Giveaway and Review: Monopoly Millionaire Board Game!

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I recently had the opportunity to test out one of Hasbro’s newest board games, Monopoly Millionaire. Now, I’m a natural lover of all Monopoly games due to my competitive nature, but this one was really a blast! I loved the little twists and turns as we worked our way through the game. The goal of the game is a little different from other Monoplys in that you want to be the first person to reach a million dollars.

Also, as you get further along in the game you have the opportunity to upgrade your salary and gamepeice – you may start off with a paper airplane, but the you might be flying high in a private jet by the end of the game.

Due to the focus on getting as rich as possible, I’m not sure I would use this particular Monopoly as a teaching tool for kids, but I do think it was a lot of fun to pretend to be rollin’ in the dough for a few hours. 😉

To celebrate this new game, Hasbro has a MONOPOLY Live Like a Millionaire Online Instant Win  game where kids get the chance to win an opportunity to live out their real life millionaire fantasies! Kids ages 6 through 16 can enter to win 1 of 5 millionaire VIP experiences such as a concert, movie premiere or sporting event, or 1 of 3,000 $25 iTunes gift cards.

Hasbro has also provided me with an exclusive giveaway opportunity to share with all of you awesome Bargain Blessings readers! I will be giving away one Monopoly Millionaire board game today!

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The winner will be selected TODAY Friday (September 28th) at 4:00pm MT!

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  1. says

    Hey Matt Brochin…please send me an e-mail before tomorrow at 10:00am MT with your mailing info. I have a surprise for you. :) jennie (at) bargainblessings (dot) com

  2. Christina says

    Oh we have a variety we love, it just depends who is playing LOL .. Clue, Life, Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Cranium, Scattergories. We are a major game loving family :)

  3. says

    Ok…so our favorite family game IS Monopoly!! My husband Ian and I met when we were 11 years old in Brazil. Both our parents were missionaries down there, and my family had his over to “welcome the new missionaries!” That night we played monopoly–yes, the night I met my husband when we were only 11 years old! And Ian (my husband) beat me…but I have had a sneaking suspicion that his being the banker and my not being good at math had something to do with it! It took years for us to finally “get together,” but we always think of and play monopoly with such fondness in our hearts as a reminder of the day God had us meet!!!

  4. Heather Barrett says

    We loved Monopoly as kids and just introduced our oldest age 7. She loves, loves, loves to pretend to get rich!

  5. Heather says

    Hmmmm……my favorite board game is “Sorry,” but have you played the card game “Monopoly Deal?” FUN, FUN, FUN….and only takes about 15 minutes to play. We take these cards everywhere– just lovin em!!

  6. Kristy H. says

    Monopoly is our favorite game! I even have to play it at casinos!! I’m already an email subscriber and follow your facebook page! Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Jenn S says

    I have “liked” you on Facebook. I find it very convenient to see the posts pop up on Facebook. I always seem to have time for Facebook, even if I can’t find time for anything else! :)

  8. Jenn S says

    Our favorite family board game is Wild Animalopoly (very similar to Monopoly, but with animals). I really like that the goal in the new Monopoly is to get a certain amount of money, instead of trying to wait for someone to lose all of their money.

    • says

      whether to share is not a simple yes/no ansewr. You’re right that people who want to share everything should have FB account and people who do not want share should not, but how about people who want to share some of their lives and want to *easily* control the sharing? How about people who want to use nice features without being forced to share stuff they don’t want to share?In general, I don’t think how much people want to share is something for FB to “redefine”. FB is a great place to share the stuff we want to share, that’s it. If it really works well, it may end up encouraging people to share more, but definitely not in the way it is doing now.

  9. Rachel says

    My boys love playing Monopoly!!! I’m not really sure there isn’t a family out there that doesn’t enjoy this! They also love playing Sorry! It’s so fun to sit and watch the 3 of them! :)

  10. Thalia says

    I am a huge monopoly fan. My method of ‘destressing’ is to go online and play monopoly against the computer at least once a day! This new one sounds interesting!

  11. Amanda H says

    We as a family of 6, but only 5 of us play, we love the game of LIFE! We also enjoy Monopoly and can’t wait to try this new one out!

  12. Leslie says

    My son loves to play Monopoly, and I like Monopoly Deal. We also like Trivial Pursuit Junior. This is on my son’s Christmas list, so I would love to win!

  13. Sarah says

    My favorite growing up was Monopoly. My favorite game for get-togethers is probably Scattergories. My favoirte with my two young kids right now is probably Trouble.

  14. Matthew B. says

    My favorite board-game is Monopoly, of course. I always win though when I play with my friends, so I would appreciate it if I had the opportunity to school them even more with millions of dollars. 😉

  15. Stephanie Heath says

    Our favorite family boardgame is Monopoly or as my son says it “Molopoly”. He is 5 1/2 and cleans us out every time. No letting him win from us, that kid is a shark!

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