Contact These 173 Manufacturers for High Value Coupons!

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One of my favorite ways to get high-value and sometimes even FREE item coupons is e-mailing manufacturers. It is very simple and doesn’t take a whole lot of your time. The below list of companies have been known to send out coupons to consumers who contact them. All you need to do is go to the links included below and send the manufacturer a little note.

Not sure what to say when you contact them?

Most of the time I just let them know that I like their product, sometimes I’ll give them a suggestion on how they could potentially improve their product, and other times I’ll ask if they are willing to send me a coupon so I can try/continue to use their product. If I have not tried their product before, I’ll let them know that I would like to. It doesn’t have to be anything long or fancy. Just keep it simple and do not forget to include your mailing information if you have an opportunity to do so. I challenge all of you to get as far through this list as possible…even if it takes you a month or two or three. I promise, it will pay off! In a week or two, you’ll be running to the mailbox instead of walking! Make sure to come back here and leave a comment when you start getting your coupons!

Important Note

Please make sure to keep in mind that sometimes manufacturers will give out a certain amount of coupons for a specific time period. If you hear back from them and they say that they are not giving out coupons at this time, it is still worth checking again in a few months. 😉 I VERY highly encourage you to also e-mail brands that are not on this list. Take a look through your cabinets to get some ideas of the brands your family purchases often. Want to see more money saving tips, freebies, coupons and online shopping deals? Make sure to visit the Bargain Blessings homepage! We post 20-30 amazing online deals, in-store deals and freebies every single day! You can also sign-up for the FREE Bargain Blessings Daily Deal E-mail to get more money saving strategies just like this one sent right to your inbox.



173 Manufacturers to Contact for High Value Coupons

1. BirdsEye
2. Sensodyone
3. Starkist Tuna FREE product coupons)
4. Idahoan
5. Cole’s Garlic Bread
6. Arm & Hammer
7. Windex Product coupon)
8. Uncle Ben’s
9. Whiskas
10. Lipton
11. Zatarains
12. Mrs. T’s Pierogies
13. 9 Lives
14. Barber Foods
15. Banquet
16. Del Monte Veggies
17. Blue Diamond
18. Florida’s Natural
19. Campbell’s ($2.00 off any Campbell products)
20. Jose Ole
21. Malt O Meal
22. Haagen Dazs
23. Tillamook
24. Michelena’s (2 FREE Michelena coupons)
25. Kotex
26. Luigi’s Italian Ice
27. Thomas’
28. Hostess
29. Edy’s
30. Tyson
31. Hatfield
32. Hillshire Farm
33. Bic
34. Eucerin
35. Farm Rich
36. Kozy Shack
37. Mt. Olive

38. Pilgrim’s Pride
39. Healthy Balance
40. Mrs. Smith’s
41. Helluva Good
42. Perdue
43. Viva Paper Towel
44. Edward’s Pies
45. Electrasol
47. Kashi
48. Schick
49. Smart Ones
50. Georgia Pacific
51. Ling Ling’s
52. Horizon
53. Land O Lakes
54. Sargento
55. Dannon
56. Bolthouse Juice
57. Hefty
58. Tribe Hummus
59. 7 Up
60. Morningstar Farms
61. Welch’s
62. McCain’s Fries
63. Vlasic
64. Stonyfield Farm
65. Keebler
66. Celestial Seasonings
67. Boboli
68. Entemman’s
69. Arnold Bread


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70. Freihof’s Bread
71. Tree Ripe OJ
72. Wonder Bread
73. Hebrew National
74. St. Ives
75. Ronzoni
76. Tropicana
77. Ball Park Franks
78. Clorox
79. White Castle
80. PictSweet (FREE product coupons)
81. Lean Cuisine
82. Olivio
83. Tide
84. Oust (FREE product coupon)
85. Chef Boyardee
86. Propel
87. Bagel Bites
88. Snapple
89. Clearasil
90. Rumba Juice
91. Luna Bars

Bonus! Here are some great tips from reader Tiffany on what you should say when you contact the brands:

I used to do consumer relations for a big consumer goods company. Don’t write specifically asking for coupons. Write and tell them that you love their product, and give a personal story about why. Say how you tell all your friends about their product, and how much better it is than xxx (insert rival brand’s product). It’s not going to be a computer on the other end reading it, it’s a person, and if you write something bland and short you’re going to get a similar response. I don’t know how other companies are, but we had free reign to send what we wanted. If I thought the message was genuine, I’d send more. I did postal mail along with email, and the letters from kids were the best. I always tried to send extras for them.

Know your product though! Don’t write Tide and tell them how much you like them better than Gain, and then write Gain and tell them how much better they are than Tide. The same company makes both, and chances are the same person will be reading both emails.

92. Mott’s
93. White House Applesauce
94. Natures Own Breads
95. Cascadian Farms
96. Brach’s Candy
97. Fast Fixin’s
98. Carl Budding
99. Bar-S Hot Dogs$5.00 Gift Certificate and coupons)
100. Hawaiian Punch
101. Bigelow Tea
102. El Montery
103. Wylers Soups
104. Nexcare
105. Sunny Delight
106. Freschetta
107. Dunkin Donuts
108. Blistex
109. Little Crow Foods
110. Promise
111. Pepperidge Farm (FREE product coupon up to $3.00)
112. Greenies
113. Crayola
115. Gorton’s Fish
116. Hanes
117. Marie Calendar
118. Pine-Sol
119. Foster Farms
120. General Mills
121. Rhodes Bread
122. Breyers
123. Duncan Hines
124. Sea Pak Shrimp
125. Dole
126. Mama Mary’s
127. IBC Root Beer
128. Dial Soap
129. Bakers Joy
130. Jennie-O Turkey
131. Barbara’s Bakery
132. Ian’s Natural
133. Hansen’s Beverage
134. Alexia Foods
135. Brown Cow Yogurt
136. Ocean Spray
137. Flat Out Bread
138. Rudi’s Organic
139. Mussleman’s Applesauce
140. Skinny Cow
141. Baker’s Inn Bread
142. Lactaid
143. Silk Soy Milk
144. Shady Brook Farms
145. Mrs. Dash
146. Rice Dream
147. Blue Bunny
148. Sobe (FREE Sobe coupon)
149. Michangelo’s Frozen Entrees
150. Mission Tortillas
151. State Fair Corn Dogs
152. Splenda
153. Equal Exchange
154. Odwalla
155. Ray’s New York Bagels
156. Nissin Noodles
157. Yogi Tea
158. Al Fresco
159. Ben and Jerry’s
160. Tony’s Pizza
161. Asian Sensations
162. Red Baron
163. Freschetta
164. Gillette Venus
165. Suave
166. Lady Speed Stick
167. Jennie O
168. Downy
169. Glade
170. Mardi Gras
171. Oreida (two $0.75 off one Oreida products)
172. Skintamate Skintamate up to $4.00)
173. Raid (FREE Raid product coupon)

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  1. Matthew says

    Others have mentioned Turkey Hill Dairy, and in case it isn’t anywhere else, I’ll mention that calling 1-800-MY DAIRY and asking to be added to the mailing list each month generates an envelope in the mail with many coupons. I always just call after hours and leave my name and address for the mailing list.

  2. Jessica says

    This is awesome especially for a family who’s been struggling just to get by lately. I was wondering in addition to the list you have here have you contacted any makeup companys ex maybelline, covergirl, Revlon ect..and have any success with it.

    • says

      I have not personally had an issue with that, but I also use a separate email account for all my couponing stuff just in case. 😉

  3. Jilbab instan says

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something which helped me.

    Appreciate it!

  4. Paula says

    I just sent out a bunch of notes, so we will see. I got a “thanks but no coupons” almost immediately from Clorox–that was a bummer because I use them daily and wrote them a nice long note. 7-Up was also an almost immediate response of no coupons.

    I did notice that a couple of the links don’t lead what they say they lead to. There was one that took me to a public records site! LOL!

    Hopefully I get some positive responses soon :)

    • Jennifer says

      There have been several times that I have gotten the same thing, but then still get coupons from them. So you still might get something from them, even though they said something different.

  5. Melanie says

    I love this site–I have written several companies on the list–Some have sent me a note saying thanks but no coupons. The best one that sent me coupons was Colgate–I sent them an email how I like just one of there products and they sent me over 20 coupons on several different products.

    • Kristen Howe says

      I’m the same way, I’ve gotten a thanks and no sample or coupons email like from General Mills and Proctor and Gamble. Even when I followed them up after a no response or no mention in email, I know to try again in the fall, if I don’t get anything in the mail.

  6. Kaitlyn says

    Thanks so much for this awesome info! I started working on my list and have already gotten very polite responses and a few offers to send coupons. My initial approach was simply to tell them a nice story, but now I think I will politely ask for coupons to continue using their product.

    My question is for everyone who’s received coupons: do the coupons you receive typically have expiration dates? If so, how close are the dates? I’m ultimately collecting these coupons for a large shopping trip I’ll be going on in a couple of months, so I’m wondering if I should wait to contact these companies closer to the date of my trip because of expiration dates.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    • CouponQU33N says

      I really think it varies. I’ve contacted numerous coupons thus far and have received coupons with some expiring at the end of this year 2015, and some expiring at the end of next year 2016.

      • Nancy R says

        You have coupons for Purdue chicken up to $12.00? When do they expire? I am very interested in them and how you got them. Thank you!!

      • Nkoyo says

        Hi do you still have perdue coupons available? And do you know who might have a list of bulk coupons for sale?

      • Aaron Cook says

        If you have more of those chicken coupons I would very much appriciate one or more. I am disabled and wife can only work part time. I would love thte help.


  7. Christy says

    I emailed Southern Recipe and told them how I grew up getting their salt and vinegar pork rinds with my grandfather after church every Sunday. A few days later, I received a box with 7 bags of pork rinds. Needless to say, I’m very happy right now!

  8. pily says

    If you call Horizon organic they send you a free coupon for one of their lroduct they send me for the horizon organic snacks

  9. bianca says

    I have only got threw part of this list and I am already get the coupons in. Im attempting to be a extreme couponer but am slowly getting into it because I get distracted easily with my two munchkins running around. This list makes getting coupons from the company so much easier!!!

    • crystal hibbard says

      Pampers is a must in our home for the granddaughter. They keep her dry and no leaks. I recommend these to anyone having a newborn baby. I would appreciate be on the mailing list for coupons.

      • says

        Hi Crystal~ You’re going to want to send your comments to the manufacturer – this list includes links to each of their contact pages. 😉

  10. cherie says

    I’ve been reading threw this list—quite a few of these companies are on the “DO NOT BUY GMO LIST”…I suggest before buying some of these you each print out a GMO Do Not Buy List… you really need to know which products can be damaging to your families’ health. Just saying….

    • marge says

      OMG..LOL. Get over yourself. People like you need to let go and live your life and not tell others how to live theirs…JS

    • Amber says

      I think that you MAY need more scientific proof to back up your claims that GMO’s are hurting our families, as most of us grew up with them in our diets and for the most part we turned out fine.

