Safeway Just For U Program Has Arrived in Colorado: Get FREE Eggs!

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Last week, I had a opportunity to attend an event with Safeway to learn about their new Just For U Program  that has finally arrived in Colorado! It was a really fun day filled with some  of my favorite  blogging  friends, yummy snacks and even a shopping trip to try out the new program. Now, I’m excited to share all the details with you!

First of all, if you’ve been into a Safeway store during the past week there is almost no way to miss this new program. They’ve got signs, banners, tables, program ambassadors and just about anything else you can imagine to get you signed up and answer questions.

Another benefit to signing up for the first time is that they will give you a personalized offer for a FREE Dozen Eggs!

The new Just For U program has over 30 million unique deals and is broken down into three parts: Coupon Center, Personalized Deals and Your Club Specials. Here is what you’ll need to know about each of them:

Coupon Center
The Coupon Center is where you’ll find all your Safeway eCoupons. All of these deals can be stacked with store sales and store coupons, but not all of them can be stacked with other manufacturer coupons. How do you know what you can stack and what you can’t? If it is a “price point” deal (ex. Kingsford Charcoal for $6.99), you can stack it with a manufacturer’s coupon. However, if it is a “dollar off” deal (ex. $1 off Gain Detergent), you cannot stack it with a manufacturer’s coupon.

Also, don’t forget that eCoupons do not double, so if you have a .50 off Cheerios printable coupon and a .50 off cheerios eCoupon, you’ll want to use the printable. The really great thing about Safeway’s new system is that it is smart enough to know which coupon is the better value. Therefore, you do not need to worry about adding all of the offers to your card. If you have a printable or newspaper manufacturer coupon that is a higher value than an eCoupon that you have loaded to your card, the system will allow you to use those MQs.

eCoupons from the Coupon Center can only be used one time and then they will be automatically removed from your account.

Personalized Deals
Safeway is now using our shopping history to give us personalized deals that are specific to our shopping habits. These are provided as a form of “eCoupon” that can be loaded onto your club card. All of these offers can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons. All of these offers can be used an unlimited amount of times until they expire.

Your Club Specials
These offers are some of the same of what you’ll find in the weekly ad and other additional deals that should be marked in the store. You do not need to add these offers to our card in order to get in on them.

If you have additional questions on these three savings opportunities, make sure to check out the FAQ page on Safeway’s website.

In addition to having the ability to add offers on the Safeway website, you’ll also be able to add offers and access your customized shopping list on your Smartphone. To do so, just download the Safeway app to your iPhone/ iPad  or Android  phone.

Have you tried out Safeway’s Just For U program yet? If so, what do you think?


  1. Sheila via Facebook says

    Be watchful of your receipt. I had major issues with my first use, and they had to credit me ten bucks…. There are always bugs when a new program kicks off.

  2. Cassidy via Facebook says

    got my free eggs today. Wyoming also has 2x point accrual and 10 oyno when you spend 75. it was a good day :)

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