I can get anywhere. Patiently waiting should not take 3 months.

    Thanks for listening…

  7. Debby says

    I ordered my Christine Price purse on 12/14/10. They clearly stated that I should not expect it before Christmas, but that it will ship within 2-4 weeks. On 2/1/11, I received an e-mail stating that it would ship by 2/18/11, with an e-mail to confirm when shipped. STILL NO E-MAIL AND NO PURSE. Filing complaints with all of the relevant agencies, credit card, etc….

  8. juan says

    I just recieved my oder from Vain Apparrel after waiting since Dec. The item was very late in its arrival but I would be remiss if I did not add that the garmet is very nice.


  9. j.d. says

    I ordered a purse for my wife on Dec. 12, 2010. I have not been able to contact anyone but have a number that i left a message on. The number is 1-626-296-3434. I am going to wait 7 more days and then i will contact by credit card company and the attorney general to “get to the bottom” of this issue.
    If anyone has got a purse, please leave a contact and state what day you ordered it to see when the “scam” began.
    thanks and god bless each of us!

  10. juan says

    I still have not received my order which was scheduled to arrive before xmas, I am sick of this company and I just want my money back at this point. they don’t even provide a customer service number to handle customer issues.

  11. Juracy Soares-Johnson says

    I also ordered a Poncho (two ponchos) and haven’t received it either.
    I ordered through my credit card. Today is February 22nd and still nothing.
    I did read everything posted but haven’t received anything as STATED.
    Let me know when the Ponchos will arrive.

  12. susan says

    I am a small business owner myself. This is no way to run a business…small or large.
    We all read the email that was sent on December 14, 2010 when we placed our order. It stated that Christmas delivery could not be guaranteed and that it may take 2-4 weeks to ship. It was also stated on their website at the time… 2-4 weeks for Today Show buyers. I read all of it. As we all did.
    It is February 22, 2011. Still many of us have not received our purses. You are very lucky to have your purse. Hope you enjoy it!

  13. Erin Chavez says

    Just my 2 cents here – but everyone who is complaining should have read the disclaimers on the sites. I bought a handbag and a poncho and I have recieved both. Although it took a while, I expected it BECAUSE I READ WHAT THEY POSTED ON THEIR SITE BEFORE I BOUGHT IT. Everyone is complaining here but realize it is only because they didn’t bother to read the shipping policies listed. What do you expect for a small company to do when they get thousands of items sold in a day? My father runs a small business and if he was on there it would take him a few weeks to handle the orders as well! And I would be pissed that everyone is complaining and badmouthing him just because they didn’t bother to read – or maybe just can’t read.

  14. susan says

    I filed a complaint today with the Better Business Bureau and with California Attorney General’s office about Christine Price, Inc. My order was placed on December 14, 2010, received an email on February 1, 2011, that the handbags would be shipped on February 18, 2011. What a shock….just days after the 60 day deadline for filing a complaint with my credit card. This email prevented a lot of customers from filing a complaint within the time period because they believed that they were going to finally receive their handbags. They no longer respond to emails or answer their phone. This company is a scam.
    The link for the California Attorney General’s office was posted on Christine Price’s Facebook page by an unhappy customer as well. Perhaps, if we all file a complaint, something will be done!
    California Attorney General:

  15. mimi says

    February 15,still no handbag.
    There was a website last week concerning Today Show orders,I could not access it. I’m going to Google and see what I can find.

    We will probably get some sleazy knock off .

  16. Barbara Most says

    I too ordered a bag from christine price last week I received a email from them saying they are waiting for a shipment and that I would hear from them this week I am not holding my breath and stupidly I ordered a powermat the other day for which I was supposed to get a confirmation email and have not received anythin g from them. I will never order from the today show again.

  17. Lindsey says

    I too have ordered a bag from CHRISTINE PRICE and have not received it. The orders were a few weeks before the ponchos, I don’t remember the exact date. They have fully charged my credit card, promised a delivery date long ago and NOTHING! Now if you go to their website the “update for Todayshow customers” isn’t active…they do not reply to your emails with questions….but were quick to take my $! I have never dealt with a company who has this poor, and delay service. Shame on you C.P!

  18. Eva Glynn says

    I ordered the Vain poncho on the day it aired on the Today Show, 12/21. I said it could be 4 to 6 weeks to SHIP. I received my poncho right on time! And I love it!

  19. Laura says

    It has been 7 weeks since I ordered my poncho from Vain Apparel and still have not received it!!!!! Thanks to the person who posted the contact info for the company. I will be calling them today for an answer on the shipping. If it is not satisfactory – I will be placing a stop on the charge for no services rendered. At the least – Vain Apparel should not charge shipping to those of us who have not received their poncho!

