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How to Get FREE Shipping from Amazon!

Have noticed that there have been some recent changes to Amazon Super Saver Shipping [1]? For starters, the minimum purchase prices has increased from $25 to $35. However, the good news is that they have expanded the free shipping selection by millions of items across all of their main 40 product categories. You’ll want to look for “FREE Shipping” on product pages to discover eligible items.

There are still quite a few options for snagging FREE shipping from Amazon, and they all start with an Amazon Prime membership [2]. I’ve personally had one for years, and am not quite sure how I would live without it. 😉

amazon-prime [3]

If you are yet to give Amazon Prime a try, you are in luck as there are 3 different options available to score a free trial, and one of them will even give you a discounted membership, should you decide to keep it!

Amazon Prime: FREE 30-day trial [4] for new members who have not previously had a membership.

Amazon Mom: FREE 3 month trial [5] plus 20% off diapers, wipes, and family essentials. Expecting Amazon Mom members will also receive a 15% baby registry completion discount. You do not need to be a Mom to be a member of Amazon Mom!

Amazon Student: FREE 6 month trial [6], exclusive offers and discounts, and even a limited time $5 credit for referring friends via email and social networks with no limit on the number of referrals made. Plus the annual membership fee is only $49 instead of $79. You will need a verifiable .edu email address to take advantage of Amazon Student benefits.

prime-membership [7]

An Amazon Prime Membership [2] is a fantastic way to save on all your holiday shipping! I also love it for the smaller purchases that don’t add up to the $35 minimum, often times I make purchases that are only a few dollars, and boy is it nice to score free shipping on this as well.

Another added bonus is the ability to stream movies and TV episodes for free. We actually cut the cable almost a year ago, and Amazon Prime is a streaming resource that we use regularly. This feature really pays for the membership in and of itself.

If you decide to give Amazon Prime a try this is a great time of year to do it, especially with all the upcoming Black Friday deals and holiday lightning deals that we will be sharing with you.