  11. Ashley Combs says

    What do you think is more affective/easy casing the companies emailing or making letters?
    ive gotten free picsweet welches p&g booklets sofar

  12. Emmalia Spencer says

    I contacted about 150 manufacturers out of 173. So far I have received coupons from…

    One A Day Vitamins
    Hot Pockets
    Domino Sugar
    Frito Lay
    Ocean Spray
    Welch’s Fruit Snacks
    Sunny D
    Skinny Cow
    Welch’s Juice
    L’ Oreal
    Wrigley Gum
    Borden Cheese
    SC Johnson
    International Delight
    Bird’s Eye
    Duncan Hines
    Luzianne Tea
    Turkey Hill
    Breathe Right
    Jimmy Dean
    Ball Park Franks
    Bush’s Baked Beans
    Mt. Olive

      • Emmalia Spencer says

        Ball Park- $1.00 off coupon
        Jimmy Dean- $1.00 off coupn
        Turkey Hill- 7 coupons (all different things)
        Florida’s Natural- (4) 50 cents off
        McCormick- (3) 75 cents off
        Jif- (2) 35 cents off
        Smucker’s- (2) 55 cents off
        Crisco- (2) 55 cents off
        Luzianne- (2) 55 cents off
        Hungry Jack- (2) 55 cents off
        Frito Lay’s- (2) FREE products (1) $1.00 off (1) 55 cents off
        Mt. Olive- $1.00 off any item
        Bush’s- (2) 30 cents off
        Snuggle- $1.00 off
        Breathe Right- $1.00 off
        Ricola- 50 cents off
        Benadryl- (2) $1.00 off
        One A Day- FREE item. Up to $20.00
        Aleve- FREE item. Up to $20.00
        We;ch’s- (2) $1.00 off
        Welch’s Fruit Snacks- FREE item. Up to $6.00.
        Wrigley’s Gum- (2) $2.00 off any item
        Pledge/Shout- FREE item. Up to $4.50
        Off!- FREE item. Up to $6.00.
        Ocean Spray- FREE item
        L’ Oreal- $8.00 off any item

        I haven’t received all the coupons. I will update ASAP when I do.

        • tina says

          Emmalia Spencer…..Just wondering what did you write to Loreal? I love their products but I’m not sure what to write. If you could reply back I’d really appreciate it. Thanks! 💞

          • Lisa says

            Loreal completely shut me down. I wrote them about how I’d been completely cured of my skin condition after 30 years and could use their products. (complete truth) they wrote saying “We do not send coupons”

          • Emmalia Spencer says

            Hey Tina! So I did not like one of their shampoos because it made my hair feel dry so I simply went on and complained about it and they contacted me back and asked me for some more information and I gave it to them and the next thing I know I have an $8 coupon in the mail!!

        • Jean says

          I emailed 6 companies in one day. Johnson family company sent me a booklet with the following.
          $1.00 off Scrubbing bubbles
          $1.00 off Touch up cleanser
          $1.00 off Pledge
          $1.00 Ziploc container
          $$1.00 off Glade refill (several)
          $1.00 off Shout
          $1.00 off Mosquito repellent
          $1.00 off Raid
          $1.00 off Drano

          Juicy fruit promise to send me some.

          Do you think it would be a good idea to send a thank you note even if they said no?

      • Emmalia Spencer says

        For some of them I complained because I either didn’t like their product or I have been using there product for a while and had a problem with them. Most of them I complimented and said how much I loved their product. I also went online and looked for more manufacturers to contact. Overall I probably spent 20 hours contacting all these manufactures. I probably contacted close to 300 companies.

  13. Sarah says

    coupons I mail but keep in mind this companys spend money to send them to use so dont just email companys your not going to ues, And ill keep posting them from time to time in hopes peaple will share more,
    So 1, Celeste pizza
    2, fresh express
    3,jhonshon vill
    4, tallmook cheese
    5. Cambells soup
    6, tena pads
    9,pick sweet
    10, ocean spray
    11,Texas toast
    13, frisky cat food
    14, bubble bee tuna
    15, I can believe it’s chicken
    16.Welch juce
    17.Welch fruit snakes
    18.Hanson soda or juce
    So that’s all I can think of sorry for the spelling ill pull them all out soon and do a biter list hopes this helps a little if you read this and wright back say #got it free
    So I know your talking to me or adout my post

    • Penny says

      I’ve emailed the following companies and will be or have already receive coupons from.

      Welch’s Fruit Juice
      Bolthouse Farm Smoothies
      IZZE beverages
      Land O’Lakes
      Smart Balance Butter
      Domino Sugar
      Digiorno Pizza
      Go Veggie cheese
      Starbucks-Free drink coupons
      Back to Nature Foods
      International Delight creamer
      Silk Milk
      Frigo Cheese Head

    • Kayla says

      Does anyone know of dog companies that send out coupons. It would help I buy for my puppy everytime I leave the house

      • JANN says


  14. Sarah says

    So just want to see if post dut got lots of coupons by mail for 25 cents of to a dollar or five dollars to free from mail ill put some if it posted:)

  15. Sarah says

    Jhonshon vill 1d off 2
    El Monty 1d off 2 50c off
    King Hawaiian rolls 2 free product
    Ocean spra free productcamdells bont know for sure but good
    Hansen sodaor juce free
    Tena free products
    By mail this site slow when I tip so find me on another coupons by mail
    Free sites hunnt4freeds
    Munich sandwich
    Post some even if your not geting stared there always a new site I widh I could put pics
    Welcher 55c off
    Tellmook cheese


  16. Kelly says

    Just emailed Method cleaning products, and will be getting coupons from them – they should be added to the list. Thanks for a great article!

  17. mary says

    I just got done chatting with frito lay and they are sending me stuff in they mail. hoping for some good coupons. I didnt ask just told them i loved there products. they are very nice

  18. Christina says

    Hello! New to this page here, but already love it! I’m also new to couponimg but I’ve learned your catch more bees with honey! The positivity goes a long way!
    Here are the companies that have successfully sent me some happy mail-
    -Bruce foods (louisiana hot sauce)
    -Reilly foods ( CDM coffee)
    -Bush’s baked beans
    -Sc Johnson(coupon booklet)
    -Sun ( All detergent)
    -Peppridge Farms
    -California Pizza Kitchen

    Colgate,pine sol, and snapplr sent me a nice reply to my e-mail but nothing via post. I’m expecting some goodies from Promised Land dairy, Domino Sugar, Chobani,and Yankee Candles.
    I am only disappointed in Del Monte because my 17 month old LOVES their green beans and we literally always buy a can or 3 at the grocery, and I shared that with them with not even a reply.

    • Shelby says

      I just had a similar go with tillamook! I’m pretty brand loyal and all they said was that’s great take a survey for a coupon that wasn’t on aproduct I even use, pretty disappointed with them.

  19. Valorie says

    I just started my emailing list last week. So far, a few companies have sent coupons. I have received A LOT of thank you emails but most of the companies that have sent coupons, never even emailed me back. Purina, Birds Eye, Nissan Noodles (sent a wierd magnet?), SC Johnson, and White Castle all sent low value coupons.. no samples or anything.. nothing I was impressed with.
    So now my goal is to see which companies send coupons, period. Next time, I’ll try sending some hand written letters to them to see if that yields better results.

  20. christina says

    Ok I tried emailing these companies some I asked for a coupon and some I didn’t I have had no luck either way. I started with the ones that everyone said they were getting coupons from in the comments and most have just said thank you for your time. Grrr

  21. chanelle says

    Thank you so much for posting this list! such a big help. although bic is no longer mailing coupons, they have it listed under their contact us page.

  22. Kylie says

    I emailed Mt. Olive via their feedback form about a week ago and got two coupons and a magnet today! So excited to see it working!

  23. felicia says

    !!!!!! the reply i got from motts i suggested a tropical flavor and told them my kids love their juices. As you can imagine, we receive numerous suggestions from our consumers. However, please understand that we employ a number of skilled marketing, product, packaging and advertising specialists who work continually to provide our consumers with the best possible products and promotions. So as to avoid complicating our internal development efforts, it is our policy to rely on these professionals exclusively in the development of new products, packaging, advertising and promotions.

      • felicia says

        I know most places say to me. Your feedback is important to us and we appreciate. windex was the nicest also glade. you could really tell they read and personally wrote me back

        • cindy says

          i received 5 coupons from glade and received a free coupon from hostess. from Nivea i received a sample and 1.00 off coupon.

  24. Jamie K. says

    I just finished the list today and still waiting on some replies and coupons, but I’ve gotten some good ones so far! Highlights: a couple of coupons from Pict-Sweet for free frozen veggies, free coupon for a Hillshire Farms product, free coupon for a Kashi product. I either compliment the brand or say I’d like to try it if I haven’t tried it before, and I do ask for coupons. A lot of companies email back that they don’t send out coupons, but it’s worth a shot. Happy couponing!

    • Kami says

      Just got a bunch in the mail today, the best was Chobani who sent me a free coupon and 3 30cent off 1 coupons plus a hand written letter. Also got a Johnson and Johnson coupon booklet, free coupon from hostess, and a free coupon from pfizer(Advil,thermacare Ect) up to an$11.99 value! Can’t wait to get more:))

  25. kendra says

    Wow! This is great! I love when companies truely appreciate your opinion regardless of if you like or disliked their product. I’ve gotten extremely nice reponses!

    Redbull-sending cans of redbull
    Cobani- coupons
    Bird’s eye-coupons

    and that’s just from today! can’t wait to see what the future awaits!

      • Lisa says

        I tried red bull. Did not send me anything, but wrote back and forth with me several times. I complimented their products and told them how I have a red bull cooler next to my desk at work. They were extremely nice and chatty, but NOTHING.

  26. vicky says

    I just wanted to let you know that I will be using your list. I have started writing companies a while ago. One of the best ones that I have emailed is Smart Food. I told them how much I Iiked their product and that my supervisor eats 2 bags of their popcorn every morning. They sent me 2 t shirts, water bottle, popcorn bowl, coupon for free bag and 2 $1 coupons.

    • Kat says


      Smart food just sent me a popcorn bowl, 5 $1 off coupons and a gift card for Red-box 10 movies. They said in there letter enjoy movie night on us. We will have more than one movie night on them.

      • amber says

        That is awsome about smart food sending you all those things. i just emailed them myself and hopefully I can get something like what yall got. by the way. im new to this lol

  27. Aimee says

    I have gotten a lot of great coupons in the mail. Hostess sent me a coupon for any Hostess brand product up to 2.00. I got Birdseye coupons and Michelina. I also received in my email coupons from Mrs. smiths and Keebler sent me two 1.25 of product coupons!! I am still going through the list. I am having so much fun saving money!

  28. Jill Perry says

    Thank you so much for making this list. I finished all the list last week. So far I have got 36 coupons in the mail and 4 samples.I have found that even if most of them send me an email telling me they dont give out coupons in the mail I still get some after a few day. I have also started going to some sites of items I use and sending them a commit that they will send some also. I went to the store today and tried my hand at using my coupons. I got 13 laundry soap,4 dish soap,16 toothpaste,6 shampoo,4 hair spray and 2 6ct bars of soap and I got it all for under 30.00. Thats a savings of 85%. Angain thanks so much for all you do.

