Today Show Jill’s Steals and Deals 6/28: Purses, Bras, Earrings + More!

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The Today Show is bringing back more  Today Show Jill’s Steals and Deals! Here are Jill’s new steals and deals that you will find available today:

Maxine Couture’s Mamba Hobo Purses $65 (down from $395)
Percent discount: 84% off!
Promo code: TODAYPURSE

Tangaroa Fashions Tangaroa Sarongs $42 (down from $196)
Percent discount: 79% off!

Breeze Comfort Breeze Comfort Bras $8 (down from $37.99)
Percent discount: Up to 79% off!
Promo code: TODAYBRA

SEAH SEAH Astrology Stud Earrings $25 (down from $125)
Percent discount: 80% off!
Promo code: TODAYSEAH

Kim Vo Kim Vo Hair Product Bundles $29 (down form $116)
Percent discount: 75% off!
Promo code: TODAYHAIR

As I always say, please make sure to keep in mind that these Today Show Jill’s Steals and Deals will sell out quickly and the websites that you order them from are likely to be very slow. I very highly suggest only buying from reputable companies and that you do your research before placing your order. Sometimes it can take quite a while for the items to ship, so I would suggest planning for that as well.

If you do have trouble or have any questions with your Today Show Steals and Deals Order, please contact the retailer which you ordered the item from directly.


  1. says

    Seriously, I have been trying to get a response out of this company for months!!! I never received the hobo purse for this ‘steals & deals’ promotion. The merchants web site’s contact information (email: are not responding to any of my emails. What are my options?

  2. Louise H says

    I bought 3 breeze bras, 2 of the have failed, ripped apart in the area between the cups. I contacted the company and they 100% guarantee is only for 30 days, only if you have not worn the item and have not washed the item (guess if you can’t wear it why wash it.) Their response was “too bad”. What does guarantee mean? I don’t think they know.

    DON’T SUPPORT THIS COMPANY THAT FALSELY ADVERTISES, won’t stand behind their product.

    • v says

      I had the same issues as it sounds like hundreds of other people with the bras! I finally emailed them back and they gave me a 800 customer service number- HORRIBLE customer service!! Will never order anything from Steals and Deals again this was a joke! They claim there was a credit card issue– the cc company tells a different story ( I believe them) but they are more than happy to reorder them at $89 puls shipping! So if you are still waiting for your bras good luck ! I have seen tons of comments from people about how they have not received the order or they tell them the order did not go thru. So to the Today Show- maybe you should check with the companies BEFORE you are willing to show their merchandise to make sure that will honor the orders placed and they can actually handle the amount of orders they will get beacuse ther experince with the bra folks has benn AWFUL!! HORRIBLE customer service!!

  3. Sandy says

    I disputed the Maxine Couture with my credit card company, and I received confirmation last week that I would receive a full credit. Never received a response from Maxine regarding my concerns with the product: quality, color, etc. Sadly I am out my return shipping charges and all of the time I wasted on this endeavor.

    Pretty disappointed in the Today Show for not vetting this company before offering the bags.

  4. Laura says

    I too am extremely dissatisfied with the product I received from Maxine Couture. It would seem the Maxine Couture purses manufactured and ordered through the NBC Steals and Deals program may not have been of the same quality as the full priced bags. In my mind I don’t see a difference between this Bait and Switch tactic which, of course, is illegal and outright thievery. My disappointment is as much directed at NBC as Maxine Couture for not thoroughly vetting out the product and/or following up on these “Steals” offers to ensure the consumer is getting what is touted on their network. If anyone has heard a response from NBC or found successful recourse in any way, I would be interested in knowing. Generally a savvy shopper, I feel completely dupped.

  5. Cindy bartek says

    I bought 2 nights for the Palms on today’s show steals and deals.
    I was supposed to get an email in 48 hours on how to use it.
    I never got that email. What do I do?
    Notify me bu email


  6. jeanne says

    I ordered the purse and wallet over a month ago, I got the bill on my credit card, so I’m going to callmy credit card and have them take it off. I was suppose to get an e-mail about it but never did,very disapointed

  7. Jean says

    Okay – I ordered the Tall Studded Bag Camel from Stella & Jamie on Aug 23, 2011 – they charged my account on Aug 24, 2011 – and I am now being told on September 30th, 2011, that the bags started shipping last week and I should be getting a tracking e-mail; I have called several times and yes the notice of items not being shipped for 3-4 weeks was indicated. However, it is now 6 weeks and I am edgy to say the least that this sort of business is being conducted through the Today.Show. Steals & Deals is no BARGAIN. I WILL BE CONTACTING THE BBB ALSO in LOS ANGELES as of tomorrow Oct 1, 2011. And I will have a fraud report on my card.

  8. says

    I recieved my hobo bag from the Today show;s Jill’s Steals and Deals – and I do feel like the company stole money from me. I thought we were suppose to get the steal – I see now that it is the manufacturer that is stealing our money. The workmanship is shoddy, quality poor – functionality zippo. I would not have paid 1/4 of the price had seen the purse – in fact, I would have turned it down if it was free knowing it is not something I would want to carry or use.
    I did load my stuff in it and tried to use it, but besides being poor quality it is not well designed as far as function.

    So, thanks to the Today show for convincing me that this rip off was worth my money – I expected better.

