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Mermaid Hair Spritz: My Secret for Beautiful Healthy Long Hair!


One of my favorite benefits of us getting the toxins out of our home and cleaning up our diet has been the improvement I’ve seen in the health of my hair and nails. My nails used to break all the time and I couldn’t go too long without getting my hair trimmed because I was getting so many split-ends.

Now, my nails are incredibly strong and I can now grow out my hair as long as I want and it still stays healthy with very few split ends!

On top of making those big lifestyle changes, I have a secret weapon – Mermaid Hair Spritz! I also started using this recipe on my roots before bedtime each night and it has made such a tremendous difference in the health of my hair! Not only does it help it go faster, stronger and healthier, but it also smells incredible and the lavender and cedarwood in it help me to get great sleep! Win, win, win!!

Every woman – and goodness, even man – needs to be using this stuff!


Mermaid Hair Spritz

30 Drops Lavender
30 Drops Cedarwood
20 Drops Rosemary
10 Drops Geranium
3oz Witch Hazel
in a 4oz Glass Bottle


kit-deal [1]
And if you haven’t gotten started with oils yet – for real, will you take my word on this friends and just go for it? They have been the best investment our family has ever made into our health and wellness.

Plus, when you get started with us you get an incredible amount of support including access to our private Facebook group with over 1,200 oily friends to help you learn how to use you oils! I’m offering a really special deal this month – you can check it out over here [1]!