Today Show: Jill’s Steals and Deals 12/7

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The Today Show is back with some awesome deals on their website as part of Jill’s Steals and Deals! They include:

Jennifer Miller Crystal Encrusted Watches with Rubber Straps $24.99

Tiny Prints Celebrity Holiday Collection 10 for $5

Omaha Steaks’ Sure to Thrill Gift Assortment $39.99

Beau Quillian Collection Large Tahitian Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace $39

Beau Quillian Collection Freshwater Pearl Necklace and Earring Set $99

Please keep in mind that these deals go very quickly, so you’ll have to be fast if you want to get in on any of them! Make sure to check out the rest of Bargain Blessings for more awesome money saving deals and become a liker on Facebook to get instant deal notifications!



  1. Jen says

    I just received my towel sets from an earlier steals and deals and I am very disappointed. The colors are not as they were shown and the worst is that the colors within each set don’t even match each other! It’s not a deal–it’s more like a ripoff for a company that is selling their seconds! Will be very hesitant to order any more of Jill’s “deals”

  2. Nadine says

    I am trying to purchasethe knife set. I went to checkout and put in my information it has been processing since this morning. why? what should I do?

  3. Clarisse says

    I ordered the 30second smile tooth brush put all my info in and recived not emai confiming my order is this a todays show scam im really mad!

  4. Rebeca says

    I join the ranks of countless disappointed customers of the Pearl Collective. The necklace was made of tiny cheap pearls and a faulty clasp. Given the today’s show role in promoting these misleading products, are they offering any recourse.

  5. Debbie R says

    I ordered the earrings from Pearl Collective. Wish I hadn’t. What disappointment. They sent shoddy merchandise. I’ve seen many other complaints. I would be very leary of this company. Buyer beware!!!

  6. Dianne says


    I ordered the James Jeans at 71% off, I have not received the Jean has yet.

    So I e-mail the James Jeans Co., and was told that they couldn’t fullfill the
    orders and offered 40% other jean.

    What a rip off.

  7. Maria says

    Helppppp I want to orden Sunglasses , ZumbaFitness Packatge Candel’s and other stuff but A dont know how get de code for each itms. please can somebody can help me?

  8. Sherri Lee says

    I ordered two watches from Jennifer Miller. They confirmed the order and then let me know two weeks later that the item was not available. I agreed to take a substitute watch. A month later I have not received the watch or a credit.

    I wish I had never heard of the company :(

  9. renee says

    i ordered 3 necklaces from pearl collectives for my adult daughters as gifts
    1. the didn’t come till the first week in january, a month after they were ordered and paid for
    2. these tiny pearls showed up, you could most probably buy them in the mall for $20-25 each, not worth the hundreds of dollars they claimed
    3. as soon as i got them i asked for directions to return them for a full refund and of course they don’t want it back; there are most probably not too many customers for this poor quality item
    my advise – don’t do business with them, their advertising is misleading

  10. Breanna says

    I got the Tahitian Pearl necklace for my step mom. It didn’t arrive for Christmas so I pulled up a picture Christmas morning for her to see. She was so excited! I received it in the mail last week and I am so embarrassed to give it to her! My husband, who knows nothing about jewelry, made comments about how cheap and damaged it looked. I guess this just go back to the old saying, “If it seems to good to be true…..”

  11. Amy says

    Hi I ordered a purse back in december and I have not gotten it or heard anything about it. What do I do to find it ? It was a gift for my sister and it is disappointing that she hasent recieved it yet.

  12. Tina Kum says

    Like so many of you I was disappointed in the quality of the Beau Quillian Tahitian Pearl necklace. It was advertised as a large Tahitian, but in reality it was a small pearl that came from China. If the company could not deliver a quality product, they should have not have put their products on a national show, like the Today Show. I’m sorry the Today Show did not screen these companies and products; and once again it’s, us, the consumers that get duped. Since it did not arrive for the Christmas giveaway, I now have two small pearl necklaces that I would be embarassed to give away. I also ordered the Jennifer Miller watches and was somewhat disappointed, but not like I was when I received the Beau Quillain necklaces.

  13. Nancy says

    Received the pearls this week and like so many others I am upset and angered to have been scammed by this company. Interestingly absolutely no information accompanied the pearls making a return difficult. I am sure the company is just hoping that we “suck it up”, but let’s keep up the fight!