  9. Betsy says

    I heard back from the BBB today and Maxine Couture never bothered responding to them. So these people have clearly either decided that they like handing out poor quality products or are going out of business. I suggest we continue to spread the word far and wide and make sure that Jill Martin does not feature this company on her STEALs again. The Today show does have a Facebook wall that they put her Steals on. I suggest the next time she is on that we issue several Buyer Bewares about Maxine Couture. While we may never get our money back, we can still help others from being sucked in by this shoddy company.

  10. Sandy says

    I heard from my credit card company – sounds like Maxine Couture is digging in their heels. What a dissapointment! I would expect a company to stand behind their products. I’m sure they do not want a glut of returned bags, but that’s what happens when you ship out a defective product. Did anyone receive a response from the Today Show?

    On the other hand, Rebecca Beeson was more than gracious (and prompt) at addressing an issue I had with my order.

  11. Gail says

    When my black Maxine bag finally arrived in mid- August, the black dye bled all over my clothes and hands. I could not get thru on their voicemail to complain to them because their message box was always full. Then, out of the blue in late August, I got a strange email that they were shipping the same bag to my PO Box. (The first bag was sent to my residence.) I replied to that email and said do not bill me AGAIN for a 2nd bag that I did not order. They emailed back, saying I could “keep both bags”…what a joke..The 2nd one arrived Sept. 2, and it ALSO bleeds black dye all over my clothes.
    My credit card company says they cannot get me a refund. What a sham.

  12. Fann says

    placed an order, my account was billed $57.95, never received the order, contact phone number disconnected….very disappointed and will never order again

  13. Sandy says

    Has anyone heard back from Maxine or had success with their credit card companies? Mine said the process can take up to 45 days. It has been almost 3 wks.

  14. Candace says

    Well, I finally received the purse and if it’s worth $395, I’m going into the business. Like Cydney said, it was not finished with opening on both sides of zipper. It was called ‘Zebra’ but looks like python. The ‘dots’ are on a base of what looks like felt… waiting for them to fall off. No wonder the note said “all sales are final… ”
    The quality is not worth $65.00

  15. Barbara says

    I just received my bag this week. I had almost forgotten about it! I’ve ordered a few things from Steals and Deals, and some things take longer than others since we’re dealing with different companies. This, however, was one of the longest waits!
    I also ordered the Comfort Breeze bras, which also took a long time since they came from Hong Kong, but they are too small ( I should have known better than to order bras online with no return policy!) One is a 38C in black. The other is the pink sports bra, large (no size printed on the product).

    • KAREN DEKLVR says

      received 3of “worlds Best Bra’s” were way to small–ordered in normal size–no returns or refunds–buyers beware–you will be out your money!! i would never order from TODAY show again–am surprized they let this go on!!!!!

  16. Cydney Aronow-Neff says

    I ordered 2 purses. One of them was unfinished. The zipper on the ‘bone’ which should have been cobra or python (I can’t remember which it was called on the Today Show, didn’t close the top you could reach inside the purse on both sides with the zipper completely zipped and the extra zipper hung out on the outside of both sides. The black one was finished properly and I wish I had only ordered that one. Did anyone ever hear Jill say all sales are final? Since when must one accept defective merchandise which is new? I never would have ordered! I can’t get anyone to answer at the Today Show and asked the main NBC number for the complaint department and left a message. I am calling my credit card to dispute the charges, and am going down to Southern California next week and will try to. find the address in Chatsworth. I’ll keep all informed

    • Laura says

      Thanks for your diligence Cydney. I think if we are all contacting the same address/individual there will be a greater chance of resolution – rather like a class action suit. The same with The Today Show – there should be one person we can all contact (barage) with letters of complaint so this type of misrepresentation does not continue.

  17. Jeann says

    Maxine Couture
    29120 Commerce Center Dr
    Valencia CA 91355

    I also disputed the charges last week based on the fact that the color was not what was advertised. I am waiting to ship back the bag until I have confirmation that the dispute will be resolved in my favor. I had emailed Maxine to let them know of my intentions but they have not replied.

    • Lisa R says

      Thank you for the address—I found one on the internet for 11021 Cozycroft Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311 and mailed it there today. I guess I should have waited for a response but I was so anxious to get this resolved. I wish you luck with your dispute. I never could get an email address that worked. I spoke with my credit card co today and they said to return it—so that’s what I did. Another customer said she was going to look up the Chatsworth address so I hope my return gets in the proper hands.

  18. Lisa R says

    Does anyone have the address to Maxine Couture from the shipping label? My credit card co said to ship the bag back and then I could dispute the charge. I have thrown away the packing label but I do have the order confirmation info. Please post the address from the shipping label. Thank you!

  19. Laura says

    I received my Maxine Couture bag this week and am sorely disappointed. The zebra print is a garish color (not as pictured), the color rubs off on my clothing, it smells very chemical and feels like plastic, and the hardware is quite cheap (and it’s missing the front zipper pull!)
    Perhaps the bone is a nicer bag but mine is definitely NOT a $400 bag that “fuses classic elegance with modern sensibilities, creating some of the world’s most beautiful and exquisite handbags and accessories” as claimed.
    I feel swindled by the Today Show and don’t intend to fall into the “Steals and Deals” trap again.