  20. sharon says

    Ordered handbag from Christine Price/Steals and Deals/Today Show in Dec. It is Feb. 8…and no bag yet. The bill has shown up on my credit card. Still waiting a while more before I contest the charge.

  21. Michelle says

    I too ordered the poncho on 12/21 and have not received it or a shipping confirmation. It is now well beyond the 4 weeks and I too have sent two emails and left a voicemail message. I am giving them until the end of the week to respond prior to disputing the charges. This is ridiculous-the item is paid in full. I will never order anything again from the Deals and Steals. The Today Show should consider getting rid of the segment since it is obviously not living up to its standards. They should be embarrassed.

  22. Fran says

    I also ordered the poncho and was charged the full amount on the 21st of Dec. and have NOT RECEIVED IT! Since the delivery time has expired (2-4 weeks) I tried to contact the BBB and they do not have them listed as a legitimate business/company. Despicable. All credibility for Jill’s Steals and Deals is gone and I will tell everyone I know not to order from the Today show.

  23. Deb S says

    I also purchased a poncho and have not received it yet. I waited the 4 weeks mentioned in the e-mail before trying to contact them. I sent an e-mail today and left a voicemail message. Waiting to see if I get the status of my purchase .

  24. Penny Miller says

    I ordered a poncho from Vain Apparel and have not received it yet. It is Jan. 31 and I am still waiting. I called the number given 310-927-3177 but was sent to a voice mail. When will the poncho be delivered? Soon or never.

    Someone please reply

  25. says

    I am so frustrated there is NO Customer Service available with this purchase. I ordered 2 seperate ponchos for gifts. The first one finally arrived tonight with the package opened and the interior wrapping opened. After 5 weeks of waiting for it, it was Not worth the $45 paid for it. So disappointed. The second poncho has no delivery date set whatsoever and no refund and nothing but a form response from Vain Apparel customer service. I will have to complain the the credit card company. My BonTon comforter arrived promptly but that too came in a ripped up interior plastic zip bag. Clearly these are merchandise that is desperately being tried to be gotten rid of…. I would strongly urge anyone thinking of buying Jill’s Steals to reconsider purchasing before wasting their money. Just remember the old adage If it seems to good to be true, it’s probably not.

  26. Holly P says

    I ordered the charcoal poncho on 12/21 and it arrived today, 1/28/11.

    I waited the full 4 weeks before contacting them. When I did, I received a personal response from them apologizing for the delay and assuring that mine would be shipped pronto when they came in the following week. They lived up to that promise and it arrived today on my doorstep via UPS.

    I love it and don’t mind the wait, since they were pretty up front about the wait and demand.

  27. Steve says

    I ordered the Poncho for a gift on 12/21…still nothing, maybe these companies should actually have inventory rather than rip off everyone. All I have heard from Vain is no refunds, no online inquiries and mass emails. Matybe the Today show should screen their vendors a little better. Never again will I trust this site.

  28. Kathi Wynn says

    I have not received my poncho either, normally I’m pretty patient with these things but it’s almost been a month with no update from the company. Getting concerned since I don’t know about you guys but I don’t have extra $$$ laying around to blow. Shame on you Today Show for not checking out these vendors better before running your segment.

  29. Lisa says

    I ordered a poncho from Vain as well. The do respond to e-mail sent to the contact address on their web page. It may take up to a day, but they do respond. That was how I got an estimated window of time for when their shipment would be in, and was not surprised when I received a letter saying apparel would be shipped out starting 1/20. This is a far cry from Christmas. I really ordered for myself, so the delay doesn’t matter. However, if this was done as a christmas sale, the delay really shouldn’t be 4 weeks. People should be warned first.

  30. Barb Hyre says

    On 12/14 I ordered 3 of the purses on “Jill’s Steals and Deals” , 1 for myself and 2 for Christmas gifts. and I still have not received any confirmation of shipment and no tracking number. However, the company selling the purses charged my credit card for the full amount. I’ve placed several inquiries and I am getting the run-around….are you sure that you people are dealing with a reliable, fair company? I’ve already paid my credit card, so the next thing will be to file a complaint with my credit card company. I’m sure that there are others who have been taken advantage of as well. One would think that the Today Show staff would really scan the companies that they deal with. I am very, very dissatisfied with the business handlings from the purse company on Jill’s Steals and Deals!

  31. Diane Lesmeister says

    Here is the owners contact information:
    Administrative Contact:
    DiRienzo, Lainie
    Vain Apparel
    12655 Washington Blvd, #105
    Los Angeles, California 90066
    United States
    (310) 927-3177 Fax — (310) 943-2699

  32. Diane Lesmeister says

    I too order the poncho off VAINs website. I will be stopping payment. Its a SCAM!! Never again will I order from Jills Steals…

  33. Christine says

    I too ordered the poncho and understand that it would not be shipped right away however when a company charges your card for the item then that normally means that the item is on its way…….so where is it? There is no 800 number to get in touch with the company. Customer service is no help because they have not responded either. How do I go about getting a refund? I am never buying off of the Today Show ever again……….something needs to be done maybe the Better Business Bureau can help.

