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Possible Buyout of Safeway and What it Has to Do with Albertsons

Rumors have been floating around for months now of a possible buyout of Safeway.  During the past week though, chatter of this buyout has increased and now Reuters has released an article [1] with some more detailed information.

The latest news that we have is that Safeway is in negotiations with Cerberus Capital Management about this buyout. The interesting thing about this is that Cerberus also owns the Albertsons LLC chain of stores, so if this buyout goes through it could potentially mean for some big changes for shoppers. 

As always with these things though (think back to the Sprouts and Sunflower market merger), it is very likely that many of these changes will take quite a while to reach local stores.

Representatives for Safeway and Cerberus are not commenting at this point, so of course, nothing is 100% confirmed, but I wanted to bring you all up to date with the information that I have on the matter. We will be sure to continue to share the latest news as it becomes available.

In the meantime, Safeway has some great sales running this week, so make sure to stop on over to the Safeway deals [2] section on Bargain Blessings to check them all out.