  20. Bernadette says

    Maxine Couture hobo bags are a piece of crap! Raw edges, zippers were off the track, thread still hanging from the bags, flimsy/floppy. I ordered 3 bags and all 3 were shoved into a UPS bag. I heard complaints about the dye rubbing off; I wouldn’t know about this because I didn’t bother using the bags at all. I put the bags right back in the cloth bags they came in. I’m too embarrassed to use a bag like this that is of such poor quality. I wouldn’t even pay a dime for these bags.

  21. Betsy says

    Still disappointed in my Maxine Couture hobo bag and I have submitted my complaint to the BBB. BBB is now following up with the company. Feel free to open up your own claim against this company. The more complaints they have, the less opportunity to rip off other people. I have also found this site associated with BBB. It was very easy to ‘review’ Maxine Couture. I encourage others to do the same.

    As Cheryl said, be a squeaky wheel.

  22. Cheryl McClure says

    I have been told it is not legal to have ‘final sales’ with no refund for goods that are not as advertised. Be a squeaky wheel. I am.

  23. Stephanie says

    I previously stated that the dye from my black bag was getting all over my hands and clothing, if you run a damp paper towel over the bag a few times letting it dry completely each time it will take some of the excess off the bag (mine has yet to look less black). I still would not trust it with a white shirt of any kind.

    As a side note, the sippers and shape of the bag all seem to be in proper working/ looking condition. Other than the dye I am happy with it. I think that they rushed the orders and did not let the dye set long enough on the leather.

  24. laynie says

    I just received my Maxine Couture hobo bag in black. It took 2 months to get to me and when it finally came I was pretty disappointed. Granted I only paid $79 for it but its supposed to be worth $395. If I had paid 395 I would have been very very unhappy. $395 for a purse should put you in the Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors bracket and this purse is not. I carried it for a day and my arm and hands were black. The dye of the purse seems to be getting on everything!! It workmanship is crappy. I guess you get what you paid for but I was pretty disappointed.

  25. Karen Jones says

    I guess maybe I’m not as stylish as these people. I thought both bags are very nice. I had no zippers sewn into the lining and I was very happy with my purchase. Worth $395.00 no, but I would never waste $395.00 on any purse. I felt it was very nice. Thank you

  26. Janey says

    I ordered a clutch ($45) with the hobo bag ($65), and the quality of the clutch is much better. The leather and zipper are both nicer. I agree with the other posters that it seems they rushed through the hobo orders with low quality materials. On a scale of one to ten, the clutch gets a 6, the hobo gets a 1.

    Have already seen two of these hobo bags on ebay – people just trying to recoup their costs. I would not feel comfortable selling this on ebay given the poor quality. If this appearance on the Today show was intended to gain greater exposure for the Maxine Couture brand, this is certainly not the type of exposure most businesses want. How does the saying go, you tell one person about a positive experience but 10 people about a negative one.

  27. Mary says

    I received my Maxine Couture hobo bag & my daughter in NC also received one I had ordered sent to her. Oh, how disappointing! Don’t see how they can actually ask $395. for this bag. Poor quality, unfinished edges, zippers sewn into the lining & worst of all, the color rubs off of the violet! Who wants to carry a bag that will stain your hands & clothes? So I now have paid $65. plus $14.95 shipping X2 for bags we cannot use. Is this the quality of all Maxine Couture products or were these slapped together for the high volume sale they knew they’d get from the Today Show? I will be contacting both Maxine Couture and NBC’s Today Show as I feel I have been taken!

    • Laura says

      Please keep us informed of your progress. I think the many dissatisfied customers need to be contacting the same individuals at both Maxine Couture and NBC in order to be effective.

  28. Kathy says

    Just got my package with 2 Hobo bags from my front porch. First, the packaging was horrendous. Two Hobo bags were jammed into one flimsy package that arrived torn. The color violet is very pretty but the bag itself is just OK for the price. The bag lacks structure. I’m not even sure it’s leather. This truly was a rush job and it shows in the quality of the bag.

  29. Jenny says

    on June 28 I ordered and paid $38.95 for KIM VO hair product (Jill`s steals)
    It`s August 12 and I still have not received it.
    unhappy customer

  30. jean says

    I received my bag today, finally. The color cinnamon was not the color in the swatch on the website, I’m fairly certain. I went to double check, and the bag is no longer there. The bag is probably worth what we paid for it, but no where near $395.
    I think it’s a pretty bag, so I’m not totally unhappy, but if a product isn’t what you thought it would be and you can’t return it, it isn’t a steal or a deal. I don’t think I’ll be trying anymore of these “steals and deals” on the Today show segments.

  31. pat watson says

    I just received my handbag and wallet from Maxine Couture. After waiting all this time I am not happy with the quality at all. It looks like plastic and the zipper looks tacky. The wallet is a joke, the openings for the credit cards are to small so nothing fits. What a rip off.

  32. Lisa says

    I just received my Maxine Couture cinnamon hobo bag. Anyone interested I’ll sell it for what I paid plus shipping or make offer. I also have a Tano oversized leather hobo that I would love to sell—carried only one season!

  33. Kelly says

    I also just received my hobo bag, and agree that the color is not the cinnamon they advertised, but is burgundy as an earlier poster mentioned. Normally I would send right back, but all sales are final. I tried to search for the original posting of the colors online or on the Maxine Couture site and could find nothing.

