Your Turn: What to get a Couponer for Mother’s Day?

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Here is a fantastic question that I’m sure you will all have some great suggestions for!

Hi Jennie. My wife has recently become “addicted” to your website and couponing in general. It has already begun to positively affect our budget, so thank you for that. My question is:

Do you have any gift suggestions for spouses of couponers? With Mother’s Day coming up, I would love to get her something to help with her new hobby. Thanks!

For obvious reasons, I cannot tell you who e-mailed this question over, but I know that he will appreciate your advice!


  1. Rebecca M. says

    How about a personal home made coupon book. use construction paper or print them off your computer. IE: Dinner out w/o kids, 3 hrs of uninteruped coupon organization time, movie of her choice, get out of chore free, mommy day off, kisses, hugs. make it fun and funny.

  2. Evangeline says

    What about customized notebooks for her shopping list. You could have an area for the store, items, coupons needed, etc… I think Vistaprint or even Kinkos could do it, or maybe a bag to carry her coupons in, just make sure it is big enough for her coupon method. There is a great company Thirty-One Bags… you can order custom bags with maybe her name on it…
    I am sure you will find the perfect gift!

  3. AMY says

    You might also get her a subscription to a coupon clipping service. I like My Coupon Hunter or maybe a giftcard for ebay where she could also buy coupons.

  4. Nicole says

    Yay for a husband getting involved! My hubby grudgingly goes along with my compulsive couponing – although I think he loves me getting HIS stuff for cheap & free! =)
    Since couponing is usually to save a family budget – why not give a gift without money? Tell your wife you’ll cut all her internet coupons for the next month! God, that would save me so much time! And you can catch up on the day while you sit and snip. What’s better than time together???

    • Samantha says

      I love the idea of having him clip the coupons! I wonder if she has a paper cutter, I couldn’t live without mine!

  5. ashley says

    Never get anything you could use a coupon for. (I hate getting gifts that I know I could’ve bought for myself at a fraction of the cost).

    I guess that doesn’t really answer your question but hopefully some others will have a few great ideas!

  6. JoAnn says

    There are so many things you can get her but it depends on what she already has. A large binder would be great for a beginner, and I mean the biggest binder you can find. She is also going to need some baseball card holders to hold any extra coupons she finds. She may want some dividers to help organize her coupons, I like the dividers with the pockets on them. She is also going to need space to store the extra items she gets on deals and maybe some shelving units in that space. Since your wife has been working so hard maybe a dinner out. You can score some great deals from Also, she may like some pampering, has different deals. If you can get some of these items for a great deal she would be so happy. Hope it helps :)

  7. Sarah says

    A couple of un-interrupted hours to organize her coupons – clip ’em, file ’em, print ’em, etc. That is MY wish! :)

  8. AMY says

    How about a binder for her coupons? I know there are a bunch of different ones out there. I can’t remember the name but one site makes them to look like purses. If anyone knows of a good binder or has one, please leave where you purchased yours from.

  9. Jenny says

    I know I love getting new bags to carry my coupon binder in. Especially with it being Spring there are such cute bags out now. :)

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