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Simple Christmas Centerpieces: Dress Up Your Dining Room in a Snap!

Adding just a few festive touches to your home during the holidays can make all the difference. Here are three simple centerpiece ideas to dress up your dining room in a snap!

1. BonBon Rose Girls [1]: Easy Christmas Centerpiece
I think this one is so adorable and have something very similar in my own home. The nice thing about big glass jars is that you can fill them with something different for each season. Instead of the ornaments, for fall, you could use mini-pumpkins. During the summer, you could fill the jar with sand and sea shells.

2. Good Housekeeping [2]: A Peppermint Glow
It doesn’t get much more simple than this one. If you do not have a tray, consider using a plate. I recently saw candles very similar to these at the dollar store.

3. The Savvy Event [2]: Simple and Elegant Christmas Centerpiece
I truly love how elegant these are and they only take two items to make, one of which might be in your back yard. If you do not have tall glasses like those that you see in the picture, try using some wine glasses.

Do you have a centerpiece on your dining table? If so, do you change it out each season or do you prefer something that is more “season neutral”?

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