Weigh and Win: Get Paid to Lose Weight in Colorado with Kaiser Permanente!

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How would you like to get paid to loose weight? For those of you readers who are in Colorado, you can do exactly that!

Kaiser Permanente is sponsoring a new program called Weigh and Win  in which they will actually pay you cash and prizes to get healthier! It is completely free to sign-up for and not only that but they will help you achieve your weight loss goals by sending daily emails or text messages and providing you with a weekly journal, a 24/7 health guide and access to personal trainers!

Now here is everything that you’ll need to know about it:

-Participants can enroll on the Weigh and Win website  or at a Kiosk located throughout the Denver Metro area.

-Participants will weigh-in at a private, automated kiosk located in their community every 90 days.

-Weigh-in results and real time progress tracking will enable the incentive rewards program:

% of weight lost and Quarterly Award

· 5% = $15

· 10% = $30

· 15% = $45

· 20% = $75

· 30% = $150

-Participants that earn a monetary reward will receive a reloadable cash card in the mail.  If the participant is earns a monetary incentive in subsequent quarters, the cash card will be reloaded electronically.

– Those participates who lose weight and/or maintain a healthy weight will also have the opportunity to earn rewards from local retail partners.

-You can also choose to do the challenge as a team with family, friends, and/or co-workers to earn additional rewards.

For more information and to enroll just visit the Weigh and Win website  and don’t forget to tell them that BargainBlessings.com sent you!


  1. evelyn jeanne moore says

    I basically am starting again from day 1. I have been ill and was placed on prednisone and gained back what I lost. Better now so will get back on track. Just wanted you all to know what is going on.

  2. Christina says

    I am signed up! Something I’m already working on, so the extra motivation and information will only increase my chance at success! Thanks for sharing this.

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