Walgreens Deals 3/20-3/26: FREE Floss, Toothbrushes, Theraflu + Lots More!

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It is another very nice week at Walgreens with some more great deals and freebies to stock-up on!

New to Walgreens shopping? Check out the Walgreens 101 post! Also, don’t forget to bring the new Walgreens Coupon policy with you to the store!

See anything I missed? Please let me know in the comments section!

Register Reward Deals

$1RR wyb (5) Palmolive Dish Liquid 10oz 5/$5
=.80 each

$8RR wyb $20 or More or $5RR wyb $15 or more of participating Banana Boar, Schick or Hawaiian Tropic Products $6.99
=$4.32 each wyb 3

$5RR wyb (1) Participating Almay Cosmetic Product 30% off

Buy (1) Almay Intense I-Color, Mascara, or Eye Liner $7.99 (online price)
-30% off sale ($2.40)
-$2 MQ (3/6 SS) *regional coupon or $1 MQ (2/13 SS)
-$2 IVC found in the Walgreens Spring Beauty Guide
=$3.41 Money Maker!

$2RR wyb Method Hand Soap 12oz $2.99

$10RR wyb $30 of Participating Gillette Products including: ProGlide Razor System, ProGlide or Mach 3 Cartridges, Fusion Shave Gel 7oz, Fusion ProSeries Skin Care 1.7 to 5oz, or Antiperspirant/Deodorant
-$2 Gillette MQ (2/27 PG)

$1RR wyb Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Foam Hair Color $7.99
-$3 MQ (2/27 PG)

$3RR wyb Schick Quattro or Intuition Razor System 3 or 4pk Cartridges $8.99
-$3 MQ (3/20 SS)

$3RR wyb $10 or more of Participating Suave Products

Buy (5) Suave Body Washes 12oz $2 (online price)
-(2) BOGO MQs (3/20 RP)
=.60 each

$5RR wyb 2 Participating Garnier Fructis Hair Care Products $4.99 (online price)
-(2) $1 MQ (2/6 or 3/6 RP)

$2RR wyb Playtex Tampons 36pl GentleGlide or Sport $6.99
-$1 Playtex Coupon

$2RR wyb Always with Odor-Lock Feminine Care 30pk Dri-Liners Plus, 22pk LeakGuard Plus Pads $2.99
-.50 MQ (2/27 PG) or $1 MQ found in the P&G Everyday Savings Booklet

$4RR wyb (4) Reach Toothbrushes (or $2RR wyb 3) .99 with in-ad coupon
-(4) $1 Reach Coupon or MQ (10/10 RP) *regional value
=$4.04 Money Maker!
*remember to hand over the MQs before the in-ad coupon to prevent beepage

$5RR wyb $20 of Participating Products including: One A Day Multivitamins 50-100ct $6.99, Select Citracal Calcium Supplement 80-200ct, 10 or 20ct Alka-Seltzer Plus, Neo-Synephrine Spray .5oz, Campho-Phenique Gel .23oz $4.99, Bayer Asprin 50ct AM Back & Body or 500mg, 50 or 100ct 325mg, 60 or 120ct 81mg $4.99, Phillps Colon Health digestive Care 30ct $12.99, Aleve Pain Relief 100ct Caplets or Tablets $7.99 or 80ct Liquid Gels $10.99

Buy (5) 10 or 20ct Alka-Seltzer Plus $4.99
-(5) $2 MQs (1/2 SS)
=$1.99 each

$1RR Theraflu 6pk Vapor Patches, 24ct Caplets, 6 Packets, Liquid 8.3oz $4.99
-$2 Theraflu Coupon
-Theraflu Warming Relief 24ct Caplets Mail-in-Rebate found in the (2/13 SS)
=$3 Money Maker!

$2RR wyb Zicam 25ct RapidMelts or Chewables, 10 or 20ct Swabs, Congestion or Sinus Relief .5oz, Oral Mist Spray 1oz $9.99
-$3 Zicam Coupon

$1RR wyb Osteo Bi-Flex 30ct $9.99
-$6 MQ (3/6 RP)

$4RR wyb Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer 28ct $18.99
-$3 MQ (2/27 PG)

$6RR Walgreens Omeprzole Acid Reducer 42ct, 20mg $19.99

$4RR wyb Zantac Acid Reducer 65ct Maximum Strength 150, 80ct 75 $18.99
-$2 MQ (1/16 SS)

$7RR wyb (4), $4.50RR wyb (3) or $2.50RR wyb (2) Ensure Nutritional Shakes 4pk Immune, Muscle or Bone, 6pk Original $6.99
-(4) $3 MQ (2/27 SS) or $3 Ensure Coupon
=$2.24 each

$10RR wyb Tena-Serenity Pads 32 or 42pk Ultra Thins $9.99
-$2.50 Tena Coupon or $1.50 MQ (1/2 SS)
=$2.50 Money Maker!

