Today Show Jill’s Steals and Deals: 3/8!

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The Today Show Jill’s Steals and Deals is back again today March 8th with more exciting bargains! Here are Jill’s new steals and deals that they are running today:

Mango Tree Fitted Bangles
Discount price: $20 for a set of three (67% off!)
Discount code: todayshow20

Lola James Jewelry Swarovski crystal necklace by Lola James Jewelry
Discount price: $40 (73% off!)
Discount code: todaynecklace

The Company Store 200-Thread Count Percale sheet set by The Company Store
Discount price: $12 (80% off!)
Discount code: TODAYBED

XOXO XOXO Taffeta cocktail dress
Discount price: $24.99 (68% off!)
Discount code: TODAYXOXO

Lisa Stewart Lisa Stewart Jewelry
Discount price: $35 (81% off!)
Promo code: TODAYGEMS

Bon-Ton Farberware Pro II Forged 15-piece Cutlery Set from Bon-Ton
Discount price: $35 (75% off!)
Promotion code: TDAYSHWKNFE

Please do keep in mind that these Today Show Jill’s Steals and Deals will go very quickly and the websites that you order them from are likely to be very slow. I know a few of you have had complaints about the quality of the products that you received from the previous times that the Today Show ran these deals, so I suggest only buying from reputable companies and that you do your research before placing your order. Sometimes it can take quite a while for the items to ship, so I would plan for that too.

If you do have trouble with your Today Show Steals and Deals Order, please contact the retailer which you ordered the item from directly.

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  1. Alecia Midgett says

    Be happy if you could not order the LISA Stewart Jewerly!! IT IS JUNK and the women above is right they only person that the items fit is an 8 year old girl!! OMG it is such poor quality and I am amazed that both GMA and the TODAY show let this happen. I ordered 3 as gifts for Christmas and now there is NOWAY I can give these away!!!! SICK!!!!

    • Alecia Midgett says

      WOW was I wrong to make the post that I did above!!!!!! Please READ what I am writing now!! I went to Lisa’s facebook page yesterday and left an awful message in regards to the bracelets that I had ordered. I was so mad that it did not fit that I skipped doing what was necessary to get it fixed. I gave the company NO TIME to fix my issue. I should know better and I feel just awful that I blew it!!!! They are not junk…they are really cute on and I should have taken a step back and thought about what I was saying before I hit the airwaves with the bad press. Soooo below is the comment that I left of Lisa’s facebook page today.

      Just had an amazing conversation with Lisa herself. I could never have imagined that a comment that I sent by message to the company would have resulted in the owner and maker of the jewelry calling me directly!! I have the most awful wrist that did not fit her bracelet. I was so sad and disappointed that it would not fit and I was not able to replace it. Lisa has not only gone out of her way to contact me but has also offered to help me fix the bracelet to fit ME!!! This is one of the best examples of someone standing behind their products and working with their customers!! I commend Lisa Stewart Jewelry for all of their efforts and I look forward to wear my jewelry and telling everyone about you !!!!!

  2. Elizabeth Wicker says

    I ordered two of Lisa Stewart Initial leather look wrap bracelets, when I received them snap brads were missing which makes it impossible for the bracelets to fit any size arm, no response from customer service, this is my last purchase from Steals and Deals, had no idea merchandise was seconds, very disappointed? This is unacceptable and I will share my experience with everyone I know. The Today Show needs to address this and stop promoting second rate merchandise.

    • Alecia Midgett says

      I wonder if you ever got anywhere with this. I ordered 3 as gifts and they are JUNK!!! nobody can fit them. They are either too big or too small. I am so upset about the WHOLE PROCESS. I have no idea if I can do anything to get help with it. I just emails and facebooked the company!!

