Ziploc Coupon: Save .55 on New Perfect Portions Bags!

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Have you tried these new Ziploc Perfect Portions yet? Apparently they are a new product intended to make it easier to individually freeze portions while still only using 1 actual freezer bag. For example you could freeze multiple chicken breast in the same bag, but they could be “self contained” in these little individual wrappers, so you could just remove and prepare how ever many you would like.

I think it’s a pretty neat idea, as there have been many times that I have froze 4 chicken breast in a bag, and then only really want to use 2 but still need to defrost all of them at once because they are frozen together.

If you would like to give these new portion bags a try, there is a .55 Ziploc Perfect Portions Bags Coupon that just rolled out over on! I love it when we can save a little money when trying out a new product.

I was also thinking that for all of us that will be picking up our Zaycon Chicken orders soon, these could really come in handy. 😉


  1. Robin says

    I love these bags! It saves on buying gallon and quart freezer bags as you just place the food in these bags in a gallon bag and freeze. You can easily wash the gallon bag to reuse it saving $$$. I mark a piece of paper with the item name and date and place it in the baggie. i also buy the family packs of chicken parts, Italian sausage, hamburger and even hot dogs and these bags are great. When I go to the freezer I can take out as many legs or whatever for that nights dinner. It saves having leftovers that no one will eat.

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