  34. Nancy Lanham says

    I also ordered the poncho on Dec. 21, 2010 and have yet to receive it. It’s been paid. I realize the Today Show is not responsible but if items are being sold via the Today Show then some responsibility needs to be taken care of. Does anyone have a number for Vain Apparel?


  35. says

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read before commenting.

    I am in no way affiliated with the Today Show or any of the companies featured on the Today Show’s Deals and Steals. If you have trouble with your order or with the products you received please contact the retailer that you ordered them from directly. I really wish I could help with your orders, but unfortunately I cannot.

    I also wanted to point out that while I am not affiliated with the Today Show, I do post many other deals and freebies on, so I encourage you to visit the main website to find those deals. I think you will be surprised that there are many good deals out there in addition to the Today Show’s Jill’s Deals and Steals.
    Thank you for visiting!

  36. Judy Webster says

    On 12/21 I purchased a poncho and never received it.
    transaction 3360668101
    authorization 508526
    This matter needs attention. I see others have not received their merchandise either. I should have listened to my gut when I saw the shipping charges. I thought because it was part of the Today show I would not have a problem. I expect a total refund of $45.00 and an explanation of what happened.
    Judy Webster

  37. Kathy says

    I too order a poncho for my sister in law on 12/21/2010 and haven’t received it or heard from the company. Other items I order that day from Jills Bargains came very quickly. Very disappointed from Vain Apparel.

  38. Dan says

    Glad I didn’t purchase anything from them, was about to after I saw them on the Today Show. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  39. Constance says

    I ordered the strand of pearls with pearl stud earrings for my daughter; they arrived one month later. When I opened the box, I couldn’t believe how cheap they looked. They did not look like they were worth $10.00, let alone the $100.00 I paid, nor the $1,000.00 claimed. I thought the clasp was undone, because there was an opening, but when I picked them up the strand was broken between the pearls. they went from my hand to the garbage can. Literally throwing $100.00 away~~I felt sick, and still do (and furious!).

  40. Marsha V. Ahern says

    Ordered the Handbag from Christine Price on 12/14/2010.
    My Credit is Charged but I have not heard a word from them
    about the shipping or anything. Tried the Website it is down.
    If you try to reach them it says the site is not longer available.
    How do I reach them for my refund?

    • Simone Hall says

      Hi Marsha, I also ordered a handbag from Christine Price on 12/14/10 and I have not received my order. Today I emailed the company and in a few days I will follow up with my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau. My purchase was less than $100 but it was my money and I plan on following up.

  41. Nicki Basinger says

    I have not received the ponch ordered 12/21/2010. I would like to know the status and a telephone number for Vain Apparel

  42. Karin Street says

    How can I contact Vain Appearal? I ordered the poncho sweater for my daughter’s birthday. I have not received it yet.
    Thank you – karin

  43. Tamaker@gmail says

    Absolutely shameful… It’ll be NEXT winter/fall before my wife will be wearing this based on the email I just got from vain apparel.

    I am trying to email the producer of that segment to let them know how much I appreciate the followthrough from the folks they choose to feature and promote.

  44. Rosa Holliday says

    would like to know where my p0ncho Black) december 21, 2010 is— i ordered it the day it was on Jills deals and steals
    waiting for reply

  45. Dianne Richardson says

    I ordered the Sweater Poncho Cream (Vain Apparel), through you on Dec. 21st and haven’t received it. Please give me the status of my order?


    • christina says

      This is the most recent email I received from VAIN APPAREL:
      Dear Customer,

      Please be advised that all Vain Apparel orders will be shipping from
      our warehouse beginning January 20, 2011. We are doing our best to
      facilitate the shipping of your order as quickly as we can, so please
      know you will be receiving your order promptly.

      As a reminder, all ordering and shipping policies were stated on our
      website at the time of your purchase, including our no refund, no
      cancellation policy. We are happy to offer our customers merchandise
      at 80% off, however, in order to do so, it must be a final sale. When
      an order is a final sale, your credit card is processed at the time of
      purchase, not at the time of delivery. We are very sorry if there has
      been any confusion regarding our policies, however, we clearly stated
      on our website at the time you placed you order that shipping can take
      /approximately /2-4 weeks, and when items are imported, such as these,
      occasionally delays in shipping do occur. We hope that you understand
      that we are doing everything possible to get your order to you as
      quickly as we can.

      Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.


      */The Staff at Vain Apparel/*

      I also got an email today telling me my poncho shipped and it also gave me a tracking number. When I placed my order online, I did read that it could take 15-20 business days to receive the item.

      Good luck!

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