    Jill Perry

    • Kat says

      Can I ask if you just sent comments or asked for coupons? I have been commenting on their product and most have emailed me back thanking me but not saying they are sending any coupons. I also have only contacted companies I actually use and enjoy. Thanks

      • Jill Perry says

        I sent them an email telling them how much I liked there items (if I have used them) Or I would tell them I have heard good things about them if I havent used them.I would tell them that I would like to try them and see if I liked them and asked if they could either send me a sample or a coupon so that I could try them. With in a day or 2 I would get a email from them. Now some of them told me that they dont send coupons. I have got coupons in the mail from them anyway.I know that a lot of people on here say NEVER ask for coupons but I do every time.I get them more often than not. Hope this helps.

        • Kat says


          Thanks yes that helps. I have sent a few emails out and I have received a few coupons already. Some emails saying thank you, and several saying they do not send out coupons. Thanks for the tips, Kat

          • Jill Perry says

            Your very welcome. I am glad it has helped you. Like I said I got alot of emails back saying they dont send out coupons,then I would get them in the mail anyway. Today I got 17 coupons in the mail and 2 of them was to get a free full size package.

  29. Deb says

    Shout laundry stain remover. I emailed them once with a story about an article of kids’ clothing that I thought my husband had ruined (spaghetti sauce — no bib). Told them that in desperation, I bought a bottle of Shout and I was shocked that it completely removed the stain. They sent me a bunch of coupons — one that was good for a free, large, refill bottle.

  30. Raj says

    thank you sooo much for posting all this and other useful information. You are providing a great service to soo many people. I did want to say there are some websites above that list that they do not mail out coupons on request on their website (maybe too many people have read your list and flooded them with request). I will list some of the ones i have noticed soon just to update like others have to keep the list current for everyone…Thanks again.

  31. says

    I am going to use this list in my fourth blog post that should be up by April 6, 2014. I would appreciate anyone looking at it and commenting on it with questions and concerns. I have contacted Haagen Daz, Post, and General Mills so far. I plan to also email Banquet and other meal companies because I am supporting myself and two college boys I live with and we need those cheap sufficient meals to get us by, especially if couponing helps!

  32. Rosy says

    I emailed some of these companies listed and gave them feedback of how much I love their product and received emails back some saying they don’t send coupons or just a reply of them being thankful to receive good feedback from one of their customers. Today I received my coupon in the mail from Hansen’s, and yes it was one coupon. On a brighter note, it’s for a free 64 oz juice, and it has no expiration date :) I think i’ll email them back and try my luck to get some more. It’s such a great list that i’m definitely going to be referring back to.

  33. Beth says

    Thank you soo much for this list! I sat down and took about 3.5 hours to go through this list and attempt contact with each and every one! By the time I finished I already had a few positive e-mails back. Here are a few things I noticed that might make this list better for the next person to tackle it & if you have any feedback on the links I would appreciate it!

    33) BIC states on their website they do not send our free samples or coupons
    39) unsure of what product this is for
    71) Johanna foods requires e-mail through outlook or similar e-mail systems
    79) I was unable to find a place to share information, only a place to subscribe to their mailing list
    86) unable to request coupons on website
    90) unable to find link to corporate, only able to find amazon adds
    98) link not accurate for Budding – lead to prenatal website
    157) Yogi foods requires e-mail through outlook or similar e-mail systems

  34. Bridget says

    Would love to get some coupons to help my family and my self as well (: i would mostly lile coupons for food and women and man products. Last but least house cleaning products and cat and dog food …. COUPONS

  35. sarah F says

    It would be so awesome if u could post a list of companies phone numbers /websites that will send you manufacturers coupons by postal mail ONLY.. I have a Google chromebook with Chrome OS and it isn’t compatible with printable coupons.

  36. amanda says

    A lot of times if you send them an email and just tell them how much you enjoy their product they will send you coupons. I always include a little story about how their product has improved my life or the lives of my family.

  37. brittany says

    ok so i emailed a lot of these sites you have on here and they said they do NOT email or mail coupons and or samples.

    • grace says

      as she states in this post you are not going to have much luck if you just email them and ask for a coupon ,, DO NOT ASK FOR ONE !! give them feed back about the product bs a little tell them its your favorite brand and how much you love it how great it is how its such a good value etc. they are not going to just give you a coupon if you ask but if they feel you appreciate the product they will you can even give negative feed back say you dont like the packaging on your chicken nuggets in the freezer tell them

  38. says

    I love your products! I buy them a lot and was wondering if you could send me some coupons by mail that would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!(:

  39. Nel says

    I just started emailing companies today and I am so excited to find out if this is going to work for me! Also I haven’t been asking for coupons in the emails just giving feedback and sometimes adding a personal story. Now I have a question for people who have been doing this. I notice I go to a product to contact them but I see that the company has many more products that they carry and say I like as well. Do you specifically email each person for the specific product or just the whole company for all the products they carry that you like? Thanks in advance!

  40. Abby says

    I am so excited to try this! I know it said not to ask specifically for coupons, but if it’s a product you’re interested in trying, what do you say? Thanks so much! I am looking forward to this :)

  41. Elizabeth says

    I have gotten tons of coupons and samples on their way. i have just started couponing and am already addicted. Wonderful website.

  42. Rebecca says

    Thank you so much for sharing this list! I will give contacting these companies a try. I recently contacted ACT popcorn and explained to them how much my family loved their popcorn. It is included in all of our family game and movie nights. My 5 year old son absolutely loves it. I asked if they could send him a single bag in the mail addressed to him because I knew how excited he would be to get a bag of that in the mail. They told me no. I was disappointed. I only wanted my son to get one in the mail. I have bought tons of their product. I was even a little offended. So I have decided to change brands. We will no longer purchase that popcorn and will be trying new brands. They didn’t care about a 5 year old kid that loved their popcorn so I will no longer be buying their product.

  43. Brittany says

    I found a list like this about 2 years back. I believe it had 100 companies on it. I wrote to all of them, and heard back pretty quickly. Soon I had a giant envelope stuffed with coupons. Many of them were for free things. I remember Johnson and Johnson sent me a ton of $1.00 off coupons, and a few free product coupons.
    Some companies told me they don’t send them, and there were probably a few I didn’t really hear much from.
    I started with this list yesterday, and I’m at number 49. I’m going for surgery next week and will be stuck in bed for 2 weeks. I know what I’ll be doing.
    Thanks for this list, and anyone who is skeptical, it does pay off!

  44. taylor says

    I am curious as to how you get their emails because this is just a list of their websites and when i click on contact us it only gives their address and phone number for these places…

  45. Brittany says

    I used the advice from reader “Tiffany” from the middle of the article. None of those companies sent me coupons, only the companies that I asked specifically for coupons sent any.

  46. robbie braxton says

    Thanks for all the helpful tips I have email a lot of the companies on the list so far I have gotten coupons in the mail from tyson foods and michelinas, tyson sent me four $1.00 off coupons and michelinas sent me two coupons with a $1.00 off 2 entree’s i got email from ocean spray saying they was gone mail coupons so so far so good will keep you all updated again thanks.

  47. says

    I just a couponing class 101with friends n family members, n im trying to gain more knowledge of how to save on my grocery bill. I thank you for your advise,im also looking forward to putting to practice all that i have learned…thank for your time n knowledge shared, i will pass it forward. Chaplian zaida…

  48. Meghan Dixon says

    hey the hebrew national one wont anymore i guess, i tried and they had me fill out an online form to receive occasional emails that might have coupons

  49. Belynda says

    So far this who I emailed and what responses I got
    Heinz- Sending me coupons
    Cascade- Sending me a tub of cascade action packs
    Red Bull- told them I like the Silver Edition with a personal story sent me 4 cans of Red bull silver edition plus a hand written card
    Thanks for the great compliment! Now I might need more wiiings to keep my big(ger) head soaring =)
    We want to show our appreciation to you for being such a big fan! Allow us to reciprocate your kindness and loyalty.
    Just hit me back with your addy, and I’ll see if I can put together a little love to send your way.. #ilikeSILVER

    5 hour energy- Sent me 6 bottles of Pink Lemonade 5 hour energy
    Bushs baked beans- two 35 cent off coupons
    Triple Paste Diaper rash cream- $5 off any size plus 2/$2 off any size
    Chobani- Sending me out coupons
    We would be happy to send you some money saving coupons in the mail. Expect them to arrive soon. You may contact us once a month for money saving coupons by calling 877-847-6181 or by using the Contact us at:
    Butterball- Sending me some recipe cards
    Birds Eye through Pinnacle referred me to facebook
    Ziploc- Said they are sending me a booklet of coupons
    Idahoan Potatoes- Told me to fill out a survey to be added to a mailing list
    Starkist- Sending coupons in the mail
    Maruchan- Just thanked me for kind words
    Uncle Bens- Reffered me to their facebook
    Herbal Essence- Sending me coupons via mail
    Our customers are really important to us, so I’m sending you 2 coupons for any Herbal Essences products of your choice. You will receive your coupons by postal mail in 2-3 weeks.
    Crayola- Referred me to there facebook
    Pampers- Just said they would share my kind words with their team
    Purina- We continue to offer coupons, as well as promotional offers. From time to time, you may see these offers in or on our product packaging, in newspapers and magazines, or on our web sites, such as Also, please note that occasionally, coupons are randomly inserted in our product packaging. We appreciate your interest in our coupons and hope you can take advantage of these coupon offers.
    Kozy Shack- Thanked me for my time
    Monster Energy- Thanked me for my time
    Cream of Wheat- Added me to a email mailing list
    Alpine Cider- Thanked me for my time
    Celestial Seasonings- Sending me coupons We are pleased to hear you enjoy using our products! In appreciation of the time you took to contact us, we have mailed product coupons and samples to the address provided in your original email. Please allow 10 business days for first class US mail delivery.
    Reddi-Wip and Marie Callenders- Thanked me for my time
    I will be sure to share your compliment with my Marie Callender’s and Reddi-wip teams.
    Skinny Cow- Sending me coupons
    Because we appreciate that you took the time to contact us I am mailing a complimentary cents-off coupon to the address you provided. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery.
    Edy’s Ice Cream- Sending me coupons As a valued consumer, please watch your mail for money saving coupons to be used on your future purchases. Please allow seven to ten business days for delivery.
    Perdue- Sending me coupons

    Plus I emailed many others with no reply back yet. I don’t think these were on the list
    Clif bars

  50. says

    I’ve been exploring for a bit for any high-quality articles or blog posts on this kind of house . Exploring in Yahoo I ultimately stumbled upon this web site. Reading this information So i’m happy to convey that I have a
    very excellent uncanny feeling I found out just what I needed.
    I so much surely will make sure to do not fail to remember this web site and give it a look on a relentless basis.

  51. cindyg says

    i have mailed 20 companies and recieved over 30 coupon’s. most companies send multiple coupons. some i asked for coupons most i just praised their products. great site! thanks!