    I have ordered a couple of items based on Jill’s recommendations, but now will reevaluate since the quality of most items have not been a steal or deal :( Jill and the Today Show should do a better job scrutinizing offers and not just take whomever knocks on their doors. Feel free to add this statement to your BBB complaints.

  34. Betsy says

    I also received my bag and wallet yesterday and I am very disappointed like many others here. The quality is poor and the zippers look tacky. And the wallet feels like plastic. If I had gotten a closer look at the purse on TV, I never would have ordered it. Very deceptive practice on the Today Show’s and Jill Martin’s part. I will NEVER order from Jill’s STEALS again. One more thing I can add to my BBB dispute.

  35. Jeann says

    I just received my hobo bag today after a long wait. Very dissapointed. The color is more burgundy than “cinnamon” and I think the quality is very poor. I would not have purchased this at any price point if I had seen it in a retail store. The gold zippers look very cheap.

    I just received the Breeze comfort bra’s last Friday. Not impressed either – they are small for the size – I would say the 36D looks more like a 34B-C.

    I had ordered the Deepa headbands and they were okay but arrived about 10 days ago – again a very long shipping period.

    The James Lola necklace was okay, but definitely not worth more than the $40 I paid.

    Still waiting for the Beeson tops I ordered 6/14. No communication at all from the company. Tempted to call my credit card company today to dispute charges.

    I would give my experience with Steals/Deals a D+. I think I am done with this segment. Unless it is a brand you are familiar with, the quality of these “designer” goods is suspect.

    • Barbara says

      Jeann–I ordered the bag and the bras as well.The bag’s unfinished edges scrape the back of my arm when carrying the bag over my shoulder. The gold is “too bright” and I agree looks cheap. Also strange how the zipper runs short across the top with big holes on either end. I ordered the bone color so no color transfer, thankfully. The bras are WAY TO SMALL for the size stated. I also ordered the 36C. All in all not a great experience.

  36. Deborah says

    Update – I just read Stephanie’s comment about the dye coming off on skin and clothes, and she is absolutely correct. Now THAT…is a major problem. I am not about to ruin my clothing just to carry this bag. I am not happy at all with this!

    • Rose says

      Hi Deborah,
      I just posted the same, above. It is entirely unacceptable to have dye rub off on our clothes and skin! We need to contact both Maxine Couture and the Today Show. Utterly ridiculous.

  37. Deborah says

    I just received my hobo bag as well, and I agree with dee about the quality. While it is a cute bag, I highly doubt it ever would have successfully retailed for $495 as advertised. The zipper on the outside of the bag was only half sewn in on mine as well…I was able to zip it closed but I would not consider it functional. The whole bag is rather shape-less (for lack of a better word) It seems it should have a more solid bottom panel in the construction. Otherwise it is an attractive bag, probably worth what we paid for it, but not exactly what I would consider a “steal” or much of a “deal”. I think I will pass on Jill’s “bargains” in the future.

  38. dee says

    I received my 2 Maxine Couture bags I would have paid $75 for this bag but it is not comparable to other expensive bags I have. The edges are raw leather, the zipper is sewn directly into the lining (and only half sewn in on one) and with other purchases, eg the Amrita Singh bracelet, if you go to their website you can get the same markdowns. And the latest convertible dress? Of course it’s a great price, summer is almost over. These “steals” are really that for the company- a way to take orders and then manufacture items w/ a no return policy or to move end of season merchandise.

    • Rose says

      My mother purchased the violet hobo bag for me. It arrived today. Yes, the purple dye gets all over my skin and clothes, as well. This is entirely unacceptable. We need to contact not only Maxine Couture, but also the Today Show and let the show know that it needs to do its due diligence on products it presents.

  39. Renee Price says

    Finally! I received a tracking number for my purse and wallet, I should receive my package by end of day tomorrow. I hope you all receive your tracking information today also. By the way, I purchased a bag for my sister-in-law on the same day, she received her bag yesterday. Good luck!

  40. Stacey says

    I too have ordered the Hobo bag-and have inquired with Valerie-it is now going into the 6th week-and I do not have a confirmed ship date of my order place on 6/28/11. They took my money, but they have not delivered.

    This was my 1st ordering from Steals & Deals, and it is my last. I feel like it was a “steal!”

    • Stacey says

      I just received an email advising me that all orders were shipped, and that I should check my junk box for the tracking info. Nothing in my junk box. Emailed them back advising them of this and asked for them to advise when and where the bag shipped -and could they please email me the tracking number. Amy @ Maxine emailed me and advised that is was shipped and was received yesterday. I checked with the residents of where the bag was shipped and they said they received the box yesterday.
      SO-I did get it, but it would have been nice to receive the shipping info so I wasn’t all up in arms about the order.

  41. Renee says

    I ordered 2 sports bras from”Breeze Comfort” on June 28th and have not received them. I read reviews on their website and some of them were from customers that ordered from the “Steals and Deals” like I did and they received theirs within 2 weeks. It has been almost 6 weeks and I have been charged on my credit card statement, I have emailed customer service and have not received a response. I can’t believe that a company doesn’t have a 1-800 # to speak with someone. Has anyone else had this problem? I will send another email and then contact attorney general from their state and my credit card company to dispute charge if I don’t hear something soon.