$2RR wyb Plackers Flossers 90pk $2

$10RR wyb Celadrin InflameAway Joint Health 60ct $10

Other Deals

Air Wick i motion or FreshMatic Buy One, Get One Free ($7.99 –online price, if this type is on sale)
-(2) $4 MQs (3/20 SS) or Air Wick Coupon
=2 for FREE

Chex Mix 8.75oz or Bugles 7.5oz 3/$4
-$4 off 4 Chex Mix Coupon
=.33 each!

Dentyne Gum 12pc .79 with in-ad coupon
-$1/2 MQ (2/13 SS)
-BOGO MQ (3/6 SS)
=.15 each wyb 4!

Trident Gum 18pc .79 with in-ad coupon
-BOGO MQ (3/6 SS)
=.40 each or better depending on how your coupon deducts

Splenda No Calorie Sweetener 100pk or Granulated 3.8oz $2.99
-$2 Splenda Coupon

Pure Protein Bars .99
-$1 Pure Protein Coupon

Neuragen PN Nerve Pain Relief .17oz $19.99
-$10 IVC found in the December Diabetes and You Booklet
-$20 Mail-in-rebate that will print at the register
=$10 Money Maker!

Reach Floss 55yds .99 with in-ad coupon
-$1 Reach Coupon or MQ (10/10 RP) or (1/9 SS) *regional value
*remember to hand over the MQ before the in-ad coupon to avoid beepage

Colgate Dental Care Toothpaste 6.4oz or Wave Toothbrush .99 with in-ad coupon
-$1 Toothpaste MQ (2/27 SS) *regional value

Dove Bunny Candy Singles 3/$2 with in-ad coupon
-$1/2 Mars MQ (3/20 RP)
=.17 each!

Mars or Dove Candy 1.1-2.17oz .49
-Buy 2, Get 1 Free M&Ms MQ (3/13 RP)
=.33 each

M&M’s 9.9-12.6oz 2/$5
-$1/2 MQ (3/20 RP)
-$1/2 IVC found in the Walgreens March Coupon Booklet
=$1.50 each
*there is also a $1 MQ found in the (2/13 RP) that will make this an even better deal if Pretzel M&M’s are included in the sale

Monthly Register Reward Deals

$10RR wyb Applied Anti-Aging Body Defense 50ct $10
-$1 MQ found inside some boxes
=$1 Money Maker!
(Thanks Wild for Wags!)


  1. Nicole says

    When I tried to do the Tena deal, it didn’t work. I had no problem with the $2.50 coupon, but the RR didn’t print out. The cashier said it won’t if you use a manufacturer coupon. Luckily the manager refunded the full amount ($9.99 + tax) and I still made the $2.50.

  2. Nicole says

    Hey All!

    I just did some splurge shopping at WAGS today (usually just go for the cheap and freebies) but I had some RRs to use up so I thought what the heck! (That and my hubby has been having some heartburn issues….)

    So I went to get the Prilosec deal ($18.99 – $3.oo Q – 4RR = $11.99) and about half the boxes had printed on a corner that they had $10 worth of PG coupons inside. SCORE!

    They all expire 8/31/2012, so yea!
    $3/1 Align Digestive Care
    $1/1 Tide Detergent (any size)
    $1/1 any Vicks product
    $3/1 Pur Flavor Options (faucet mount or pitcher)
    $1/1 any 1.2 oz + Fixodent
    $1/1 any Charmin

  3. Shannon Stark says

    2 papers so far one from Longmont and one from Greely, and no Suave BOGO. Am I the only one missing the coupon? I could really use some bodywash

  4. Carrie says

    Had problems at 2 different WAGS this week with the BOGO coupons on BOGO sale items. Never had a problem before but both told me I needed to buy a 3rd item of same type to technically buy one. Anyone else have problems?

  5. Lauren Pfeifer says

    At a trip to Walgreens this week I was buying Always Pantyliners…There was a $2RR and I had a MFR $.50 off coupon. It didn’t print out my $2RR. Have you ever had that happen? I asked a manager and he said that some RR won’t print out when you use a MFR coupon but he couldn’t tell me what manufacturers. After complaining he did print me out the $4RR I had earned.

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