  14. Sandy says

    I still haven’t received the Tahitian necklaces (2) that I ordered on 12/7/10. Nor have I received a reponse from my many emails. Hope I can get my money back. Never again will I do a Today Show Steal and Deal. Very disappointed.

  15. Wendy says

    I too am one of the hundreds of people who feel they’ve been scammed by Pearl Collective (aka Pearl Paradise), Jennifer Miller, and the Today Show. The Tahitian Pearl necklace I received was unbelievably cheap looking, and strung so tight that it looks ridiculous. The Jennifer Miller watch looks like a $10 Walmart special. I was ripped off, but I’ve learned a good lesson. The Today Show should apologize to their viewers for leading them into these scams!

  16. GaryS says

    I was complaining a week ago and wish I hadn’t. I got the pearls I had ordered and have nothing to complain about. Thanks Jill & TDS.

  17. lisa says

    Got my pearl necklace the 28th. It’s really nice! The pearls are the same size and are strung on silk with knots between each pearl. I’m a happy camper. :)

  18. Maria says

    What amazes me is that this blog is made up of maybe 50 people and there were probably hundreds of thousands of items sold. The thousands of happy customers dont post anything and the 50 screamers try to represent reality:. Well, here I go: I bought the omaha steaks, a comforter, a shirt, a watch, a fish special, a gps and I am thrilled with all… did they take a little longer to arrive??Sure, but thats not so bad.. What am I upset about?? That I wasnt quick enough to get in on other deals and that was MY FAULT, not the companies who sold out, and not NBC. NBC clearly states that they are not part of any of these deals.. Start the new year out with a positive outlook folks, life it too short ! Be thanful each and every morning that you get to put your feet on the ground and you are alive !! Have a blessed day everyone. Maria

  19. Esscuell says

    Ridiculous! I ordered the neckace with the single pearl the day the show aired and only received it yesterday — and boy am I disappointed at the quality of the pearl. It’s not a smooth pearl – several dents and I would be embarrased to wear it. I feel that they cheaped out on us in order to offer us the low price. Makes me really wonder what you get when you pay the regular price – NOT THAT I WOULD EVER RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE. And I’m not happy with the Today Show either for putting the deal out there with out making sure we get quality merchandise. It’s pretty much JUNK!

  20. Vickie says

    Please everyone keep in mind that even if someone like “Jill” recommends some great deals, you may not be familiar with the website the product came from. BE LEARY of this and check for complaints via BBB before you order from an unknown website. My parents lost money and xmas presents from ordering off Jills bullcrap deals and I am just livid………

  21. Davidson says

    This promotion was a big flop for Today Show viewers. I have read many angry rants from people that bought the Jennifer Miller watches and the Beau Quillian / Pearl Collective pearls. Both of these companies appear to have advertised an over-inflated retail value. People found the watches in stores for less than $20 and had their pearls appraised for less than the $40-100 they paid. And people are having problems getting any response from the merchants. Haven’t seen an apology from the Today Show.

    • Vickie says

      They are telling people it can take 45 days to receive their product. Funny thing is you only have 30 days to file a complaint. DO NOT HESITATE- file a complaint with Better Business Bureau TODAY. If you paid via Paypal you should file a complaint with them also. They’re shooting auto emails in response to their trillions of complaints saying you will receive it before Christmas, which has since past LOL…..