  42. Wendy says

    I ordered from Amrita Singh and got my order of earrings and bracelets in a very timely matter. Had a problem with one of the earrings and they replaced them FedEx. Would do business with them again.
    Unfortunately, I have the same dilemma with Maxine Couture and have NOT received an ETA nor a reply to their email with the August 5 th date!
    The person who posted the phone number got us ALL to call and their mailbox is full so that you cannot leave a message.
    I bought the black Hobo bag and matching wallet for my daughter’s birthday with time to spare. Now, she will be in from another state and NO GIFT!
    Very unhappy camper who will now go into dispute with the company via my credit card which was charged in June also.
    Sucks big time that Steals and Deals and Jill aren’t responding to disgruntled customers. Thanks big time TODAY SHOW!!!!!

    • Renee Price says

      My credit card statement shows an (818) 914-4064 for Maxine Couture. Of course no one answers the phone, but you can leave a voicemail message.

  43. Kathy Hughes says

    Lucky you! I have not received any communication at all regarding my 2 Hobo bags. I am just pursuing this now and sent an e-mail. I attempted to call but their mailbox is full. My money was transferred on 6/30 paid to TAXHAWK, INC. I guess I was too patient thinking it would be shipped no later than 6 weeks but now I am worried too. I’m glad you all pursued this!

  44. Deborah says

    I got my UPS confirmation as well, the package has left their facility and should be here by Thursday the 11th. My guess is that we are dealing with a teeny-tiny company that got in a bit over their heads. Maybe they took our money, ordered the bags from China and had to wait for delivery before they could ship to us. *laughs*

    Oh well, hopefully we will all have our bags soon. Lets just hope the product is of better quality than the customer service!

  45. Maria A says

    FINALLY!!!! Got UPS confirmation that package is at their facility in California. Hope the wait is going to be worth it!!!

  46. Sandy says

    Yes, I too ordered something from Maxine Couture. I received the same e-mail stating that the items would be mailed no later than 5 August 2011. I them received another e-mail stating that the items would be mailed no later than 10 August 2011. After that, I received an e-mail on 6 August 2011 stating that my package had a tracking number dated for the 8 august 2011. I then went to the UPS website and that package isn’t at the warehouse yet. There is something not quite right going on here. I am going to contact the attorney general. It appears that this Maxine Couture company has defrauded a lot of people.

  47. Betsy says

    I finally got a notification e-mail that my bag has shipped also. UPS does not have it in their possession though. I asked Maxine for their mailing address and just received an auto reply. So I will wait until I get the bag and then continue with my report to BBB. These folks really are the epitome of poor customer service.

    • Renee Price says

      @ Betsy. There bags sell for over $300.00. I cannot imagine if I had paid full price for one of these bags.

      • Betsy says

        Yeah, I would be even more annoyed than I am now. Now that I know they are in the Los Angeles area, I will definitely be filing with the BBB to report their poor customer service.

  48. Diane G says

    Did anyone else order the sweat suit/outfit featured over a month ago? (Ican’t even remember who designer was?) I never received it, and don’t remember receiving notice of shipping date, etc. I think it was featured on the same day as the Amrita bangles, which I also ordered and received.

  49. Maria A says

    Received a shipping tracking number at 12:07am. Package still has not been received by UPS but I guess one step closer.

  50. Nikki says

    Just got an email that my bags have shipped. Guessing they were just overwhelmed and unprepared. Bad form that they immediately charged cards for the bags though. Here is contact info:

    Maxine Couture’s Mamba Hobo purses
    Phone number: (213) 215-0457

  51. Hillary says

    Like many of you I have not received my mamba hobo bag from Maxine Couture.
    Today I e-mailed them to keep their bag. As far as I am concerned they are outside the agreement. They had tried to charge my credit card a month ago.
    They said that is how their system works. I advised them that my system does not work that way and it will not be paid.
    I placed their charge in dispute with my credit card company . I advised them if they ship their bag to make sure they include a prepaid return sticker.
    Good luck to all!

  52. Mike says

    In this day and age it’s incomprehensible that a company can’t ship an item in less than 6 weeks. We’ll give them until 8/10 to see what’s up, but after that, we’ll be shaking some trees.

  53. Deborah says

    After inquiring about my order status, I received this auto-reply:

    “Hello Maxine Couture Customer :)
    Thank you for your order!!! We are so excited to have so many new customers! All orders are beginning to ship this week till the beginning of next week :) We will finish shipping by August 10th so if you did not receive an email confirmation by then please email us so we can manually track it for you.
    Best Regards,

    I thought they promised to “manually track” our orders for us on Aug. 5th? And that shipping had begun on July 22? And what legitimate company uses all of those “smiley” emoticons? And why is there no contact phone number, and nothing but a cheesy little webpage at “” that looks like it was set up by a 4th grader? I smell a rat…….

  54. Judy says

    I also ordered 3 of the hobo bags and they immediately charged over $200 to my credit card. I emailed since it is August 5th and I have never received the bags or emails saying they were shipped. I am very dissapointed and will not order again from the Jill’s steals & deals. If any one has a phone number please send it to me. Thanks, Judy

  55. Stephanie says

    Literally just got an email that said that they will finish shipping the 10th instead of the 5th now. It would be great to have the bag before leaving home again to go back to school.

