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New Year, New You: Get Started with Young Living in 2015 with Over $30 in Freebies!


Have a goal to improve your health in 2015? Now is the perfect time to get started with Essential Oils! I took the dive into Essential Oils last year and have never once looked back. They have positively impacted my health in tremendous ways and I’ve had the joy of watching them help friends, family and many readers too – so yeah, you could say that I’m a fan…a pretty big fan in fact. 😉



How I Use Essential Oils

Just during the past couple of months alone I’ve saved goodness knows how much money by learning to care for my body using my oil set. It has hands-down been the best investment that I’ve ever made in my life and are now a part of my everyday life for far more than just healthcare – even cleaning my house!

I did a lot of research before choosing to get started and Young Living is the only brand of oils that I use and recommend. They are 100% therapeutic grade and far higher quality than anything you’ll find on the grocery store shelves. Make sure to check out my post on why I chose Young Living essential oils [2].


How to Get Started with Essential Oils

Ready to take the oily leap? The best way to purchase oils and to get the support that you need to be successful while using them (I cannot stress enough how important it is to have support) is to become a wholesale member of Young Living [3]. A wholesale membership is FREE and the only option that will give you 24% off retail price and it doesn’t even obligate you to make any future purchases if you don’t want to! I repeat – there is absolutely NO obligation to make any future purchases. Also, the best part of being a wholesale member is that you get access to Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit which is an absolutely incredible deal on everything you need to get started!


In addition to these awesome savings, you will have the option of sharing the oils with your friends and family, which means you can earn monthly commissions that could pay for your own oil use! You will also receive promotions for free oils. In no way are you required to run a Young Living business as a wholesale member – but it is an option, if you like.

Important Update to this video: The BRAND NEW Young Living Premium Starter Kit now comes with Melaleuca Alternifolia and Citrus Fresh (rather than Valor and Peace and Calming) – I’m SO excited about these new oils – you guys are going to love them!!  

Selecting Your Starter Kit

There are several starter kits available through your Young Living wholesale membership [3], but the best value bar far is the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with $329 worth of products for just $150! That’s over 50% off! The premium kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started with essential oils: the Everyday Oils Collection with 11 of Young Living’s most popular oils, a Home Diffuser, 10 popular oil samples, 2 NingXia Red samples and 1 Roller Fitment. Watch my video above for all the details of what you’ll receive in this kit.

Young Living also has starter kits for $40 and $75, but in my opinion, it is very worth it to get the Premium Starter kit. I’ve heard from several readers who went for the smaller starter kits and are now regretting not getting the premium one right away. 

***Bonus New Year Freebies***

Now this is Bargain Blessings and you know we are all about freebies around here, so I’ve decided to add a few to sweeten your starter kit deal even more for the New Year! This deal is good only through January 31st.

Purchase a Premium Starter Kit by using the steps below and I’ll send you all of these goodies:

-a spiral bound 448 page Reference Guide for Essential Oils ($15.95 value)!
-a set of Essential Oil Labels ($3.95 value) to keep your oils organized!
-a set of Quick Reference Guides ($4.95 value)!
-an Essential Oil Starter Guide!

You’ll also get access to our incredible Facebook groups with over 15,000 members to support you as you start and continue on your oily journey!

If that’s not an amazing deal –  I don’t know what is. 🙂

*This promotion is available for US and Canada residents only.


step-1Head over to the Young Living page here [3] and fill in your information.

*Be sure the “Wholesale Member” option is checked so that you don’t end up paying retail prices. This will allow you to save 24% off all your oils!

*Be sure the “sponsor ID” and “enroller id” say 1795378 (so that I can send you your freebies)!

*If you do not feel comfortable putting in your social security number (this is only for tax purposes if you decide to turn this into a business, Young Living is required by law to ask for it) then you can get an EIN from the IRS   in just a few seconds here [4] and use that number instead (the IRS just needs to be able to connect some number with you for tax purposes). The reason you are asked to list your social security number is for tax purposes. If you make over $600 per year selling Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail, as is required by law. Young Living is a 20 year old company and will never share this info with anyone.

step-2Select your starter kit. My recommendation is the Premium Starter Kit ($150). This kit comes with the oils that I use every single day and will qualify you for all of the freebies that I mention above!

step-3Step 3 in the sign-up process is totally optional. Young Living offers an awesome program called Essential Rewards that allows us to earn free oils by earning points on products that we want to buy anyway. It also gives us reduced shipping!

*Watch this video which explains Essential Rewards [5] and then either select one of their pre-made kits or choose to skip Essential Rewards for now. You can always sign-up at a later date! 🙂



Monthly bonus oils (OPTIONAL). If you would like to a free oil, then you’ll need to get your order total up to 190 PV (different products have different point values).

*When you order the Premium Starter Kit (from step 2 above), you will automatically have 100 points and will just need 90 more points to get this month’s bonus oils. Here is an example of how you can reach those 90 extra points with a few of my favorite products:

-(1) Thieves Oil 15ml: 33.75 points
-(1) Lavender Oil 15ml: 23.5 points
-(1) Lime Oil 15ml: 11 points
-(1) Thieves Household Cleaner 14.4oz: 22 points (this stuff is awesome and lasts forever)

Ordering the above additional items will bring your points up to 190.25 and will qualify you to receive one BONUS oil (Spearmint)! This is a fabulous oil to have on hand!! Again, this step is totally optional. The free oils will automatically be added to your order. You do not need to add them to your cart. Keep in mind that the 2 oil 190PV, 250PV and the 300PV promotions are only good for members that are enrolled in the optional Essential Rewards program, but the 190 promo is available to everyone! If you have any questions on how this works, please email me at jennie (at) bargainblessings.com

step-5Finally, don’t forget to confirm your order! The tool will log you in (or you can go directly to YoungLiving.org), allow you to confirm your order again and you’ll need to enter your payment information again. Don’t miss this step or your order will not be confirmed!

I another question. What is the best way for me to ask it?
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