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Busy Busy Busy Summer Days!


Some of you may have notice a little bit of a slow-down in my posting this week. I thought I would take a moment to explain why!

As with most of you I’m sure, our summer has been a whirlwind! Hubby just completed his out-of-town portion of clinicals for nursing school and now is on to the next portion which is in-town (and I’m very happy about that)!

Last week I had to take a 12 hour trip to our LA office for my “real life job”. It has been a little while since I’ve traveled by myself, so I felt like a bit of a lost puppy wandering through the airports. Almost immediately after returning from LA, we took off for a 15 hour drive back to Wisconsin for a family wedding. We were there for only a few days and it was time to leave again. We got home this morning at 2:30AM….ugh. It was so fun to catch up with family and friends that we have not seen in a while, but I’m also very happy to be home and to get back into a normal routine again.


While I was in Wisconsin we got to do a few fun things including indoor rock-climbing and eating a Culvers…my favorite place for custard! Here is a quick video of me having some fun at the rock-climbing gym… 🙂

Also, I just have to share that last weekend we had an awesome opportunity to participate in a photoshoot for the Colorado Healthy Marriage project thanks to our friends Brandon and Jenna. It was SO much fun and the best part is that we get to keep all of the pictures that they took! Here is one of them…


So there ya go! Thanks for your patience while I’ve been away! I’ve missed you all very much and am looking forward to getting you all caught up on the latest and greatest deals during the next few days!

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