    • Alecia Midgett says


      Please go onto Lisa’s facebook site and drop them a quick personal message. Lisa called me directly today and I was shocked. She not only offered to make a special size for me…she was willing to do anything to make me happy. Sometimes we are all so quick to think that companies are out to get one over on us that we forget to give the a chance to make it right. I bet that she is more than willing and able to help you. I was AMAZED at how wonderful she was and how hard she works to make all of her customers happy!! I imagine that she is so busy right now and to take time out of her day to call me and try to make me happy after all the crappy things I said about her product…she is a top notch lady and I would not only buy her jewelry but I would recommend her to anyone who asked where I got it. Send her a quick note on facebook and I bet she helps your 100%. She is really kind!!

  3. Arthur says

    HI!!! Thank you for all of your great content :-) Do you have a list of other show segments like Jill’s Steals and Deals? Thanks again!

  4. says

    I was very disappointed in the purses that came in Terzetto. They could not zipped or unzipped without alot of work! they would get stuck..I wrote the company but no response. It seems they are pawning off 2nds and surplus on unsuspecting customers who think they are getting 1st runs. When I looked for the exchange policy it said, “no returns”…..all sales final.

    This is a terribly sad that a company would deliver unfit merchandise and then say no returns. I will not be using them again.

  5. says

    I ordered three (3) gold necklaces with initials on them. It took forwver for them to arrive and when it did I received braclets!! I cannot find a telephone number to contact them, and I have been forever e-mailing them and I get no response. Is this for real???? I am so very dissatisfied.

  6. Becky Cox says

    I have tried to order several times but to no avail. I feel like everything is sold
    out due to the airing of The Today Show in different time zones. Today I could not get order to go through with glitches as others have reported.
    Can you please help with this?

  7. lcarr says

    Today is April 19, 2011..necklace was ordered March 9, 2011. I ordered with the intentions and confirmation it would be here w/in 6 weeks. I needed it before wk/nd of April 24, 2oo11.
    I’m not finding a customer service phone number. I have left 2 messages at another phone number posted, but no response….by phone or email.
    Not sure about this process…disappointing.

  8. David L. Campbell says

    I saw the show today and I like the Don Franciso Coffee bundle. I want to order this, how can I order it and subscribe and get other deals?

  9. marti says

    I’ve gotten every item that I tried for.
    The only problem was the Mango bangles. I had to go back several times to complete the sale. By then I guess the code had been wiped out because they charged me $20 for each not $20 total. I’m emailing them today.

    I spoke with the VP at the knives website because I had a problem of some sort which I don’t remember, checking out I think. He called immediately and the problem was solved.

    I’ve never had a problem with unavailable. They do replace when they ran out.of items.

    I also have a new laptop with lots of fire power to slough through hold-ups of crowds on the website. That has been a problem but I didn’t give up and all turned out well.
    Just keep plugging along maybe during an off hour for crowds. Dinner, picking kids up off the bus, drive time home or even after bedtime for most. I haven’t had to go that far yet.
    My problem is finding when these Steals and Deals are going to appear on the Today Show since I do have another life.

  10. samantha says

    Thank you sooo much. I bought the coral dress for my 12 year old daughter and she loves it. It fits her beautifully and the quality is super. I had no problem when ordering and it shipped quickly. Can’t wait to see your other deals in the future.

  11. Mimi says

    I ordered my beautiful knives that night , paid no shipping and received them on Friday before the shipping confirmation email even came; which meant I was able to use them yesterday at our big family get together for a birthday celebration with turkey and all the trimmings.

  12. Ioana Barrie says

    Thanks for posting, I had no trouble getting the knife set that was originally $140 but with the promo code , I got it for $35!!!!! Can’t wait to see it!!!!!

  13. Trevia Ogburn says

    I clicked the site on my computer before the segment showing the items on sale ended. I made my selection and clicked “check-out” and got nowhere. I went back 30 minutes later and of course the item I wanted is no longer available. Very frustrating experience for the start of my day.

  14. Nancy says

    website a disaster….I could not complete my order..tried customer service held on for a long period of time and was then cut off…never got to place my order after filling out all the information…a lesson in frustration !!!

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