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Homemade Scrabble Ornaments: Add Some Custom Words to Your Tree!


I think these Homemade Scrabble Ornaments are adorable. Think of how many different things you could do with these! Here are a few ideas:

-Favorite Sports Teams
-Names of Friends and Family
-“Hope”, “Love”, “Peace” and “Joy”

You know what else I think would be really neat? I know we don’t have ton of guy readers here on Bargain Blessings, but I think it would be pretty cool for someone who wants to propose over the holidays to hang four of these homemade ornaments on a tree…”Will”, “You”, “Marry” and “Me”. 🙂 And that way you could also keep them forever!

For more details on how to make these ornaments make sure to stop by My Sweet Savannah [2].

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