  22. Kellie says

    I only wish I hadn’t gotten my pearls from Pearl Collective that I ordered for my mother in law for Christmas so I could have cancelled my charge. I ordered the “black” pearls with matching earrings and they are horrible looking. First of all they are solid PURPLE. Second of all the pearls themselves do NOT look real and third they are strung so tight they don’t even lay flat on your neck. I got RIPPED OFF!!! I’m sure along with alot of other people. I have sent numerous emails expressing my unhappiness and of course get NO response. Count your blessings if you haven’t gotten yours and if you are still waiting I would encourage you to cancel your order!! FAST! What they portray online is not what shows up at your door. & these people are laughing all the way to the bank! I think we all need to go have these examined by a jeweler and call the BBB on this guy!
    Also, I ordered one of those “so called” $125 watches. I about fainted when it came in. It looked horrible. Not only that but while I was in Merle Norman with my mother I saw THE EXACT SAME watches…brand, styles, colors, stickers, etc, that I ordered…..$19.99. Anyone who bought these watches for $125 and saw them in person had to be blind or a fool. There is NO WAY this Jennifer Miller could sell a $20 watch for that price. It is very cheap and looks cheap. I didn’t even give it as a gift for Christmas because it was so bad! The holes weren’t even punched out on the band AT ALL! There were also pieces of rubber hanging off of the band everywhere. TERRIBLE!!
    I also ordered the state necklaces. I placed 3 orders. For some reason I got the last order (1 necklace) but the first order (1 necklace) and the second order (two necklaces) are a NO SHOW. I haven’t even received a shipping confirmation. They are VERY RUDE when you try to find out about your order. Apparently they are a very small company and have been getting lots of calls and emails wanting to know where their merchandise is. The owner let me know that they were not AMAZON.COM in an email. I thought that was so rude and unprofessional when all I wanted to know was the status of my order in a very nice email to them. It’s just strange to order 3 orders at the same time and get one order…the last order and almost a month later still not hear anything on the other two. I have to say the necklaces are very cute. The people just need to work on customer service. I’m sure if I was one of Maya Brenner’s “celebrity” customers I wouldn’t have to worry about any of this.
    I had NO trouble with Omaha Steaks!! Ordered 8 orders! Great customer service! Delivered at promised! Got everything as promised!!

    I would be VERY LEARY next year of the jewelry on Jill’s Steals. I too felt safe ordering since it was on the Today’s show. Figured that the Today’s show at least researched these companies to make sure they were trustworthy. I’m sure some are but unfortunately some are not. Thousands of people got scammed and/or taken advantage of including me! Lesson Learned!!

    • says

      Please email us at regarding your State necklaces. We are still shipping orders around the clock and are shipping every single one. We are shipping by state which is why you received one order and not the other. We are a small company and trying our best so please email us so we can follow up with you.
      thank you,

  23. Lene H. Minyard says

    Just cancelled the charge on my Visa for the pearls. Pearls Collective charged my card the day I made the order, and I have heard nothing since. Paypal gave me a phone number for Pearls Collective, but it was not in service. Based on all of the other posts here this definitely does not look like a reputable company. I am surprised and disappointed the Jill and The Today Show would promote this company. I am sure I am not the only person who felt safe ordering from Pearls Collective since it was promoted on the Today Show. Shame on you for not checking this out thoroughly first.

  24. Shopper says

    Uh, Janice, didn’t you read what Jennie posted? This is her blog, not in any way affiliated with the Today Show or the seller of the pearls. When you write, “If you cannot fill my order…,” what the heck do you expect Jennie to do about it?

    Seriously, I can’t believe how dumb some people are.

  25. Janice westlake says

    Iordered 2 necklace sets Dec. 7 and have yet to hear anything, if you cannot fill my order please refund my money in a timely fashion. they WERE going to be gifts or do we need to contact the today show

  26. Janice westlake says

    I ordered my necklace on Dec. 7 have yet to hear anything on my order if you cannot fill it please refund my money in a timely fashion thank you

  27. Donna McCarthy says

    I just received my pearl necklace from the Pearl Collective in Los Angeles, and I have never been so disappointed in my life. I told everyone about it and anticipated its arrival, but it turned out to be a very cheap flawed pearl that can easily be purchased at any bead store in NYC for $5. Its small, misshapen and banded with several different colors. It seems that it’s unreturnable as well. I am tired of being taken advantage of, especially in this economy. And I’m surprised that the Today Show would be a part of this. I would like my money back.

  28. says

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read before commenting.

    I am in no way affiliated with the Today Show or any of the companies featured on the Today Show’s Deals and Steals. If you have trouble with your order or with the products you received please contact the retailer that you ordered them from directly. I really wish I could help with your orders, but unfortunately I cannot.

    I also wanted to point out that while I am not affiliated with the Today Show, I do post many other deals and freebies on, so I encourage you to visit the main website to find those deals. I think you will be surprised that there are many good deals out there in addition to the Today Show’s Jill’s Deals and Steals.
    Thank you for visiting!