  56. Stephanie says

    Also ordered the bag and have received order confirmation but nothing further. Just emailed company but I’m not really expecting a reply. Has anyone that has ordered this bag gotten it?

  57. Betsy says

    I still have not received notification that my merchandise has shipped from Maxine Couture. I have sent them another message asking for information. I have also sent a message to Jill Martin’s management asking that she address the situation. No response from either but I suggest that Ms. Martin’s management be inundated with messages to see if we can get her to address the situation. I will be reporting Maxine Couture to the BBB today and never purchasing Ms. Martin’s ‘STEALS’ again.

  58. Janice says

    Nope, me either. The July email says I will receive shipping confirmation by August 5. August 5 is here, and I haven’t heard a peep. They took our money on June 28, I can’t believe that nobody has gotten their purse yet.

  59. eva says

    I too ordered the maxine couture handbag and have not received it. Here it is Aug. 5th and no information about it being shipped. I also am very disappointed in this company. I have ordered items from Jill’s Steals and Deals and have received them in a matter of days. Didn’t expect this one! I wrote the company today as they said and hopefully will get a response soon, otherwise I too am calling my credit card company and reporting.

  60. Trevia says

    UPDATE: Yes it is August 5th, and if you check on your handbag today, you will find that the deadline for shipping is now August 10th . The August 5th deadline said if you had not received an email confirmation by Aug.5th, to contact them and they will track it for you. Yep, so now it is we will track it for you if you have not received it by August 10th. So by August 10th if I have not received the handbag, I wonder if I will get another auto-reply just as I did this morning when I contacted them.

  61. Suzanne Barcalow says

    I, too, am getting nervous. Have not received the black Hobo bag and today is the 4th of Aug. My credit card was charged on June 28.

  62. Carolyn Bueman says

    I ordered a purse on 6-28-11 from the TV show invoice # 927863768 And I have not received it yet. It was a Maxine Couture Mamba Hobo Black Description MC0016-B $86.29 with shipping and tax. Please inform me to when I will be receiving it. Thank you Mrs. Bueman

  63. Kathy says

    I am waiting until August 5th if I do not receive a notification that my Maxine Couture hobo bag has been shipeed I am going to be very disappointed with the Today advertising with a company that does not follow through. Kathi Lee and Hoda should mention this to Jill about her steals and deals.

  64. Deborah says

    I also, am still waiting for delivery on the Maxine Couture Bag, with no further info on shipping date other than the letter I posted above a few weeks ago. My credit card was also charged. I agree with Betsy on this one, if I do not receive shipping notification by Friday 8/5, I will also be reporting this company to the BBB. I also had ordered the Kim Vo products from this edition of “Steals & Deals” and received them last week. I would imagine they were overwhelmed with orders as well, but they somehow managed to deliver. I wonder, has ANYONE received delivery on this bag, which supposedly began shipping on 7/22?

    • Kandy Hanna says

      Just sent Maxine Couture an e-mail and received an auto-reply that orders ahould be sent by Aug. 10 so another 5 days longer than they said previously.

  65. Betsy says

    Nothing new on the Maxine Couture hobo bag. Needless to say, I won’t be ordering from Jill’s ‘Steals’ anymore. Any company in good standing doesn’t charge the credit card until the item ships. If I haven’t received notification that the bag is shipped by Friday, I will be reporting the company to the BBB and I suggest others do the same.

    • Sue says

      I ordered the Maxine Couture hobo bag on June 28 and my charge account was debited immediately. Haven’t received the bag or an e-mail saying when it would be shipped. Very disappointed thatthe Today show would sponser the segment on the show.

    • Renee Price says

      @ Betsy. I agree. Companies do not usually charge your card until the item has been shipped. My card was charged on June 29, 2011 and as of today, I still have not received a shipping confirmation. I am pissed! I also agree that a complaint to the BBB is in order.

  66. Donna says

    I too ordered a number of hobo bags, 2 bras and the Kim Vo products. I did receive the Kim Vo, but nothing else. Hoping the other things arrive soon, as I was giving them as gifts! This is really frustrating!

  67. Nikki says

    I talked to some one named Amy at Maxine Couture and she told me that they began shipping this week, and all orders should be shipped by August 5.

  68. lili says

    Like all of you, I recived the same email giving me the spiel that due to the overwhelming response, the shipment of my purchase will be delayed, but my credit card was charged . Thanks Today show, I’ll never order from your show again.

    • lili says

      will someone let me know if they receive their purchase tomorrow 8/5/11
      that’s the date I was promised to finally receive my order. Let’s see if they keep their word…..

  69. Camille says

    What happened to Jill today? She was not on The Today Show with her steals and deals. I was looking forward to it.

    • camille says

      She was on Friday instead. I ordered the TomTom. Free shipping and received an email that it has been shipped. Now that is super fast. Very impressed.

  70. Natalie says

    I ordered the Kim Vo products on June 28th and I have NOT heard anything! I haven’t received products and they did say it may take a couple weeks, But really? Its almost August give me a break….I have ordered other products from Jills Steals & deals and yes it has taken awhile. But this is shampoo/conditoner…what could possibly take so long? This maybe the last time I order any of Jill’s deals =(

    • Jtwist37 says

      I was getting very worried about the Kim Vo products too, but they arrived today! That was a long time! I sure hope they are worth it!

