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Christmas is now only 86 days away and the countdown clock is tick-tick-ticking away! In addition to all of the homemade gift ideas  that I’ve been sharing with you, another great step towards a less stressful Christmas is getting organized. The sooner we can get organized the sooner we can start checking items off of that to-do list. I’ve created the below documents that will help you get started with your Christmas organization.

Printable To-Do List

Use this list to record all of your to-do items as you think of them. Try to make it as detailed as possible. Use the check-boxes on the left to check-off items as you complete them. To-do lists work well for me because I can clearly see the progress that I am making towards my goal.

Printable Gift List

Using a gift list for your Christmas shopping is so important. I cannot stress this enough. It helps to prevent impulse buying, records your budget for each gift, and also ensures that you don’t forget about any gifts.

Printable Gift Ideas List

This form will work well if you prefer to brainstorm ideas for your Christmas gifts. It will also work well if you are planning to buy multiple gifts for one person such as children or your spouse.

Printable Supply List

One of the areas that a lot of people struggle with (myself included) are all the little non-gift items that need to be purchased during the holidays. This would include, decorations, cards, home-goods for out of town guests, and any other supplies that you will need to get you through the season. All of these items can add up really quickly, so it is a good idea to set your expectations early and stick to a budget.

It is up to you which of these you want to use. I will personally be using the To-Do List, the Gift List, and the Supply List this year. Regardless of how you plan to do it, let’s all take some time this week to make some real progress towards getting organized!

Please use the comments section on this post to share your progress. If you have some unique to-do items on your list it would be great if you would share those also in case the rest of us are forgetting to add it to our list. :)

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