    • Janice westlake says

      Jennie you advertised theese under your name you should help contact the company and help buyers with thier complaints or else your name could be mud and no one will listen to you again. thats your reputation at stake is this worth it? please help the consume, thats the least you could do instesd of saying contact the retailer

      • says

        Janice~ I really wish I could help, but there is nothing I can do. I have no control over the Today Show or these companies. I’m sorry for your bad expreience.

  29. Susan says

    I also ordered three of the pearl necklaces. I was charged for them, but STILL NO NECKLACES.. NO EMAILS RESPONSES, NOTHING !!!!!!!

  30. LLee says

    I order 6 sets of the omaha steaks, received a confirmation email and a charge for 6 sets. Only 3 of the sets arrived at their destination. Sent an email to the company and all of the sudden now the deal was only for 3 per address!!! That was not mentioned anywhere on the today show or omaha steak site, and if it was true why did I get a confirmation email for 6 sets?? Total rippoff. I also ordered the pearls, got suspicious, tried to cancel the order, THEN found out no refunds! Of course they charged me for them and no email since. I thought companies could charge your card until items were shipped?? Today Show, shame on you.

  31. Casie says

    My husband ordered a single pearl necklace for me as a gift from my kids for Christmas and I am horribly dissapointed in the quality of this piece. I got it in the mail today. We had contacted the company via email several times to cancel my order prior to shipment because we had a hunch that we were being scammed. Well, we were. Is the Today Show planning on doing anything to compensate those of us that were dooped? Never buying from Steals & Deals again. Too bad.

  32. jtrue says

    I also ordered the pearl necklace for my wife I like a dummy deleted all the info I have nothing to go on. The today show should be ashamed of them selves for not checking out these company’s or at least make them put up the the product before hand.

  33. JJ says

    I ordered a pearl necklace for my wife and duaghter , on the 7th and was charged then. I have sent an e-mail but have not had any contact from the supplier. This must be the Steal part od the Steals and deals.

  34. Annie says

    I am so irritated with the pearl necklaces. Just as everyone else said, “We would have NEVER ordered these if they couldn’t get here in time!” I now look like a fool going to my in-laws with nothing for my SIL. I would think the Today Show would have made sure the companies they were plugging for would be more reputable.

    Does anyone know the ETA of these necklaces? I too ordered around 9:45 on the 7th. UGHHHHH

  35. Cheryl says

    I feel like I’ve been scammed as well. I bought two pearl necklaces. We were not told we needed to use rush shipping to get the items before Christmas. There is something written on the website (if you can find it) saying that you need to change to rush shipping to get the merchandise. I had to pay extra to get it in time for Christmas, and it still isn’t here. This is disappointing, and I won’t do something like this again unless it’s from a reputable company/website. I hope the Today Show will relay our messages to this vendor and not promote the product. I had to pay extra for shipping to make sure it got here on time, and now it may not. I haven’t received any confirmation, and I’ve emailed about ten times. What a rip off. Please…next time something is offered, make sure that the company is legit and that they have a working website. I should have known better when I started ordering from their website, but I figured that the Today Show did the research so I wouldn’t have to. I won’t do that again.

    • Cheryl says

      I’d like to add that I think everyone who ordered from this company is thoroughly disappointed because these were Christmas presents. The company is not reaching out to its customers, and while I’m certain they’re busy (as it says on the website), notification on the arrival of the merchandise would be appreciated. I have received nothing.

  36. Sandy says

    I also purchased 2 of the Gina pearl necklace around 9:45am on 12/7/10. I have not heard from them or received the product. I contacted them using the address listed above. Within, 17 seconds, I had a repsonse which I am sure was one of those automatic responses. I wish they had been upfront about the timeline for receiving the items. If I couldn’t get it for Christmas, I wouldn’t have ordered it. Now I’m struck going out looking for something else for my daughters at the last minute. I plan to file an complaint with the consumer bureau. This is not good business.

  37. Catherine Hasson says

    I saw the Gina peal necklace on Jill’s steals and deals. I purchased the necklace on Dec 7th at 9:29 am with a confirmation number of 3364-3920-3334-3794. At the time of the order it was not made clear that a rush order need to be made in order to get the necklace by Christmas. Can you help me out an let me know when I will receive the necklace or where it might be in the shipping process.
    Catherine Hasson

  38. Mindy Swank says

    I ordered two watches and one black pearl necklace; received the two watches last week but still waiting on the black pearl necklace…the packaging fo the watches was as the earlier post mentioned; in a gauzy pouch and the watches look very inexpensive…I will email the pearl company tonight as I have not received my necklace yet but my credit card was charged.