  52. says

    I was super excited to see this, especially considering I am getting back into couponing after a 5 year break. I did this before (around 5 years ago) and always had a great response with companies willing to send lots of coupons, samples, etc. However I have written to nearly 50 of the companies on this list and only heard from 2 that they will be sending coupons, sadly the rest tell me the generic “print coupons from our site” I have no printer, or like our facebook page (which I would rather not do) so I guess I am totally out of luck and feeling a bit defeated. Thank you for taking the time to make this amazing list though, it is great

  53. SkullGoddess says

    I tried out this technique and I have to say, it’s the best thing I’ve done while my kids are napping.
    I sent a few emails to my fav household product manufacturers and I got coupons and samples.
    I now make it my job to give comments or praises to my fav companies.

    Thanks a million.

  54. Amanda says

    Another one is SkinnyPop popcorn. My mother sent them an email about how she loved the popcorn (one of the only “healthy” popcorn that I actually love) and they sent a whole case of SkinnyPop bags to her. I told my father-in-law about it, he did the same thing and got a case himself!

  55. cmorgan says

    I spent a few hours on this and got back a bunch of emails saying to check the newspaper or pint from my pc (which I am not able to.) In the emails I have sent all are very genuine and include a short real story or reason on why I love their product. I do end the email with asking for coupons or samples. I’m afraid if I don’t ask for them, then I won’t receive them ( the whole ask and you shall receive thing.) I’m pretty hurt by the fact that I am taking time to peronalize and really tell them how much I enjoy their product, but NO results. Are you guys thinking I really shouldn’t even ask for coupons/samples and just hope they get the idea and send me something?

    • Danielle says

      Yeah I wouldn’t ask for coupons because some companies can find that rude. I completely understand where you are coming from about wanting to ask. You are on the right track by including a personal story and reason why you love their product. All I do is write them about how much I enjoy their products and why and try to include a personal story or at least reason. I have gotten some that just say check online or join their program, look in magazines or newspapers but there are some that will send you coupons for your effort and feedback. You never really know what’s going to happen. I would try writing more and not asking for coupons and see how that goes. Good luck!

    • Jillian says

      I always end my letters with “Also, could you please add me to any future mailing list you may have so I could receive any mailings about new items or promotions that may be available to customers? I greatly appreciate your time.” That is as direct as I EVER get about asking directly for the coupons. Usually it pays off and I receive not only coupons, but samples and even full-size product!

      Another thing I do, is WHENEVER possible I mail in the letter instead of just using the email submit form. To me, on top of writing a personalized message, there is something about taking the time to print the letter (cause I’m definitely not hand-writing these), take it to the post office & mail it that makes it that much more “sincere”. I’m not sure if my opinion here is fact-based, but I VERY rarely hear back a “no” or get nothing back from a mailed letter. In email, I find it to be at least 50/50. I’ve also included drawings from my children that feature them eating or using the product – something they love to do cause it “helps mommy”.

      Hope this helps.

  56. Crystal says

    Since I found this, ive been having fun email some sites!
    The emails ive recieved back that are sending me coupons are haagen-dazs and landolakes.
    I have gotten emails from pinnacle foods for birdeye, starkist, and heluvagood that say they dont have any but I can like them on facebook and join their page. Id rather not.
    I got a response from downy that they appreciate my comments but didnt mention coupons, may be a surprise.

  57. Flo says

    I have gotten 2 free coupons writing ,1. from mariana comlimenting them on there honey sesame bar and send me a free coupon for marianna dry fruit up to 4.99
    2.wrote to crystal farms on there david deli bagels and received a free bagel coupon value 2.50
    3.wrote to hershey about simple pleasure and received a 1.00 coupon on bag candy

    crystal farm- farms

    • Danielle says

      Thanks for the great information! I will have to try that to the e-mails that turn me down. It is definitely worth another shot!

  58. says

    My son is doing a math project this summer with couponing and when he contacted Crayola they were excited for him doing school work in the summer and sent him an $2 coupon!

  59. rubya says

    I started going down the list and then stopped at 20 then started my own list. I really like and appreciate JENNIE for puting this page out there for us people looking for ways to save some money. I just contacted Dove and Degree deoderant comany they ask you to call this number listed below and all you have to do is say your name and address on their messaging system and their going to send you coupons and maybe samples too. *whiles suplies last* just and FYI. Sensodine is also sening out coupons and samples right now. good luck to you all. And if your a first time couponer in Bay Area CALIFORNIA, they best way I found to coupon is getiing coupons from and combining Target coupons and Manufactures coupons and going to walmart.

    Dove and Degree number to get coupons
    (866) 204-3942

    • says

      Thanks so much for sharing and for your kind words Rybya! Welcome to Bargain Blessings! :) I think it’s awesome that you started your own list too!

    • dawn says

      Thank you for the wonderful tip on using the target coupons and manufacturer coupons at walmart
      I almost quit coupling at wall-mart. cvs is so wonderful to their coupling customers with their email coupons.

  60. Sabrina says

    This is awesome, thank you so much….I’m new to couponing and we moved to FL a year ago and find it to be very expensive and so hard to save….I will post a update to let you all know how well I did 😉

    • Megan says

      Hi Sabrina, I know what you mean!
      I am new to this coupon thing too, things get pretty pricey out there so I think this is something great to do! Good luck!

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Sabrina,

      I’m new to couponing and was wondering where you recommend shopping in Florida? Any info would be appreaciated.



  61. Megan says

    This website is awesome! Thank you for this! I have emailed so many companies and I have already received tons of coupons and free samples of things. I also emailed a some companies not mentioned and some did not send out coupons but most of them did! This is really a great way to save money on the things that you love!
    Thanks again!

  62. CJ says

    I have already recieved coupons from Windex, sensodyne, and Purina, but not starkist. I just email them and praise them for a certain product and they respond with coupons!! Such a great idea.

  63. kellkellyna says

    Does anyone have a sample email they could send me so I have a template?? Kellynamoyer_24 thanks!!!!

    • Heather says

      Could someone also send me a template to use or an example. I am horrible at wording things write.
      I really do want to try some of these out and see if it works. I am a recent couponer and I’m having a hard time getting more that 20% off becuase all the stores in my area are big chains and don’t double anything. I have had some luck at walmart with their price matching. (they price match dollar stores as long as its in the add and will combine it with a coupon.)

      • Rubya says


        When your emailing these companies just be you and ask them if you can get some coupons or samples. Tell them that you heard good things about their product if you have never used/tried their product before. If you have then just simply praise them on how much you like their product and ask them to send you some coupons and samples so you can continue to enjoy their product. I just started on my list myself and thats all I have been telling them. I recieved sevral e-mails back after 2 days saying that they will either send me any or not. I ask for sample and coupons and some told me that they dont have saples but will send some coupons. And from what Jennie has stated above, Make suggestion. Like for Haagen-Daz, I made a suggestion for a new flavor and they responded with “Thank you for the suggestion, and were going to send you some coupons” its great. It doesnt have to be a full on essay. Just be you. I hope this was helpful.

  64. Kari says

    I sent an email to Redvines recently to let them know that I really wanted to try the new Grape Vines but couldn’t find them anywhere and they actually sent me a BOX full of them! Like 8 packages!

  65. Pt says

    I emailed General Mills on 4-28-13 and was told they do not mail samples or coupons. They suggested I buy their products any way:(

  66. Brittany says

    I wrote to Starkist, and SC Johnson (Windex) and they told me to
    sign up for this other program or like there facebook pages to get coupons. I wrote Idahoan and they said they aren’t sending coupons currently, but I was put on a list for when they do…. I have wrote to Michellena’s, Blue Diamond, Eddy’s and the really expensive ice cream company that sounds like a german-type name, all of which I got coupons from, Michellena’s gave me a coupon big enough for 2 free frozen meals.

  67. Summer says

    Good news:: Heard back from Turkey Hill Product!! Here’s there response::

    Thank you for contacting Turkey Hill Dairy about our frozen desserts. Naturally, we think Turkey Hill makes great tasting products, but it’s much better to have our consumers let us know they agree.

    I would be happy to send you coupons. You may contact us once every thirty days for more. We appreciate your comments and thank you for choosing Turkey Hill.

  68. Summer says

    What Foster Farms said to me on FAcebook:
    Hi Summer,
    Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we currently do not have any discount coupons available but feel free to check back with Consumer Affairs (800-255-7227) in a couple of months. Your local newspaper may be a good source for discount coupons as well. Keep following us on Facebook for updates!

  69. Summer says

    Email back from OceanSpray:

    Thanks for contacting us over here at Ocean Spray, where we pride ourselves for more than 80 years of taking great care in harvesting and manufacturing our products. It?s nice to hear from people who are as into cranberries as much as we are.

    Well, you?ve certainly made us blush, we’re so glad you enjoy Ocean Spray® juice drinks. It still tickles us pink to know that people love our products as much as we do!

    Here are the avenues Ocean Spray uses to offer savings to our consumers. We regularly offer special savings at the wholesale level. This allows your grocery store to offer “specials” on our products. We also offer numerous promotions directly to our consumers, which include discount coupons. These offers appear in newspaper supplements, advertisements, and at your favorite grocery store, and on occasion through Ocean Spray’s Cranberry Club. We will be sending you a complimentary coupon in the mail. Please allow seven to ten business days for the coupon to arrive.

    Thanks again for choosing Ocean Spray. Be sure to visit us sometime at, where you can get all the latest information on our products, find delicious recipes, and join the Cranberry Club for special news and offers. And don?t hesitate to let us know if you have any more questions or comments. Or if you just want to say hello, we?d like that too.

    Tastes Good. Good For You.

    And Your Friends at Ocean Spray

  70. Sam says

    SO far i have contacted MULTIPLE companies…the following have not so generously responded with statements such as “they don’t have coupons.or to check sunday papers..Coke, MaltOMeal, Tyson,Hatfield (reffered me back to their website)and Red Bull so kindly offered me a free preview of their newsletter (saracasim) What is with these companies! I do have to add on a positive note that Chobani responded rather quickly and stated they were sending coupons! thats A+ service!!!

  71. Caroline says

    I dont understand how everyone is getting coupon books that have a ton of coupons in them. I have emailed a couple companies and either dont get anything or 1-2 coupons and that is it. No samples or coupon books. I have been told that there is a site you can visit to sign up for coupon books also. I am new to things and need help

  72. Caroline says

    I emailed sensodyne and they informed me that they don’t mail out coupons. I emailed farm rich about their mozzeralla sticks because the two bags we bought, half the cheese sticks were empty. I recieved an email back apologizin about the issue and would be sending me some coupons and stuff thru the mail. That was three months ago and havent heard or seen anything from them.

  73. Jenna King says

    I frequently do this!! After my daughter was born I’d email baby food, and formula companies and get coupons, formula checks, and even full sized samples. I have also gotten $15 worth of free product coupons from Smithfield after a complaint of some bad meat, I complained to cascade because the product I was using was leaving a residue on my dishes and they sent me a coupon for any cascade product up to $13 free. I have done many more, and generally I get lots of good feedback. I wouldn’t lie, just be truthful about your feelings about their product. As a corporate relations manager, I know I am MUCH more likely to help a client if they are pleasant to deal with and honest.

