Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids Young and Old!

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No matter what season in life you may find yourself in, we are never too young or too old for some good old fashioned fun! This Easter, consider incorporating an egg hunt into the festivities no matter who is around to do it– young kids, older kids, children of all ages, or just all of us kids at heart (yes, that means us adults, too). Using the following ideas, your egg hunt will take on a fresh and new spin will keeping the tradition alive.

Egg Hunts for “Older” Kids

I vividly remember the time when my cousins and I thought we were too cool to do the Easter egg hunt anymore. At the same time, it was a fond memory for all of us. So, my dad added a new twist that we all loved. He filled the eggs with cash instead of candy, and one egg had a dollar instead of coins. He went to extra heights to make the hiding spots better than ever. It was a challenge not only to get as many eggs as possible (so we could make more money!) but to be the one to score the “big” cash of the dollar egg.

If you’re looking for a way to keep older kids into the festivities, consider adding cash into the egg hunt. Don’t just limit it to the teenagers as this could also be a fun way to earn money above and beyond allowance for younger kids. Besides, who says adults can’t have an Easter egg hunt, too?!?!


Egg Hunts for Small Children

Give younger children the opportunity to actually enjoy “hunting” for eggs and not just be disappointed that the older, faster kids got them all first. Create a separate space either inside or outside for each young child to follow their own jelly bean trail leading to each of their eggs (several jelly beans laid out in a line then one egg, repeat).

The colors and candy will motivate them to actually stay on track, and the Easter egg hunt will be much more than just setting out eggs on the grass for the little ones to try to.

Happy hunting to you and yours this Easter!

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