  71. Shawn says

    I ordered a Silk Sarong from the Today’s show promotion and I havent received the item yet. However I was charged for the product back in June. I find it kind of strang that the company charged my credit card way before they ship the product. I wonder if this is a scam, but I am hoping not as I have to believe that the today show would do some due dilligance prior to supporting a merchant. Good news is if you did use your credit card you can dispute the charge. If I do not receive anything by August 8th I am going to do just that.

  72. mary susan says

    I couldn’t resist the hobo bag and the great deal but haven’t yet received it. Glad (or sorry) we all seem to be in the same position and I’m looking forward to eventually getting it. I chose the purple and thought I might get if faster since it probably wasn’t the most wanted. My bad!

    • Trevia Ogburn says

      I ordered the purple also. After writing a complaint on this site about 2 weeks ago, I received the email others did stating I should receive an email confirmation by August 5th, so I have 2 more days to receive — (??). It does not sound like anyone has received anything yet.

      Months ago I ordered coffee from “Jill’s Steals and Deals” and I received the huge shipment in less than 2 weeks.

  73. crystal says

    i ordered the shampoo and getting nervous that i havent gotten it yet. beginning to feel like i got scammed or something. i got an email that didnt tell me much. does anyone know how long it takes to get the Jills Steals?

  74. Alicia Villarreal says

    I ordered Kim VO shampoo on June 28 and I still have not received the products. My credit card has been charged and I am paitently waiting for the products.

    • Emily says

      I also purchased the Kim Vo, but still have not received anything. Very disappointed. I want either my money back or my product.

      • Angela says

        I ordered several of the Maxine Couture purses & the Kim Vo bundle and have not recieved anything yet.

  75. Katie says

    Just like the rest of you, I, also, ordered the hobo bag. It has been charged on my account, and I am still waiting anxiously for it.
    I hope that I will receive a confirmation here soon regarding its’ delivery date.
    Guess I didn’t pay much attention to the time of delivery when I purchased it, but I’m just hoping to GET it!!!!

  76. Deborah says

    Just an update for those that are concerned about their hobo bag orders, I received an email from Maxine Couture yesterday, which stated the following :

    “Thank you for your order!!! We are so excited to have so many new customers! Here are a few bullet points we would like you to remember.

    * There was a statement on our website as well as the Today Show site that all orders would ship in 3-5 weeks. All orders will ship between July 22nd and August 5th. If you have not received an email confirmation by August 5th please email us and we will manually track your order (don’t forget to check your junk box).
    * All sales are final and there are no cancelations.
    * If you are moving please email us ASAP with your new shipping address.

    If you have any other inquiries feel free to email us. We are here to be of service to you and love any feedback you might have. Thanks again for your order! We appreciate the business and look forward to shipping your merchandise as quickly as we can. ”

    I am relieved to at least receive an order acknowledgment and an ETA.

    • Vickie says

      Yeah I got the same e-mail. It’s August 5th and I have heard nothing else from them. They’ve had my money since June. If I don’t soon hear something I think I’ll instruct my credit card company to stop payment.
      Lesson learned: no more buying special deals from the Today Show.

      • says

        I got my tracking number for my Maxine Couture bag…when I placed my order it stated it would be weeks b4 anything was sent. Ive gotten status emails to let me know whats going on. Its finally arriving!!

        • Lorri says

          I got my email saying that mine was on its way too!!! Can’t wait to get it here. I wish I would have seen the show featuring the wallets so I had a complete set. My Kim Vo arrived last week and I love it. Now if my bras would hurry up.

      • Erin E says

        I have gotten my hair stuff from Kim Vo. Also I sent Maxine Couture an email. They replied promptly and my bag ships out on Monday! My mom just recently ordered the GPS and got it a few days later. Just be patient. It will come and its worth the wait. I mean come on who has thousands upon thousands of product just laying around. I’m sure some had to be made. Also the Today Show would NEVER rip off its viewers.

        • Ali says

          I ordered both the Volumizing and Moisturizing Kim Vo products. I received the Volumizing Set but not the Moisturizing Set. I have been in contact with customer service by email for over two weeks with no satisfaction. They have my money and I am pissed!

    • Renee Price says

      If you placed an order for the hobo bag on or about June 29, 2011, July 3, 2011 would be the five week mark. I am sick of receiving emails changing the date. First, it was between July 22 and August 5, 2011. Then it was by August 10, 2011. Someone mentioned that it may be a small operation and that is why it is taking so long to receive the handbags, it did not take no time at all for them to deduct the money from my checking account.

      • Arlene says

        The email shipping info was sent 2-3 days after shipping. I just got my purses today and they are gorgeous. Soft and supple. They do answer their emails. I actually forwarded them the order confirmation and they provided tracking within 24 hrs

  77. Deborah says

    Just an update for those that are concerned about their hobo bag orders, I received an email from Maxine Couture yesterday, which stated the following :

    “Hello Maxine Couture Customer :)

    Thank you for your order!!! We are so excited to have so many new customers! Here are a few bullet points we would like you to remember.