  74. Allison Morris says

    I just wrote to Viva. This is what they responded with:

    “In answer to your inquiry, we do not have a program for sending product coupons or samples on request. However, we encourage you to watch for offers featured on or in our product packages, and for product coupons or special offers advertised in the coupon insert section of your local newspaper. ”

    So, no coupons from them. :(

  75. Yen says

    I emailed Chobani and unfortunately didn’t get the free yogurt coupon, but still got 3 $0.30 off ones. I emailed Sensodyne however and got FOUR mini toothpastes in the mail plus a bunch of other coupons. Thanks for the list! Excited to go through the rest of it!

  76. Jacque says

    I did not see them on the list but I once emailed Jiffy, you know the muffin box company, and they sent me four boxes of different muffin mixes and a recipe book. Thanks for the list! I email companies all the time but am always looking for new ones to try out.

  77. Heather s says

    I found this a few months back on Pinterest and only managed to do a few. I was sad to not even receive a automated response to Coles garlic bread for we do love it! Lactaid milk I found coupons on their website. I found a local company: Turkey Hill Dairy has a wonderful coupon packet they will send you just for emailing them a nice and short letter talking about the products you love. It has saved us quite a few dollars :) looking forward to trying out some more links. Thanks!

  78. Martha Harness says

    I went crazy after seeing your page on Pinterest! I love coupons! I have been mailing the manufacturers and never missed a single one on the lists! lol! You are truly a blessing.. thank you so much! God bless.

  79. Yen says

    I’ve e-mailed some of these companies, and within less than an hour, I’ve received replies from them! Including Chobani who said they will be sending coupons my way! :) So excited, thanks for this list!! Looking forward to getting through the whole thing!

  80. Netty says

    Just an FYI I had bought a large tub of butter from I CANNOT BELIEVE ITS NOT BUTTER unilever brand and it seemed bad so I called them they replaced it by sending me a coupon for a free butter tub but when i called them they ask if your interested in recipes or coupons !!!! Maybe even calling some companies is not a bad idea either they always enjoy customer feedback ! Just thought I’d share

  81. Taija says

    Revlon just sent me a 5$ gift certificate! Gerber sent m he monthly Gerber pamphlet with coupons plus a personal letter and 8-25 cents of coupons complimentary with the gold alluminum gerber emblem on them!

  82. Janise says

    I am so glad I joined pinterest and found your page!!! I love coupons my husband sometimes thinks I’m crazy but after he sees all the money we save he is in shock, he never believed you could save so much money. I am going to start sending emails and see what they respond!!! Thank you so much for these awesome ideas :)

  83. Cindy says

    Your post has me so excited to get back into”coupling!” Thank you, my family really need the savings!!

  84. Genesis says

    Thanks for all your help with compiling a list of these sites. I have started working my way through the list and have also visited some of the other ones people have left on comments. I just started last week and I received 2 coupon books with high value coupons and 2 tubes of sensodyne toothpaste from sensodyne site. I’ve also received 2 $.50 off 1 box of Zatarains coupons. It’s definitely worth the effort.

    I have received some e-mail from certain companies stating that they don’t send coupons through the mail but to check the paper or their facebook pages. Right now I don’t have a printer though so I can’t take advantage of some of those offers and I’ve wrote back to tell them that and a few of them wrote me to apologize and add me to a mailing list. So we will see what I receive in the mail after explaining my situation.

    Thanks for posting this site. I really appreciate the help!

  85. Kara says

    I have a lot of luck from this list! I’ve been writing letting them know how much I enjoy their products. In a couple of cases, I wrote with issues with their product. I have heard from Johnson&Johnson, who was more than happy to send coupons and samples. The makers of Clean&Clear moisturizer, same thing.

    Red Bull, Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines were no such luck.

    Blue bunny helped me track down my favorite ice cream!

    Blistex will be sending coupons, too.

    This list is just a fraction of companies in the world! All it takes is a quick email!

    I look forward to hearing back from others, and from more companies!

  86. Elizabeth says

    A week ago today I went through this entire list and submitted my info to receive coupons and I got replies back on my e-mail from most of them. Some said they could not send coupons and some told me to check the local newspaper for coupons. I received about 9 envelopes in the mail within 3 days after writing with some great coupons. I also went to and went to their tab that has groceries and just wrote down some of the brand names of foods, drinks and snacks and went to their websites as well, and I got some coupons from Dial soap, Heinz Ketchup, and also from Blue Bunny ice cream. They sent me 6 coupons. I was really impressed from the handwritten letter and coupons I got from Choiboni yogurt. I also wrote Ore-Ida and got two coupons from them. It is worth taking the time to do this!

  87. Luna Soolay says

    Hello !

    I was thrilled to find this post with all the info, I am wondering though, do you know if these companies send coupons outside of the States ?.
    I am living in mexico, and often do not get to take advantage of these kinds of deals.

  88. Emma says

    I emailed Bayer about how much we enjoy Flintstone’s Gummies, and without even asking, they sent me ten coupons for different products they make–even one for a free bottle of gummies! It was such a nice surprise.

  89. Joy Higgs says

    Wow! I got the nicest reply from Scrubbing Bubbles and they are sending a complimentary coupon. I love Scrubbing Bubbles!

    I got a nice reply from Pine-Sol but no coupons. :(
    I really love Pine-Sol too.

  90. Joy Higgs says

    Yesterday I received 2 coupons from Michelina’s for a free item. Today I received two coupons from Mrs. Smith’s for $1.00 off. I can’t complain about that. I might sound ungrateful, but I am thinking about writing back to the companies that responded with we don’t mail out coupons – go search the Sunday paper or go like our FB page.

    I was sincerely honest about my feelings for the companies. The first two I did ask if they had coupons to share after I had complimented their product because I had used them for so many years and they were a favorite of mine. My husband really did lose his job 2 wks before Christmas and he just started back to work a few days ago. We lost our medical insurance and I have a lot of medical expenses and prescriptions that have to be filled. I know these companies have coupons they can send. . . I seriously think I am going to politely write them back and tell them that their attitude towards customers really bothers me and I will start buying from other companies that sell the same product that were more considerate of their customers. I will be more loyal to a company that went the extra mile to consider my feelings and keep me as a company.

    I only had two that were rather rude like that, most of them have been really nice and has told me coupons were coming. Then there were a few that were very nice and told me thank you for the comments and told me ways to get coupons online and gave me websites that they thought I would find helpful.

    I have been writing emails a little at a time. My coupons are beginning to come in the mail now.

  91. Madelynn says

    I am pretty much in awe right now…
    Just so you know, I’ve never couponed in my entire life – not even once!
    Until I opened this post! Now, Ocean Spray, Windex, Pledge, and Pine Sol have emailed me back letting me know my coupons are in the mail!
    For the first time EVER, I WANT TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING!

  92. Joy Higgs says

    I just got a very nice email from Häagen-Dazs. I was told to watch my mail – as a “valued consumer, please watch your mail for coupons to be used toward future purchases. You should receive them in seven to ten business days. I hope that you will continue to enjoy our products.”

  93. Joy Higgs says

    I heard from Chef Boyardee and they nicely told me how pleased they were to hear how much I love their product, and they would tell which ever staff they have about my feelings for them discontinuing the cheese stuffed ravioli. But they didn’t say they were going to send anything, but sometimes they still will. But so far I only got a nice letter back from them.

    Hansen’s soda was very nice and gave me helpful ways to get my favorite flavors, and told me to watch for a coupon in the mail.

  94. amy rhoades says

    organic girl produce sent me 2 free up to 5.99 coupons and half a dz 55 cents off coupons all for a nice phone call!!!

  95. Joy Higgs says

    I got a response from two companies telling me they don’t have any coupons to give, (I know that to be untrue). I have written to many companies when I didn’t like something and they always gave me coupons to try to make me keep buying their product. I can’t remember which company the first two responses were from. They basically told me to go to their FB page and watch for coupons or get the Sunday paper and get coupons in it – I have tried that but the Sunday papers here don’t have any coupons.

    But I wrote to some companies last night and just told them how much I enjoyed their product and told them which were my favorites and how I used them and I got some replies.

    Mrs. Smith’s Pies:
    “Thank you for your compliment in regards to our Mrs. Smith’s pies. We appreciate ALL comments regarding our products.

    We have forwarded a copy of your comments to our Marketing and Quality Assurance Teams for their information. We will also be sending a letter with two value savings coupons so you can enjoy your favorite Mrs. Smith’s product again. The coupons should arrive within 7-10 business days.”

    Idoanian was one that said they had no coupons at the moment and told me to just keep watching.

    Birds Eye was another that just told me they had no coupons and to “like” their FB page. . .

    Tillimook sent me an email with a huge picture of their loaf of cheese and told me I would be the first to be notified about their new recipes, products and cheesy news!
    Starkist told me to “like” their FB and pretty much what the other letters had said.

    Hillshire was very nice. . . I got a letter thanking me and they gave me several links for “all” their products to find other coupons. The letter ended with this. . .
    “Please enjoy using the full value coupon being sent to you via the mail on your favorite Hillshire Farm product.”

    There are still some companies I have gotten no response from yet. I am having better luck just telling them how much I enjoy their product. I think if there was a reason why you “don’t” like their product you would get coupons too.

    I remember years ago I got some Foster Farm chickens that were just full of blood. I wrote them and told them how dissatisfied I was – they sent me 5 coupons for their chickens.

  96. Nicolle says

    So far I have emailed a couple of companies.

    El Monterrey
    Ocean Spray
    Pepperidge farm
    Ling ling
    Red baron

    I heard back from Downy and I mentioned how I am planning on trying their unstoppable product soon and they just sent comments. Nothing about sending coupons or anything. I hope I am not wasting my time. I am making sure not to mention coupons just that I love their product. I give an example of the product and explain what I like.

  97. Marivel says

    Thank you so much!
    On Friday 2/1/13 I emailed some companies and today Monday 2/4/13 I got coupons in the mail for Bush beans and boldhouse. I got more coupons coming in the mail from crayola and I can’t remember the other ones right know but I’m super excited :).


  98. Jess says

    Hello I stumbled on this through Pinterest, but I was wondering how can you word your emails. I am a little lost. Thanks

  99. Samantha says

    I recently wrote to white cloud to tell them how much i loved one of their new products they have out and the next day someone actually called me to thank me for my product feedback and tell me they were sending me coupons.

    others sending coupons so far :

  100. amy says

    Well I did it! I wrote RED BULL and just let them know how much I love their product, how I’m looking forward to the new flavors coming out and what their product does for me! At the end of my letter i just included my address under my name. Just a few hours later I received an email thanking me for writing, a short speal about their new product & “Keep an eye on your mailbox in the next week or so… you have a package of Red Bull love on the way!!” I am so excited! For all those who know me know I don’t go a day without a Red Bull but its getting expensive! I cant wait to receive my “Red Bull love”

  101. Sandra says

    I wrote to beech nut baby foods.. and they are sending me a start package with some coupons and I signed up for monthly coupons.. didn´t see them on the list but I contacted them because I have a baby that needs her food 😉

  102. Kelley says

    I wrote to Cheryl&Company (I had ordered a few times from them that year) to let them know that I had ‘strayed’ and went with a cheaper online cookie company but that I wouldn’t do that again. Cheryl sent me a letter with a $20 off next purchase in the mail! They are a fantastic company to deal with and the best cookies online!

