Unique “Green” Ideas for Making St. Patrick’s Day Special

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St. Patrick’s Day is often synonymous with leprechauns and Irish foods such as corned beef and hash. It’s thought of as the holiday when Irish people are kissed and those not sporting green are pinched, and that’s honestly about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing the “traditional” things on any holiday, but I thought I would change things up this year. Would you like to join me? Here are some out of the ordinary ideas to help spice up St. Patrick’s Day or to encourage those of you who don’t normally celebrate to have a little fun and spread some cheer, too.

It’s Your Lucky Day

Here’s a twist on paying it forward. On St. Patrick’s Day, choose someone you can spontaneously encourage. Some examples could be paying for the person behind you in line, giving some unwanted clothes to a friend who is in need of or desiring a wardrobe update, or take a meal to someone who could use a break from cooking. When you do your random (or not so random) act of kindness, also give the person a little card saying “It’s your lucky day! Now, make someone else’s day lucky. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” and include a little “green” (a dollar or $5 bill) with it to help get them started on paying it forward to someone. Have a little fun making someone’s day and inspiring them to do the same for someone else.


I’m Lucky to Have You

Spend some time on St. Patrick’s Day communicating to as many family and friends as you can reasons why you are lucky to have them in your life. This could be through an e-mail note (with green text instead of black, of course J), snail mail card, facebook post, phone call or text message. Include greenshamrock-shaped notes in your family members’ lunches or as place cards at the dinner table with written message about why you feel lucky to have them in your life. Make it a scavenger hunt to find shamrock “I’m lucky to have you because…” notes throughout the house. When the notes have all beenfound, have fun over dinner guessing which notes were written to which family member and celebrate the uniqueness each person brings to your family.

Kid-friendly Green Fun

Have kids participate in the sharing of “I’m lucky to know you” gestures. Cut the top inch off of a green pepper horizontally in order to reveal a three or four-leaf clover shape (depending on the pepper’s shape). Dip this opening in green finger or tempura paint, and use it like a stamp on paper. The created shape will look like a shamrock and will only need to have a stem added using a paint brush or finger to paint one on. Repeat the “stamping” throughout the paper and turn it into a card or wrapping paper to give to grandparents or neighbors with an “I’m lucky to know you” message included. Another way to help kids share the “green” is to create shamrock shapes out of felt and attach a safety pin to each. Make enough for all of the classmates to have one on St. Patrick’s Day so the whole class can avoid the dreaded “I’m not wearing green” pinch by sporting their special pins.

Let’s make March 17th a perfect excuse to share a little fun and inspiration this St. Patrick’s Day!


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