  39. Stephanie says

    I placed my order 2 weeks ago for the Jennifer Miller watches. I received no further info beyond the initial confirmation email and I naively believed the watches were on their way until just now when I received an email informing me that my order will not be fulfilled and they can do nothing to help me beyond a refund. It is 4 short days before Christmas and Jennifer Miller is offering me no help or options to replace the items I should have already received let alone just find out I wont get at all. I am so disappointed in both the company and the Today show for sponsoring a company that has clearly disappointed so many people. I feel like Ive been had. Im starting to get concerned about the legitimacy of the company that I bought the tahitian pearl necklace from. I bought from one of the first steals and deals segments with no problem, now Im just devastated I wont be getting the gifts I was supposed to be giving to my mother and sisters in law.

  40. Victoria says

    My mother purchased the black pearl necklace 2 weeks ago for my daughter and has not received it. Who can we contact in regards to this? I am worried now that we have been scammed.

  41. Iris says

    ANOTHER GREAT STEALS AND DEALS TODAY! I just got in on the ponchos and the bluetooth gizmo for my man. Geesh, I am sure there will be more people complaining today that they didnt get anything… sorry, keep complaining and not clicking so there are more goodies for me. haha only kidding, Merry Christmas everyone, keep the holiday spirit!

  42. Iris says

    Hi – I contacted JENNIFER MILLER as two of my seven watches ordered were backordered. They did take a few days to get back to me as they explained due to the huge volume of the ordrers, but were very professional and helpful. Try this email I also contacted Omaha Steak as I wanted to order another package. THEY also were helpful and while the steals and deals offer expired, they had another offer for 9.99 more and it included a cake and a set of knives.. STILL a great deal !! Much easier to contact the companies if you have any problems girls rather than bitchin here :) Remember it is the holiday season, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.

  43. Ashley says

    I agree about the Jennifer Miller watch. What a rip off. I just saw it at another store for $15! How is it being sold for $125. I trusted the Today show for promoting the deal, that apparently was my mistake. Has anyone had any success in contacting the Jennifer Miller site? What a let down….

  44. Iris says

    I LOVE the Steals and Dals Segments! So far I purchased and received, Omaha Steaks, Jennifer Miller Watch, the Pearl Necklace and the Radio Shack GPS. Come on folks, whats all the complaining about ??!! You have to get in on the deal quickly, just like any black friday sale. I am still waiting for my seafood sampler and cant wait! I think all the items were described accurately on the websites – as well as their return policies. I have heard there are thousands of each item sold, not by NBC, but by the companies.

  45. Kara says

    I received my pearls from the Beau Quillian Collection and they are terrible. The necklace is not the right length and the pearls are very poor quality. I will never ever order something from this type of promotion again.

  46. Colleene says

    I am in total agreement with all the comments regarding the disappointment of the Jennifer Miller watches. With an original price of $125.00 plus $12.00 shipping one would expect something better than a “made in China” Geneva watch stuck in a tacky bag. I ordered two and don’t know what I will do with them. I only ordered them because I trusted the Today Show for being so highly reputable. I never thought they would do this to the consumer. Shame on them! I am pretty old and wise and have been around the block, but I fell for this one.

  47. Stacy Smith says

    I am also very disappointed in the Jennifer Miller “steal”. I just received my watch. Mine also are scratched an worn looking. I thought this was a designer $125 watch. I can’t give this as a gift. Now I’m stuck with 3 of them because they will not accept returns or exchanges. The watches are sold at every budget-friendly store for less than $20 on sale. The orignal price is less than $40 (with a box). My watches were shipped in a cheap organza bag. Not sure how JM can advertise for $125 on her website, especially not sure how she endorsed this promotion. Not good for business. Has anyone contacted JM yet? I plan to on Monday.