  103. Randi says

    I found this link on Pinterest. I haven’t got a chance to start emailing compaines, but yesterday while at lunch I did email, they make the protein bars I love. I told them how Chocolate Mint was my favorite and also how I have trouble getting the coupons on the back of the box to work. I got email this morning thanking me and to check for coupons in the paper, but then on the last line they said I should be recieving some coupons in the mail!!! I don’t know how much they will be for, but I am excited. I didn’t see them on the list so I thought I would share.

  104. Randi says

    I haven’t got a chance to try emailing these companies, but yesterday I did email They make protein bars that I love. I got an email back today saying they are sending some coupons my way!!! I didn’t see that on here so just wanted to let y’all know. Thanks for the list, can’t wait to start emailing!!

  105. Kathryn says

    I LoVe getting “goodies” in the mail! Coupons included. Free products are even better! I didn’t see on your wonderful list the baby food, diaper or formula companies. When you are expecting, go to thier websites and fill out info on your due date, etc. I did this and received free samples of Pampers, Huggies, wipes, entire full-size containers of both Similac and Enfamil. And, Beechnut and Gerber sent me coupons. They know with samples, there is a big chance for future customers. And, with these items, it may mean a customer for up to 3 years!
    Note: Companies are just like you and I, they love to hear how great they’re doing filling a need you have, not just when you find something wrong with a product.

  106. Jessica says

    I wrote an email to Wendy’s not long ago praising them on their customer service at a particular restaurant and about 2 weeks later recieved 5 vouches for free value meals with a very nice note from the district manager!! I also wrote to Maybelline telling them how much I loved a new eye shadow and recieved a $10 gift certificate for their products! It’s worth the time to sent those emails for sure. Thanks for the tip!

  107. Yamira Vanegas says

    I tried out the nice approach where i didnt mention coupons just how much i loved their products and that was a COMPLETE bust. Tried the compliment and lenghty paragraph on which one of their products of theirs i use or my kids love and at the end i say oh if you have any coupons you could send ID love you EVEN more! That works for me :) frito lay is a big bust too btwI triesbout

  108. Amber says

    I emailed a few saying how much I love their products, but all I got back was a response saying thanks for the feedback etc. Are ya’ll asking for coupons or just being nice and seeing what they send.

  109. Katelyn says

    I contacted just a couple of these places like Starkist and Gillette and never mentioned coupons but just gave a breif story about how much we love their products in our family. (I did enter my mailing address, both sites asked for it before leaving a comment) Starkist just sent me a very nice thank you email and recommended me joining their site and liking their facebook page. Gillette just sent me a very breif thanks via email.

  110. joan miller says

    Hi—Just wanted to say how happy I was to see this site (through Pinterest). I used to couponing on a LARGE scale basis, now, haven’t done them in awhile. A few years ago, I tried Infusion products made by Clairol, after trying several different brands, and decided to write a letter to tell them how satisfid I was with their product. Two weeks later, Fed Ex was at my door with a BIG box–had no clue what it was, but it was addressed to me-(an andreniline rush!!!) when I opened it, it had a 6 pack of EVERY product they made. Made my day-week-month–year!!! I am not looking for that kind of response from doing these e-mails, buttttttt–would be nice!!l

  111. says

    I contacted Campbell’s and did not mention anything about requesting coupons. I just told them I like their product and got an email back saying they were sending me coupons in the mail. So word to the wise. Don’t ask for coupons from them but if you give them a compliment or even feedback they may send you some.

  112. Tina says

    I emailed Birdseye adn recieved and email telling me to get coupons from my Sunday paper. Said they do no send coupons through the mail. But the list you have given us is great. Thank you so very much

  113. Flor says

    I am definitely doing this! So far I have only done a couple, expressing my gratitude and stating my satisfaction with their product. And I saw many were asking if they should write their mailing address and how they should do it, I was asking myself the same question until I went ahead and clicked on the Contact Us button, there is a field where you can fill it out if you want, as well as your e-mail address so they can write back, your comment/question goes in another field. Hope this helped!

  114. Sheryl says

    Wow, I just emailed Chobani about an hour ago, if that. They have already sent back a personal email response and indicated they will be sending coupons to my mailing address. I already loved their product, but that is some crazy fast customer service…and it was definitely not an automated response. Thanks for all these tips. I do have a question about the Crayola one though, I can’t find a way to contact them on their website. Only a phone number. Anyone know?

  115. Teena says

    Just found you on pinterest! Can’t wait to contact companies and see what happens! Thank you so much for doing what you do! :)

  116. Mieschia says

    Chobani wrote back saying they are sending coupons and to also write them once a month and they will send more.

  117. Courtney says

    Campbells has changed their website to specifically say *it is not our policy to give coupons upon request.* right beside the comment box. I guess i will NOT be emailing them any time in the future…

    • Mieschia says

      I emailed them and got two messages (1) a generated email saying no to coupon requests and (2) from an actual person and they are sending coupons. Try it anyways. It cant hurt :-)

  118. Mieschia says

    Ling Lings
    Celestial Seasonings
    Jose Ole
    Thomas’… They said they don’t give out coupons at this time. :-(
    Mrs. T’s
    Blue Diamond
    El Monterey
    Foster Farms
    Red Baron

    I have received some emails back and they all say Thank you for contacting them about their products. We’ll see if any coupons come. *Fingers crossed*

  119. rach says

    what a great idea! ive been going down the list :) cambells soup site didnt work and bic doesnt send out coupons. but maybe ill get lucky with some! good luck all

  120. Carlie says

    I also got her from pinterest. I sent emails saying why I liked their products, what we used the most, etc. and most of them just sent emails saying they appreciate the feedback. We’ll see if I recieve any coupons!

  121. Kimberly says

    Food 4 Life, the makers of Ezekiel bread will mail you out (5) $1 off coupons every 60 or 90 days if you request them. It is so hard to find coupons for healthy, all natural foods that I just thought i’d share!

  122. Nicole says

    This is my list so far:

    1. Starkist
    2. Unilever (mailed lipton and got a booklet for various Unilever products)
    3. Lean Cuisine
    4. Schick Razors

    (forwarded me to my local newspaper or sign-up for a monthly newsletter)
    1. SC Johnson (glade & Windex)
    2. Tropicana
    3. Propel & Gatorade
    4. Chef Boyardee

  123. Tonya says

    Reynolds was a no go for me, i even told them how much i loved their products and how much i use them and they told me to look in the paper or go to their website and print some off.. and i was a loyal customer..

  124. Rona says

    I love doing this. I recently started couponing with all gluten free products from the Sprouts gluten free list and got through the entire list in 2 days with the exception of having no work on those days. Now I’ll be doing this list for my family since they can eat guilt free! lol. Thank you!!!!

  125. Hwoww says

    Got coupons from:
    Ocean spray
    floridas natural
    science diet
    skinny cow
    malt o meal
    celestial seasonings

  126. Linda says

    A couple other companies to try contacting that I haven’t seen mentioned:

    Zoi Greek yogurt: They have a couple coupons on their website.. If they are that free with them, you may be able to get better ones by contacting them personally?? ($0.50 off three six ounce cups is normally good enough for me so I haven’t tried)

    Wellness pet food ( I had a bag of dog food become infested with bugs long before the expiration date. When I contacted them about it, they sent 5, $5 off coupons. It’s great food, and I was excited to give it another try.

    • Amy says

      I contacted, DiGiorno, Betty Crocker, Kellogs and any other company that I could think of that I use daily! Keep at it and just comment them on their product! That’s the key! Love this website! Thank you for posting this!

    • Nic says

      You go to their website and then usually at the very bottom of the page your will see in very small print “contact-us”. Click there

  127. Karen says

    Sent some to Scoop Away and Red Baron…both sent coupons! Thanks for this list! I’ll definitely be trying more.

  128. britan says

    I just came across this site on pinterest. THANK you so much for the wonderful list! My questions are, once you email them, do they only send coupons once? Or are you set for good? do you have to send multiple emails every so often? Any info would be great! Thanks again!

  129. Val brown says

    Bob Evans will also send out great coupons! I joined their newsletter to get a dollar off coupon, and couldn’t get it to print:( I emailed them, and they sent a 5.00 off any one item at the grocery store!! Gonna try some of yours for sure!!

  130. Dana says

    If you go to Blue Buffalo’s website and give them your pets info they will send you a $5.00 off coupon for each pet you register.

  131. Melissa says

    I emailed Con Agra when my microwave popcorn wasn’t up to snuff. They sent me a coupon for a FREE Con Agra product up to $6 and another 50 cent coupon for any of their products.

  132. Karen says

    I just heard back from Red Baron via email–They said they’re going to send me some coupons in the mail. Thanks for this list!

  133. says

    Thanks for this posting! (I also found you through pinterest).
    I emailed about 20 companies on the list, so I’ll update with what did and didn’t work!

    • says

      So far:

      El Monterey – Sending coupons
      Amy’s – Sending coupons

      Starkist – No coupons/check paper
      Del Monte/9 lives – No coupons/check paper
      Clorox – No coupons/check paper
      SC Johnson – No coupons/check paper

  134. Lacy says

    I visited these websites, but am not sure which way is the correct way to contact these companies!? Any adivce!?! :)

  135. One2three says

    I’m definitely going to check out. I know that several times I’ve had an issue with Tropicana and they sent me quite a few coupons. I’ve even had gotten some from McDonalds because of contacting customer service. I got several coupons for FREE THINGS!

  136. says

    Has anyone else noticed that most of these websites say that “they’re out of coupons” and you should sign up for their newsletter in order to get some in the future. Guess coupons have become the proverbial free lunch.

    • Lacey says

      I never request coupons. I just tell them what I like or dislike about their product. Or if I have never tried it, I tell them why I want to try it. They almost always send something. I have been reading all the comments on here about companies saying they don’t send coupons, and I have gotten something from all of them except Bic.

  137. Nancy says

    I bought a small bag (14-16 oz.?) bag of totinos pizza rolls and most of the rolls were EMPTY, no filling! I wrote the company and they sent me a huge coupon for a free 46 oz package (Sam’s club size) of pizza rolls. I suggest that if you buy a product and you’re not satisfied with it, write them and let them know. I wouldn’t just write them and say it sucks but if you are honestly unhappy with your purchase, they need to know.

    • says

      That is a fantasitc tip Nancy. Although much of the feedback I give is positive, if you have a negative experience with a product, make sure to share that too. Not only will it help the company, but it also could be rewarding for you!

  138. jessica hager says

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting this! I have gotten so many coupons in the mail from sending companys compliments!

  139. KATHY says


  140. Ashley B. says

    I just found your website through Pinterest and LOVE IT! I already got in on three deals that you posted and checked three gifts off of my Christmas list. Thank you so much for making such a great money saving space. I’ve signed up for the daily updates and can’t wait to check back for what you post tomorrow! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from a new fan!

