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Synovate is Accepting Applications Again!


As I’ve mentioned before doing online surveys is a neat way to earn a little extra money and win some really fun prizes. Two of the most frequently talked about survey companies seem to be Synovate [1] and Pinecone Research. The great news is that Synovate is now accepting new members [1]!

Have any of you ever worked with Synovate? What do you think about them?

Update: Check out reader Becky’s review of Synovate from the comments:

I have been doing surveys with Synovate for about a year now and I think they are great! Each survey is worth a lot of points, they pay cash and I’ve never had a problem receiving my checks. The surveys are interesting and not repetitive. This is one of my favorite survey companies!

…sounds like this is a good one to get in with while they are accepting.

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