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May Day Basket Ideas {with Theme Ideas to Help You Get Creative}!

I don’t know about you, but I remember May Day from my childhood. Sadly, it seems it has become less of a “thing” over the past decade or two. Let’s give some new life to May 1st!

Traditionally, in the United States, May Day (on May 1st of each year) involves making or filling a basket of some sort with treats or flowers. It is meant to be a celebration of spring and a kick-off to summer nearing. The real fun begins when the baskets are delivered to friends and neighbors with the goal being that they will not know who brought them the basket. This is achieved by leaving the basket, ringing the doorbell, and then fleeing as quickly as possible. As a kid, I remember this part being the most exciting, but I’m sure the recipients enjoyed the goodies and the kind gesture, too.

I’m a big fan of “excuses” or reasons to let someone know I’m thinking about them, and May Day is the perfect chance and reminder to reach out and spread some cheer. I wanted to think of ways to revitalize an often-forgotten holiday while still remembering to celebrate it. Instead of creating paper cones and filling them with flowers, why not make May Day a little more personal with themed baskets (or bags or other creative containers) designed specifically for the recipient’s interests? Think of things that they could use over the upcoming summer or when enjoying their favorite hobby.

Here are some ideas to get you started in creating personalized baskets that will make May Day a simple yet special way to show you are thinking of and care about someone.

Have a blast ding-dong ditching this May 1st! If you have ideas of what you do for May Day, please share in the comments section! 🙂