  141. Dominque says

    I sent Marie Calendar’s an email a couple hours ago, and had a very fast response. They will be sending me coupons in the mail. :)

  142. anna says

    You guys are all awesome for sharing this info to all of us. especially in these days where everyone needs help saving money. i have 3 kids that eat me out of house and home and i am always trying to save so thank you all so much.

    • Dominque says

      Yes. I just say a few kind words what I like about there product or say what they might be able to improve on. Leave my address and ask that they please respond to my email. So far I’ve been pretty lucky! :)

  143. Jess says

    I started down through this list. El Monterey is sending me coupons. They also said if i contact them every 3 months they will send more. Waiting on responses from other companies. This site is awesome. Great idea!

  144. Katie says

    I have contacted about 10-15 so far and all I have gotten is email responses saying that they do not have any coupons currently or to look for coupons in the newspaper.

  145. Dominque says

    So far I’ve sent out several email and most of the responses have been see our website or look in the local newspaper for coupons. But I’ve had a couple companies send me coupons. :)

    Heinz Ketchup-sending coupons!
    Bush Beans-(2) $0.30 coupons

  146. Angie says

    Hi I started on this list and have gotten one response (windex) directing me to the website for coupons :( but sends a coupon book

  147. Angie says

    Hi I started on this list and have gotten one response (windex) directing me to the website for coupons :( but sends a coupon book after registering

  148. Angie says

    Hi all I started on this list and have gotten one response (windex) directing me to the website for coupons :( but I will tell you sends a coupon book after registering

  149. Chantelle says

    I found this site from pinterest also. I have been using coupon for a couple yrs now. Love love love coupons. I have always heard about emailing the companies directly to get high value coupons. My questions so far is “What if the website already has coupons listed on there site will they still send you coupons for requestng coupons and rating there product?”

      • Chantelle says

        I got a few reply today.
        From Scubbing Bubbles I gave them feedback how I bought some One step and they didnt work and wasent happy. They emailed me saying they are refunding and sending me $39.95 and Free product coupons in the next week.

        Pinnacle- Added me to there data base
        Malt o meal- sending me one time coupon
        Windex- fwd me info to go to for coupons and other info

  150. Maria says

    Great list! Got my first response..Sensodyne: We would be happy to provide you with a price reduction coupon and product sample, which you can expect to receive within 7-10 days.

    • Maria says

      Ok now they are really coming in! Yesterday I got zatarains, michelenas (free product plus another $1 coupon), Sensodyne sample plus coupon book, scjohnson sent 2 coupon books, and Lipton!

  151. says

    Beechnut baby food will send you coupons also! I had a jar of baby food I literally bought and went straight home to fee my son, and it had mold all in it! It wasn’t past the exp date either (I’m super picky!). I called beechnut and they were super nice, they asked me to mail them the jar, and they sent me reimbursement for the item and shipping. Along with coupons for free baby food, they mailed a baby spoon, and a beechnut bib. A week later the lady I spoke with called to inform me that they were again very sorry, and that they had seen the mold and were not sure how that happened but were taking measures to prevent it. I seriously consider not ever buying it and telling others not too, until this awesome customer service! They STILL mail me coupons with a note saying even if jaden (my son) is too big give these to someone in need! Amazing!! :) (I now have another baby glad I still get coupons!)

    Also! I’m a pure romance consultant if you’d like samples from our company, email me! I’ll mail then to you!! (Even in Canada!)

    • says

      It’s so great to hear that companies have such wonderful customer service! I’m literally shocked (in a good way)!

      I also emailed you in hopes for the pure romance samples :)

  152. Shardae says

    So I found you on Pinterest, I am oober excited about this share. Its 12:32am and I cannot sleep :0) I have emailed tide, iams, kotex, and windex so far and think I’m addicted at trying to get a deal! Hopefully this works and makes my hubby a proud man! Thank you for your tips!

  153. Courtney says

    Hello. I am new to couponing. My boyfriend and I have recently been watching a lot of the extreme couponing show and we have been looking into starting couponing at our local stores. We are also going to be signing up for the Sunday paper soon just for the coupons. I found this site on Pinterest and I am very excited to get started e-mailing and seeing what kinds of coupons we can get. I just hope that I send good e-mails. If you guys have any tips please let me know. Thank you.

  154. Tracy says

    Hormel has some great coupons on their website. You might have to sign up for the mailing list, but it i worth it. Most of the coupons are for $1 off. I print them often. You can also get $4 coupons for Allegra D products on their site. When my local store has my allergy pills on sale I can get them for as low as $8.99 with the coupon compared to $15.99. It’s almost like getting one free.

  155. Melonie says

    So I recently cut my finger on a Gerber formula can. I submitted an email, just as an FYI and got a call back within 5 mins, taking all the details and sending me a coupon for the full value of a big tub of formula. Very nice of them! So any time I get a defective item or have any type of complaint I will be emailing the manufacturer!!

  156. Tonya says

    I started on the list last week and got to 100. It’s Monday and so far I’ve recieved:
    Lipton Tea: A Unilever coupon book
    HoneySuckle White: 1.00 off coupon
    Stoneyfield Organic: booklet of coupons (score!)
    Barbar Foods: Two 1.00 coupons
    Mt. Olive: 1.00 off coupon

    What a great idea!

  157. says

    I’ve had lots of success with contacting companies in Canada. This is the first time to your site, pinterest brought me here and I’m enjoying looking around :)

    I have had Johnson sausages send me some great coupons, I wrote to Danone and they sent me 2 coupons valued at up to $3, I’ve got $1 off Iogo yogurt, and I’ve gotten responses from about 20 more that I’m just waiting on the mail for. I always tell them in my emails that I really enjoy their products and would love it if I could have some coupons or samples so that I can continue buying them rather than cheaper brands and they love getting feedback. I’ve also emailed companies about products that I wanted to try and told them I would love to try your product but it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other ones out there, do you have samples you could send me or coupons to reduce the cost and they’ve been very helpful! Only a couple of times have I been referred to the sunday insert (we don’t even have a sunday paper here haha) or to facebook groups.. but there are lots of coupons on facebook too!

  158. Christine Kramer says

    I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for your list!!! I have also been typing to the different companies. Thank you so much in this time of budget cuts. Has anyone thought of reaching out to fast food places/restaurants?

  159. Michelle says


  160. XenaWP says

    I’m just getting started on this list and really looking forward to seeing my results. I started at the top and I’m making my way down. Within 5 minutes I got an email from Bird’s Eye that said ” While we appreciate your inquiry to receive coupons, at this time we do not have promotional coupons available….. In the meantime, we have taken the liberty of adding you to our database for promotional offers in the future” Ok, no coupons from them yet, but maybe in the future?
    Also, I’ve started emailing companies to let them know if their product malfunctioned or did not meet my standards ie; glad trash bags breaking constantly, baking mixes failing. I usually word my email saying how much I love their products and I was disappointed with it this one time but I plan on buying again from them in the future, just maybe not that “bad” product again. I’ve always gotten a response back saying “We’re very sorry, thank you for your feedback, free product coupons are in the mail to you.” I discourage anyone from sending a false email about a failed product to get coupons but if you do have an issue with a purchased product, most companies are happy to send you a free product coupon to keep you coming back.

    • Hazel says

      There are a few Birds Eyes over on SmartSource dot com. One is seriously sweet, $1.75/1 Voila Meal – another is for $.50/1 Voila Meal. We’ve seen these things come down pretty low so it could be a nice score for you.

      Hopefully those two can come in handy for you, Warrior Princess :)

  161. Andrea says

    I have emailed a few of these and Hillshire farms, kozy shack, and eucerine have all replied that they’d be delighted to send coupons. SC Johnson was a no go, told me to look in the paper for coupons. Thank you for this!

  162. says

    Anyone have any success with any of these websites in Canada? I had specifially searched out Canadian websites a long time ago, and gotten coupons for some things, but I find a lot will only send to US addresses. I have signed up for Nastlie, Similac, Enfamil and all the other baby websites, they say they are sending me stuff but I have yet to see it; aside from a bottle & coupons for an emergy/vitamin drink for pregnant & nursing Mom’s (that tasted blah) from Similac.

  163. Sabrina says

    Folgers = refer you to their website
    Melitta = nothing
    Rudy’s Organic = refer you to their website
    P&G (Venus) = refer you to their website
    Sobe = nothing
    Al Fresco = nothing

    Welch’s = says they are sending coupons! Yeah!
    Ocean Spray = said they are sending a coupon!

    Looks like most everyone is going high tech with the online coupons and really don’t do snail mail anymore. :-(

  164. Nicole says

    Pinnacle foods, sc Johnson, Kimberly Clark, moms brand and starkist won’t send anything out they direct you to their Facebook pages and the Sunday paper

  165. Sabrina says

    Heard back from two more:

    – Odwalla is sending two $1 off coupons
    – All SC Johnson products result in nothing except a referral to their website so don’t waste your time

    • Amber says

      I e-mailed SC Johnson..they said they stand behind their products & are sending me 2 coupons for free Windex products my choice =)

  166. Sabrina says

    Thanks for the list. Wrote a bunch of companies and so far I’ve heard back from Francesco Renaldi saying they so not se out coupons :-( Also heard from Chobani an they will be sending some in the mail! Yeah! Hoping to get lots more responses. I will update as I hear.

  167. Ashley says

    I sent Clif Bar a letter and not only did they send me the sheet of stickers I asked for, about a week later they sent me a package with 2 bars of my favorite flavor!

  168. RetailmeNOT says

    I’m loving your site! I’m getting back into couponing and am so glad to see someone that loves the savings as much as I do! Tonight I’m taking a trip to Walmart to pick up El Monterey Burritos and Chimichangas with my FREE coupon from todays paper. Thanks again for all your time and effort. It’s MUCH appreciated!!

  169. Katie says

    Hi – I’m new to your site (first time here). Pinterest brought me here. Thanks for listing all these great deals!!! :-)

    • says

      Welcome Katie! I’m glad you found your way to us through Pinterest and hope that you’ll like all the deals we post here on Bargain Blessings. :) Thanks for taking moment to say hello!

  170. Jen says

    I wrote a quick email to Similac explaining that I wanted to try the new bottle, but my baby was picky as to what he would use and asked for a sample bottle and they did send me one:)

  171. says

    I see many people asking the same question, what exactly are you writing to these companies if you are not asking directly for a coupon ?

    • Hazel says

      I usually just comment on the item … if I like the product & why, if I don’t like the product & why. Plus, if I’ve never tried the product I’d tell them I’d love to – and ask if they ever have Qs available.

      I once wrote to Oreo and told them the cookies were defective because I was only able to get a clean twist on 95% of the package. Seriously sweet coupons showed up.

  172. Melissa says

    aWESOME LIST! thanks also I didnt notice on the list but folgers coffee will send some awesome coupns too! I think its every 6 months you can request them! the last tiem I requested they sent me 4 $1 off coupons! wich I used on a new at the time filter packs and got them for like $1 a box.