  48. Samantha says

    I just received the Jennifer Miller watch I ordered from Jill’s Steals and Deals 12/7/10 and what a huge disappointment! It is a Geneva watch that looks as though it has been previously worn!!! The face is scratched! The packing slip included states that all sales are final. The watch was $24.99 + $12 S&H and I have found similar Geneva watches on a popular website (don’t know if I can mention the site name) for $14.99!!! I want my money back!

  49. Kirsten Larson says

    Just received my “Jennifer Miller” watch for 24.99 (original price $125.99). I found this SAME watch on Overstock for $19.99 and Target for $24.99. How Jennifer Miller is listing this as a $125-watch, I have no idea. It has a nice, large “Made in China” sticker on the back. Had the Today Show not advertised this as more than 80% off the list price, I would not have bought it. Truly, it was the idea of saving that prompted me to buy. “Steal” is taking on a whole new meaning.

    • Lisa Brown says

      I too bought this watch believing I was getting an unbelievable deal! I have had it two weeks and it is broken. It’s not the battery. It’s just broken. This was a scam. I wish the TODAY show had investigated this deal better. I’m embarrassed to call the person I gave one as a gift to see if theirs is still working.

  50. Duane says

    My wife was able to get through for the gps from radio shack on 12/14 and as of today it is in transit and i should have it by 12/18. My co-worker ordered the omaha steaks from 12/07 and he also recieved his items in a timely manner. Accourding to the today show web site all 10,000 gps units sold out in the first minute.

  51. Lynette says

    I ordered both the Beau Quillian Pendant Necklace as well as the Jennifer Miller watches on December 7th and my credit card shows posting one for 12/08/10 and one for 12/09/10. I have not heard from either of these companies as to whether or not these items have been shipped? Any help on this? How can I contact them? Thank you.

      • Lisa Smith says

        I ordered the pearls as well. I was told in an email by the company the last rushed orders shipped Saturday 12/18/10. Still nothing! I paid for rush shipping! Unfortunatelly I believe we have all been scammed.

        • Holly says

          I also ordered the pearl necklace and was charged on 12/8 but have yet to recieve anything. I’m having problems finding the website I ordered the necklace from. Can someone give me the company’s name again.

          • Lisa Smith says

            I finally received a tracking number after sending an email telling the company I was going to report a fraud claim to my credit card company. The contact email is: It said on fed ex site that they shipped on the 17th. I am not sure why it was that hard to send out a tracking number. Hopefully is all is well from here on out! Good Luck!

  52. Penny Gray says

    ordered $99.00 pearls from Beau Quillan co. on 12/07/10. no confirmation and no response, but charged my credit card. What is the problem. Please advise me of how to contact them..and appreciate yiur reply. thanks.

  53. Mag says

    I have order the crystal watch and haven’t received it yet. And no way of getting in touch with the website… This was done on Dec. 8th… no confirmation either…. Guess I will not buy from that website again…..

  54. Dave says

    Classic bait and switch. they had run out before the show even aired on the west coast, then switched it out with a crappy cell phone for 30% off.
    They only had 10,000 units for the whole country they sold, but when you called them they had more, but would only sell them at 3.5 time the amount.
    1-800-843-4722 is RadioShacks number call them and let them know.

  55. CANDY AVILA says

    i loaded the “19.99” GPS into my cart yet the site didnt accept special TODAYSHOW code. spoke to radio shack representative who told me they were completely out of stock yet their website didnt reflect that…strange. they should still honor the code in the store then.

  56. gina williams says

    tried for 2 hours to get gps from radio shack. It is just not working. Steals and Deals is great but I’ve only been able to successful with one website the last couple of times this segment was shown. You really need access to your computer all day to get through.

  57. heather says


  58. Gean says

    I went to the today show website tried to order the GPS that is on the site for 19.99 from raidoshsack and it keeps telling me that it is not avaliable. I even entered in the code that was given. Any suggestions would still like to order it for this price is it avaliable the segment was still on when I went to the today show website and clicked on it then went directly to order it this is what I was told it is not avaliable. Confused

  59. Lorna Wyckoff says

    I ordered pearls from you around Dec. 8, 2010.

    I have not received them or gotten any information from you.

    Please contact me.

  60. marie machen says

    I have been trying to find the coupon code to buy the boue quillian pearl necklace all day and I CAN’T FINE THE COUPON CODE ANYWHERE HELP PLEASE

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