    * There was a statement on our website as well as the Today Show site that all orders would ship in 3-5 weeks. All orders will ship between July 22nd and August 5th. If you have not received an email confirmation by August 5th please email us and we will manually track your order (don’t forget to check your junk box).
    * All sales are final and there are no cancelations.
    * If you are moving please email us ASAP with your new shipping address.

    If you have any other inquiries feel free to email us. We are here to be of service to you and love any feedback you might have. Thanks again for your order! We appreciate the business and look forward to shipping your merchandise as quickly as we can. ”

    I am relieved to at least receive an order acknowledgment and an ETA.

  78. Kelly says

    I actually missed this Maxine Couture Steals and Deals. I purchased a wallet the last time it was featured. I really would have liked a bag, so I wish I had known. I think it does take as much as 2 months. You should receive your product just as I did. If anyone is willing to sell me their Hobo Bag, please let me know. Thanks!

    • Linda says

      I have two bone Mamba Hobo purses if you would like to buy one or both. Ordered three times not realizing the earlier orders had gone through.

    • Angela says

      If you are still interested in the hobo bag I’m going to sell mine. I know it has been awhile but I’m going through my bags and selling about 20 of them that have just sat in their sleepers waiting to be used.
      Let me know.


  79. neil wattenberg says

    very disapointed to say the least, purchased a sarong for my girlfriend for our trip to Turks & Caicos. have not received this product since my order on june 28th 2011, there is no phone # to this company on their website when i did reply to their email address it came back rejected, suprised to say the least that the Today Show backed this company.

  80. Diana Foster says

    They said in the beginning ( June 28th) that it would take maybe 2 months to receive the bags and wallets.

  81. Deborah says

    I am also still waiting to receive the Maxine Couture hobo bag. Has anyone out there actually received delivery on this item?

    • Wanda says

      I to ordered the Hobo Bag and have not yet received it,I did recieve an email saying they were gonna be shipped out the end of July and first of August,if not recieved before the 22nd of Aug,contact them !!!
      Will wait and see,if not definitely will contact Credit card Co.

    • Janice says

      I haven’t received mine either. I got a follow up email in July, because apparently they had received complaints, that the order would be shipped no later than August 5, and I would receive an email confirmation no later than that date. Today is August 5, and I haven’t received anything. As another commenter posted, their email address does not receive messages. I’ve learned my lesson about the “Steals and Deals”. Your expose yourself to one or the other.

  82. Christine says

    For those of you who ordered a Maxine Couture item, I ordered a wallet the last time she was featured and it took me almost two months to receive it. I know it seems ridiculous but I believe she is a small company and I did LOVE my wallet once it arrived.

  83. Renae Jordan says

    Have the same problem. Just received my bill the charge was put through but I have not received the bag. I am putting in a dispute with the credit card company.

  84. LaJuanna Russell says

    On June 28, I ordered the Maxine Couture Hobo Bag and have not yet received. The only contact information is a no-reply email address. Thanks

    • Trevia Ogburn says

      I ordered the Maxine Couture Hobo Bag also and have not received anything. I did print the order or receipt page as they said “for my records”. The receipt also said “a receipt has also been emailed to you”. I never received anything. There is nothing on the receipt with their contact information. Only that they used “Authorize.Net secure checkout. I am beginning to wonder what’s up? Thanks

      • Peggy says

        I have the same issue. I paid with my debit master card and $79.95 was taken out of my account on June 28th. I still haven’t received the bag.
        What do I do?

      • Peggy says

        I paid with my debit master card and $79.95 was taken out of my account on June 28th. I still haven’t received the bag.
        What do I do?

      • Stacy says

        Similar situation happened to me!!! I ordered the shampoo products and did not receive them. I’m feeling the same as you… are we not going to get the products we purchased?

      • Janet says

        I also ordered a hobo bag from Maxine Couture on June 28th and have not received it. It does not appear that my credit card has been charged for it.

    • Dale says

      For Order Status on Today Show Orders

      For questions about your order, contact us at

      * You should have received a confirmation email that your order is being processed. Unfortunately you cannot track your order on our website.

      * You will receive another email when the order ships with the UPS tracking number.

      * If you emailed us with an address change, we will do our best to accommodate you.

      * Though we’ve received many requests, we are unable to add any additional items to existing orders.


    • Renee Price says

      I also placed an order for a Maxine Courture Hobo Bag and a wallet of of today, August 10, 2011 I still have not received a shipping confirmation. They said that the purses would ship within 3 to 5 weeks, which means they should have shipped by August 3, 2011. I have received emails from someone named Valarie who has changed the ship date at least three times. The lastest email states that all merchandise will ship no later than August 10, 2011.

      • holly says

        I just recieved my purse in the taupe today. It is beautiful, and I agree, worth the wait. I wish I had ordered other colors at that price. I also bought a sarong. The pattern and colors are great, but it is sooo thin and transparent that it could never work as a cover up, just not sturdy. Anyone elsewhere agree?

        • Linda says

          Holly I have two bone Mamba Hobo purses I ordered not realizing my earlier order had already gone through. If you like to purchase one or both let me know.

      • Darlene says

        I just received my purse today and love it, too! Valerie was very helpful for me when I emailed her about my order.

  85. Jaclyn says

    I was totally in need of that deal on the bra, on two different computers it wouldn’t load, by the time I got through (just now) they were all sold out :( Lame. Oh well.

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