  173. Nicki says

    Didn’t notice it on the list but I know Chobani is great about sending coupons when you contact their customer service reps. You can request them once a month, I believe.

  174. Nicki says

    Didn’t notice it on the list but I know Chobani is great about sending coupons when you contact their cuomer service reps. You can reqquest them once a month, I believe.

  175. Tasha says

    If they are going to mail you a coupon will they ask for your address or should i just write my address at the bottom of the email?

    Thank you in advance.

  176. Elizabeth L says

    Hello all! I contacted a great number of these companies this and have received two letters back already! I got two coupons for $0.40 off of any Bush’s Beans product and a free Saran Wrap coupon up to $4. I also got emails from Morning Star Farms, Melitta Coffee and Ore-Ida who all said they would email me coupons. So worth my time! So excited for the mail every day! Thank you!

  177. Karen E says

    I had purchased 2 Jars of Francesco Rinaldi spaghetti sauce and both jars were bad:(. Had a horrible rotten smell. I contacted them about my disappointment in the product and was sent immediately 4 coupons for 4 free jars. With No expiration dates! Was very happy to see that they took my concern seriously:). So I continue to buy their product:)

  178. Sharee says

    Thanks for the list! Morningstar Farms replied back that they do not have any coupons to send me so I will be crossing tem off of my list of foods to buy/try!!!

  179. Julie S says

    So far I received an email from Campbells, and Pine Sol telling me they are sending me a product coupon! Yay! :) Thanks for the great list!

      • Kalli says

        Can anyone tells is word for word what they wrote on their emails for products such as Campbell’s? There is kind if a mixed bag in regards to what people are saying they have written. I would appreciate any and all help. I’d like to get started ASAP!

  180. Jennifer says

    So I have to email the companies and just ask for coupons or just see what savings they offer on their website?

  181. April says

    I mostly said either I enjoy your products for this or that reason, Or I was say that I’ve herd a lot about your product and would love to try them. I have even received free coffee to try and not trial size. :) This was well worth my time..

  182. Megan says

    Hi i just have a question for you.. are you suppose to give the contributor you mailing address when you send them a email.. i’m on a budget and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this, I’m just nervous about giving my address out.. is it safe? Thanks.

  183. Lauren says

    Welches replied for me too watch the mail, but continental mills and pine sol told me the generic watch the newspaper for coupons.

  184. Charilee says

    I contacted Crayola for coupons, since I am planning on making an arts and crafts room for my boys for xmas this year. I let them know about my idea and how I was on a tight budget and was wondering if they had any coupons available. This was part of their response:

    “What a wonderful gift! The room sounds like it’s going to be fun for the boys. I would like to contribute to the arts and crafts room. I have placed a little something in the mail for the boys that I hope they enjoy, compliments of Crayola. You can expect to receive your mailing within 12 business days.”

    LOVING CRAYOLA RIGHT NOW!! Thanks so much for this list without it I would have never thought about reaching out to them.

  185. Chels. says

    I have been doing this for some time while following another site. One of the main things that I have noticed is that it is usually best to not directly ask for the coupons, but to let them know that you truly appreciate and use their product.

      • Marie says

        This is okay, so long as you have used the product before! A lot of these I have never used and would like to try. I can’t tell a company I love their products if I’ve never used them before.

    • Marie says

      An update: Tried this and got a LOT of emails back basically saying:

      We’re glad you like our product. You should join our website where you’ll have access to valuable coupons. I don’t know what you guys have been doing, but it seems most companies are just going digital now.

  186. Mary says

    I contacted Farmland and they said: “Regarding your question about coupons, unfortunately, we no longer send coupons by postal service mail. Farmland will continue to place coupons occasionally in various Sunday newspaper inserts.”.

  187. Marietta says

    Spent hours emailing all these companies…. It took several hours. Got back a ton of form letters telling me to get coupons from the local newspaper, that no coupons were available to send me. I think 5 companies actually offered to send me something… Not sure it was worth the time invested.

    • Lisa N. says

      Really? I went through the list a few weeks ago and got a whole bunch of coupons in the mail! I thought it was well worth the time. I also threw in a few companies that I buy from often and had some good sucess with those too. Maybe it is all in what you write to them when you e-mail?

        • Tiffany says

          I used to do consumer relations for a big consumer goods company. Don’t write specifically asking for coupons. Write and tell them that you love their product, and give a personal story about why. Say how you tell all your friends about their product, and how much better it is than xxx (insert rival brand’s product). It’s not going to be a computer on the other end reading it, it’s a person, and if you write something bland and short you’re going to get a similar response. I don’t know how other companies are, but we had free reign to send what we wanted. If I thought the message was genuine, I’d send more. I did postal mail along with email, and the letters from kids were the best. I always tried to send extras for them.

          Know your product though! Don’t write Tide and tell them how much you like them better than Gain, and then write Gain and tell them how much better they are than Tide. The same company makes both, and chances are the same person will be reading both emails.

          • says

            These are some fantastic tips Tiffany! Thanks so much for taking the time to share them. As you mentioned, I’ve always received a much better response when I’m personal and honest in my e-mails. :)

      • Angela M says

        Well then what are you saying in your emails Lisa? I finally got a reply back from Starkist and they told me to like them on Facebook or join their website if I want to know when specials are! I simply wrote, “Hi! I love your products and was hoping you would be able to send me some coupons for them. Thanks!” :(

        • Ashley G says

          I just started e-mailing today and I am hoping to get some good responces. Our local newspaper stopped doing coupons in the Sunday paper…Not too many people are happy, so I’m hoping to get some good ones.

      • KAY KAY says

        Might also have to do with which state you live in… some companies do not mail to certain states for some reason. :) hope this helps

  188. Crystal says

    I don’t know if I missed it but slim fast will send you 2-3 coupons for $ off I think its every 30 days you just have to call and ask.

  189. Jen says

    I contacted Hawaiian bread and got a free item coupon as well as a coupon for 40 cents off. They even wrote a handwritten note thanking me.

  190. April says

    Oh I have also received about 25 emails from others saying thank you for the feed back and they are sending me coupons and or samples!

  191. Krystal says

    I don’t know if this one was on the list but Melitta coffee mails out coupons. I e-mailed them and they sent me a STACK of coupons for coffee and coffee filters.

  192. Beth says

    I have been going through the list and emailing companies for a few days now. So far the companies that said they won’t distribute coupons flat out or ones that beat around the bush and say for me to look in local Sunday papers are IDAHO POTATOES, UNCLE BENS, DEL MONTE, BANQUET, HILLSHIRE FARMS, BIC, KOTEX, and MALT O MEAL. Just a few so far that I’ve heard back from. So save yourself some time. :) I’ll post more when I receive more emails.

  193. Ashley says

    I tried asking for coupons under the “Contact Us” on the Bic site, but they said that they do not give out free samples or coupons. What a bummer! I applied for a bunch of other ones though… Let’s see what happens!

  194. Jenn says

    Just a Mommy tip for anybody who has their baby on Similac formula (any kind), if you go to their website here and make an account with their website as a StrongMom they will send you coupons in the mail for $5 off your next similac purchace and send one every month. My first month they sent me a free sample can of Similac and 5 of the $5 coupons. They are made out as checks from the company so you should be able to use multiple at a time and I’ve even used one as Sams.

      • Theresa says

        I don’t know if you know this, but, I used to work in Pediatrics at a clinic. If you ask your Dr. or your nurse if they have any samples of formula, baby tylenol, vitamins, etc. you may score big. Especially if you are having money problems. Drug reps bring in cases of formula, tylenol, etc. for babies to give to patients. Most of the time they won’t give them to you unless you ask and since they do expire, when you ask, chances are you can get more than one can. I know that some mom’s would come in once a month to pick up a few cans and the whole year they were to have their baby on formula, they never once paid for a can – they got it from their Dr. :) Hope this helps someone!!

  195. Melissa West says

    I have a question if the company does more that one product should you send them multiple emails about the different products?

  196. Amy says

    I am a vegetarian and I contact Quorn all the time for coupons. They usually send me 5 $1 coupons. Didn’t see them here. Can’t wait to start working on this list!

  197. Kortney says

    I didn’t see them on this list, but for any pet lovers, I contacted Purina asking for coupons, and within a week I had 2 $2 coupons waiting in my mailbox. I also contacted Alpine (Spiced apple cider, I think it was Continental Mills) to ask for some coupons, and they put me on their mailing list the next time they send out coupons. Who knows what coupons they’ll send, but with the colder weather coming, some nice deals on Apple Cider might help warm you up! :)

    Great list, I’ll get started on it immediately!


  198. Alison says

    I tried some of these this month and got the following:
    2 free Michelena coupons
    $1 Sara Lee
    Eucerin – $3 and $1 coupons
    2 – $1 Boboli
    2 – $1 Ling-Ling
    2 – 50c Florida’s Natural
    2 – 75c Welch’s
    2 – $1 Birds Eye

  199. Megan says

    I emailed johnsonville and requested coupons and they sent me two $1 off coupons and said they do so every 90 days if you request them again after the period.

  200. Leigh-Ann says

    I appologize if I missed it when scrolling through the list, but I got some pretty good coupons last month when I contacted Honeysuckle White.

  201. Anika Z. says

    Recently I contacted Windex and Pine-Sol through e-mail. Windex sent me a coupon in mail to score a FREE windex cleaner (up to $4.00 value)! I’m so happy! I’ve been wanting to buy one but was looking for coupons. Now I can get one for free!
    Yesterday, I also got a complimentary coupon from Pine-Sol (max value $10.00)! I can get a 28 oz. Pine-Sol cleaner for free! It was so worth contacting these companies and leaving my opinion on their products.

    I want to thank you for taking your time and posting this list of companies that really reward you with coupons for your feedback! :)
    Keep up the good work.

    • Amanda smith says

      I’m not good at wording things. What is some of the stuff you put in ur emails. My husband recently lost his job and we are struggling. These coupons would help until we can get back on our feet.

  202. Anne Louise Klein says

    I am beyond thrilled for this list! I have a bunch of magazines that I have been wanting to make a list of products my family use and contact these companies. As well as go through my pantry/fridge/tolietries.

    I will let you know if I find any more.

    • Kayla says

      I emailed Chobani Greek yogurt requesting coupons. They emailed me back promptly then sent coupons and magnets with a hand written card via mail!

      • Shelby says

        They do not send Chobani coupons to Wisconsin. Something about the dairy regulations. Just thought I’d let everyone know!

        • Tabitha says

          I also emailed Chobani and they said they would like to send me coupons, but due to dairy regulations in Ca, they can’t :(

        • Tabitha says

          I also emailed Chobani and they said they would like to send me coupons, but due to dairy regulations in Ca, they can’t

      • Andrea says

        I also emailed chobani and not even a week later got coupons for free yogurt and cents off plus a handwritten card with a magnet. What great customer service! I also received coupons from Kimberly Clark, schick, bolthouse, and downy.

        • says

          Wow…that IS incredible customer service! Thanks for the heads up Andrea! Also, to everyone else who is working your way through the list: keep in mind that companies will not always tell you that coupons are on their way. Sometimes they like to keep it as a surprise. 😉


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